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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I purchased a Corsair K83 keyboard and the build quality is excellent, but the usability is lessened because the function keys, F1 through F12, default to media keys when the keyboard uses Bluetooth connectivity, even when FnLock is active. Please make the function keys default to F1-F12 in Bluetooth mode, or at the very least make FnLock toggle between media functions and regular F1-F12 functions. For example using Alt-F4 to close an application when the keyboard uses Bluetooth connectivity requires pressing Alt-Fn-F4, regardless of whether FnLock is active or not. Other useful updates: - making the touchpad a true Precision Touchpad by making the two-finger scrolling work like true two-finger scrolling and not like mouse-wheel scrolling (treat scrolling not as a gesture but as actual motion along the touchpad) - making the joystick have a gradient of sensitivities. Right now it goes from zero to half-speed to full-speed without any intermediate levels. But most importantly, make the function keys default to F1-F12.
  2. Pretty straight forward issue; I use my media buttons with Spotify a lot, and I like to listen to music in between rounds in a couple of games. I only really ever use the Pause and Skip Track keys, but I imagine this carries over to the other ones as well. However, about 50% of the time, pressing Pause in Rainbow Six Seige will throw a grenade (typically G key), and pressing Skip Track in League of Legends will open the shop window (typically P key). I've looked through the ingame binds, and its nothing there, so I'm pretty lost. Also, I found a similar issue on a forum on an unspecified keyboard: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/media-control-keys-also-trigger-normal-keyboard-key-inputs/263935 (if you're scared of the link, just google "Media control keys also trigger normal keyboard key inputs," and it's the first result). Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hello: I just enrolled in Qobuz and am using their player software on a Win7 machine. The media keys on my K70 RGB do not work here. They work fine with foobar2000. I remember way back when in the CUE 1.x days you could add different player programs to a list in CUE to allow functionality. Now, I can't find that list. I just installed icue from CUE 2.24 thinking something might be amiss, but I still don't see that list. Any suggestions? Thx!
  4. I just got this keyboard and upon using any media key (apart from the mute and volume knob) while on fullscreen (e.g. youtube video or game) it just changes the focus back to windows. On youtube videos I just see the windows taskbar pop on the bottom of the screen when I press said media keys. On games it's much more pronounced as it straight minimizes the game. The keys perform their function no problem, but this change of window focus didn't happen with any of my previous keyboards and I'm at a loss as to why it happens with this one.
  5. Corsair k95 volume control & mute won't change the volume.. The other media buttons (pause, skip, play last song) work without a problem :| Anyone know how to fix this? Here is a short video off my problem that might explain better than i did :D [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rEMeGeoo70&feature=youtu.be[/ame]
  6. Hi guys, I recently built a new computer and peripherals to go with it, and I really enjoy my K70, but there's a little thing that bugs me. I like to listen to my music with Windows Media Player and to watch my movies on Media Player Classic, and with my previous keyboard, no matter if MPC was open, the media keys was controlling only WMP but now if I listen to some music on WMP, pause it, launch a movie on MPC, pause the movie and want to play the music again by pressing the play button, it'll launch the movie and not the music. Do you have any idea how I could get the media keys to control only WMP ? Thank you in advance for your help
  7. I am having issues getting the media keys on the K70 working in the Spotify desktop app on Windows 10. Searching online I found that if you press alt+media key they work and this is working for me. But I don't want to have to do that key combo every time. How can I map the media keys to that combo? They don't appear when recording a macro and aren't an option when manually creating one either. Thanks.
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