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Found 7 results

  1. What is your most used macro(s) for RPG games? If you have any game suggestions that use macro(s), post those titles here too! (A Wow macro example by an employee)
  2. I have avoided using the iCUE software for a while after battling with it initially. I recently got a Dark Core RGB Pro SE and decided to try to use it for lighting and macro profiles. However from what I have experimented with and found online, I can not run my macros without iCUE being closed. However when I close iCUE, my lighting profiles shut off. I am hoping someone here has experienced something like this and has some feedback.
  3. Self Explanatory but I would like if mouse macros were given the ability to be set within X and Y parameters and that the mouse moves to a coordinate within said parameters (for absolute) or move a random amount of X or Y within the parameters (for relative). Basically add the ability to make mouse movements random within the macro creator.
  4. I bought this mouse so I could bind macros to a button for an online game I play that typically takes 4 or 5 clicks to execute. I can only find the quick start guide online and zero explanation for how to setup and configure the mouse for: - A profile - Map a button to a macro - Getting to the end goal of press button 3 and it executes the 4 or 5 clicks I would like it to do At this point a mouse recorder actually works better than this. It seems the mouse is really good at mapping to a keyboard shortcut like Button 1 maps to pressing the K key but when I go to record a macro I get about 500 "steps" that all amount to Click left button 10 times. Short of being led by the hand through a setup is there just a user guide that explains the features and setup for the iCUE software?? I can't seem to find it. Thanks.
  5. This is in the most recent software, and I've already reinstalled. I'm trying to build some macros, and when I go into the primary "Actions" tab on the left, I'm missing a lot of options that are present when I'm in the "Actions Library" section. Screenshots on imgur below of both: https://imgur.com/a/lqCDx0B I'm missing the entire "Start Settings" and all but the "Action Trigger" in the primary Actions tab. In the library I have these, but even if I create the macro in the library, when I copy it into the actions tab it loses all those advanced settings and such. I'm confused what's going on here and can find nowhere that might explain why I'm losing all those options. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Good afternoon guys, could anyone tell me if there is any function in the Corsair Scimitar mouse that saves the mouse (X, Y) position before executing a certain action and after the action is executed let the mouse pointer return that initial position (X , Y)? If anyone knows help me there guys hugs.
  7. This is something I think everyone could use. The ability to Chain Macros and loop parts of Marcos. starting off with Looping Macro commands. For the past two days i have been trying to write a macro for GTA 5. what this macro was to do was that it would allow me to do wheelies infinitely as long as I pressed a single button. in the macro i had it so that the macro would activate the button to go and the button to pull up the bike right after each other, (it held the buttons down). the next step would be to activate the break/button to lower the bike. in order to get the bike to stay up one easy way is to spam the break which causes a kick up. so what i needed to do was set a loop so that every so often it would press the break again. in the end this would have created a cycle. however because i couldn't just loop the brake cycle, instead the whole macro would loop and that wouldn't work. if i could loop that specific section of the macro this could have been a lot less time consuming. so after i learned i couldn't loop parts of macros, i decided to make new macros and try to get 1 master macro to activate all the other macros in order. however that didn't work and got the Character in GTA stuck or didn't do anything. do know that i was using the number pad which i have set to do nothing for GTA. even when i wasn't pressing the master button it was still repeating the independent macros. Another use of Chaining Macros is that of music. Lewis Gerschwitz has a profile pