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Found 13 results

  1. Apologies in advance if this was posted in the wrong section -- new user, first post. I joined the forum to ask for some help with my Flash Voyager USB storage card. Earlier today, I was forced into visiting two libraries in the hopes of printing out some documents, but the flash drive was unable to connect to any computer into which it was plugged; normally, the blue indicator light on the flash drive will flicker as it connects to the computer without much of a wait, but now the light flashes briefly only once and remains solid without ever fully connecting to the computer with its files accessible. The afternoon before, I was making some final preparations for the documents ahead of printing them; two of the files were PDF documents, and I had finished editing them by adding text via the Microsoft Edge web browser. I saved the changes without incident and properly ejected the device, having seen no apparent problem with the device before earlier today. One librarian connected the flash drive to several other computers without any luck; that would prompt the suggestion that the flash drive may possibly have been corrupted somehow, while another librarian at the other location seemed stumped as to the cause of the problem, suggesting that the device may have just gone "kaput" for no rhyme or reason whatsoever. Again, the last action taken with this flash drive before this malfunction was executing a Save on these two PDF files via Microsoft Edge -- one-click save, no error message, no improper ejection. If the device had indeed been corrupted somehow, that final set of actions would have been the only probable cause. Once I returned home and attempted to connect my USB stick onto the very computer which it had been last successfully connected less than 24 hours earlier, I encountered the same connectivity problems. How this drive can go from functional to unfunctional in a matter of hours is a total mystery. Depending on the computer, the symptoms of the problem are slightly different: connecting the drive will not generate any pop-up Autoplay connection message, but the "Safely Remove Hardware And Eject Media" icon may still appear. A button for the disk drive may or may not appear, or might appear after waiting several moments (it normally would appear immediately upon being connected to the computer, usually within a few seconds). What's more, it won't display as "CORSAIR" like normal, but will have a general name of "USB Drive" instead, and won't indicate the presence of files or available disk space. If an attempt to eject the drive through the taskbar icon is made, the display (instead of "CORSAIR") will read "SM324BC MEMORY BAR" as the inserted device. Depending on the computer, attempting to double-click or right-click the "USB Drive" icon will either freeze the folder, making it unresponsive, or will prompt a pop-up message asking to "please insert a disk" as though one isn't present. I wanted to be as concise as possible in explaining the last 24 hours here, so I have also included screen captures of how the flash drive has performed since getting it home earlier this evening to go along with the information included above. If anyone can possibly diagnose the problems I've described, and perhaps most importantly suggest any corrective measures to take here, please feel welcome to reply with whatever information you can offer. I'm sure this isn't a new, unfamiliar problem to the forum over the years, so please feel free to share any advice that could diagnose the issue, or may provide some probable fix for it. Thanks in advance for any comments or replies after this message. - SirAMaDon_790
  2. I recently purchased the new CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO CHAMPION SERIES mice. Everything was working perfectly and I thought it was good idea to download the iCUE software & update my firmware. After installing iCUE (v4.11.274) and pressing the firmware update button, windows instantly tells me the device malfunctioned and is no longer recognizable. So mice is not working, plugging it into any different usb port doesn't do anything. I followed the troubleshooting guide which told me to hold left+right click and unplug + plug in and this did not work either. But pressing down the tiny little hole while plugging in the mouse does open a storage device called "CRP_DISABLED". Inside of it exists a firmware.bin file. I'm guessing I need to replace this file? I can't find any resources or download archives to grab a newer firmware to manually update my device? Does anyone have access to the firmware here for this specific mouse or is there another way for me to fix my mouse?
  3. I am using a H115i Pro to cool my CPU and my Fans have been stuck at 900rpm at 100%. ICUE shows that my curve at 100% only goes up to 900rpm and the fixed RPM mode doesn't seem to do anything. I plugged in my fan cables to the Corsair splitter, connected the micro usb to the USB 2.0 in my motherboard, and connected the SATA power. In terms of cables, it was set up as instructed. I originally used Corsair Link until I was told that ICUE is better. Some checks done: - H115i Pro Firmware [up to date] - ICUE Update [up to date] - MB Firmware [up to date]
  4. In short, my K70 RGB Keyboard has been exhibiting a reddish hue (or pinkish hue) on ONE key in my all white lighting profile. The hue shift isn't very noticeable under most other pure colors, but its just distracting over white. And I really want my bland, all white, back lighting on this overqualified light show... I have tried, to my memory: - Uninstalling and Re-installing the CUE program. - Creating a new profile, devoid of all lighting, and inputting my desired pure white lighting. - Switching modes/polling rates on back of keyboard. - Testing on USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 - Deleting all profiles and starting the CUE program on a clean slate (this includes manually deleting user preferences in the "User" application folders). - Banging ~$200 keyboard against drywall, because of one light (just kidding) I submitted a ticket to corsair's support staff, but would like to see if anyone out there has ideas or knowledge on this. I've done what I could to make sure it isn't two/more separate lighting inputs stacking to create the pink (made that mistake months ago when I first got the thing). I almost sure it's something deeper which leads me to the next step... ... I would like to try and re-install the firmware, but the CUE won't let me download 1.15 and I didn't save a copy of the one I used to update. It would be awesome if anyone could tell me how to get a hold of the firmware. My best picture of the issue is attached, although it's difficult to pic up on a camera at all.
  5. Recently recieved a new Void Pro Wireless, and a few minutes ago, it made a weird bleeping noise, and on iCUE, a red warning symbol with "Malfunction" was in for the Battery Status. I shut my headset off, and booted it back up, now the USB dongle doesn't deliver any sort of charge, even after plugging it in and out of different ports. what do i do???
  6. Hey guys, So I built my first Gaming PC recently, and everything seems to be working right. Except the other day, my commander Pro suddenly stopped working. I was downloading the drivers for my motherboard at the time, when all of a sudden I noticed all the fans hand stopped dead and the LED’s where no longer working. The CP was no longer showing up in Corsair Link or ICUE either. I have 6 SP120 fans plugged into the CP and LED hub. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting I can think of/have seen on here: - Tried a different USB header. - Reset and shut down the PC. - Uninstalled and reinstalled both Corsair Link and iCUE. - Pressed and held the reset button on the CP, etc. The USB ports on the CP still seem to be working, which have my PSU (Corsair rm850i) and AIO pump (Corsair H100i Pro) plugged into them. I did read on here that you shouldn’t hot swap fans on the CP while the system is on. Which I did and now wonder if that caused it to stop working? I noticed the CP was very hot when I touched it to swap the fan plugs over, before it stopped working. But the room temperature was very hot as well, so I didn’t really think much of it. Is it possible it over heated? I had it plugged into one of the plugs on the SATA x4 cord I got with my PSU. The other 3 SATA plugs have the LED hub, pump and the Corsair LED light on the 570x case plugged into the cord. Was this maybe to much power going through the cord or something? I also wonder if it is possible that one of the drivers I download is effecting the CP? Since it happened while I was downloading the drivers. I had no idea what drivers I really needed so I just downloaded all of them. https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-AORUS-PRO-WIFI-rev-10#support-dl Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to try and narrow down if I did something wrong before I get another CP and make the same mistake. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance ! :)
  7. Hello, I am AlphaSkywalrus a newer user who has sought the knowledge to possibly fix my mouse before getting a new mouse. Recently within the past week my 3 month old Scimitar has started malfuctioning, When I play games the mouse it self does not shut off or disconnects (At least the lights don't turn off) it does a weird profile switch and it stops working for a little under a second, I deleted the other profiles in attempt to avoid the profile switch but it still does it. I disabled all but 2 dpi settings and it retains those dpi's after the switch. I only have corsair peripherals so software programs would not interfere (Corsair Strafe MK.2, Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless) I can temporarily fix this "Malfunction" by forcing the mouse to update but it lasts for the maximum amount of time of 10 minutes before Malfunctioning again. I have uninstalled the program, and I have even completely reset my computer, I have switched usbs and even used a usb hub external of the computer and the usb attached to the Strafe MK.2 keyboard, The other 2 peripherals have not malfunctioned, it is only the scimitar, I have recently purchased the strafe, but the void pro i have had for about 9 months. I really like this mouse and I don't want to get rid of it unless needed to, tis why I come to the sacred grounds.
  8. Sometimes, when i'm on my computer, the lighting turns off... On the CUE, in global settings, there is a warning symbol where it's written "malfunction"... What's the problem? How can I solve it? (I just download the last version of CUE and there is the same problem) My keyboard is the Strafe RGB MX Silent
  9. Hi all. Getting pretty frustrated as my CUE is constantly telling me that my VOID RGB is malfunctioning everyday. I have attached my CUE dump file in hopes someone can tell me what is going wrong all the time.. I am on CUE 2.19.65 and my Void is on 0.17. Windows 10. Thanks! cue-dump.zip
  10. Hello. I bought this keyboard today. Its a brand new one. I have just installed the Corsair Utility Engine. However, it appears like this: http://s4.postimg.org/lpqtzcbf1/Error.png Full image Is the keyboard faulty? Thanks.
  11. I have a K65 RGB, and while I want to love it, it has been nothing but unreliable. When I start the corsair utility engine, everything seems fine for ~15 minutes. Then inevitably it stops working properly. Every 10 seconds the utility locks up for ~15 seconds, and it loses the ability to communicate with my keyboard. No matter what my settings I change nothing is reflected on my keyboard. And if I go to the device tab it shows the keyboard listed as "malfunction". I can then close and reopen the utility but from here on out it will consistently be in malfunction until I restart my computer in which upon restart I will get about 15 minutes of normal operation out of it. Things I have tried doing that have had no effect: -I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the corsair utility engine. -I have tried plugging into both usb cords into usb 2.0 ports, following instructions found on this forum and plugging them in in the correct order (Arrow first, keyboard second). -I have tried only plugging in the keyboard plug into a usb3.0 port. -Updating the firmware on my keyboard. I can confirm that my keyboard has the latest firmware loaded onto it. All of these attempts have resulted in no change, and this odd behavior persists. Effectively this keyboard is just a keyboard now, it has never lost its ability to type and even now I am posting this on the keyboard despite it being in a state of "malfunction". What does stop is any and all lighting animations, and the ability to change lighting profiles, use macros, use the brightness button and even the windows lock button stops working. However the sound controls still function. Any assistance here would be great, I would love for my keyboard to work properly as I love the feel and look of it. edit: Doing some more experimentation I found out that unplugging and replugging the usb back in has the effect of letting the windows lock and brightness buttons work but the corsair utility software is still unable to talk to the device and lists it as "malfunction". double edit: I have found out that if I right click on the tray in the bottom right of the screen, and select quit, the process is still running in the background. So if I kill the process in my taskmanager for the corsair utility software, and then unplug my keyboard, relaunch the software, and replug my keyboard back in it acts similarly to how it acts when I reboot, working for a short period of time. This alleviates the need for a reboot but the problem is still present.
  12. I have been playing around with this keyboard for about 2 days and have had no luck as of yet. In the corner of the Utility Engine there is a triangle stating the keyboard has malfunctioned. I attempt to update said keyboard, but once it reaches 3% it gives me a notification saying the update failed. Any advice? Thanks, Wilson.
  13. My mouse and keyboard doesn't seem to work with the Corsair Utility Engine.. It keeps saying malfunction to either the mouse or keyboard, sometimes they work but then my mouse wil have like a slow responds like i swipe left and it lags or stutters slowly... but when i turn the RGB light of on my keryboard then the mouse acts normal, but then a few seconds later i get malfunction. I hope someone can help me
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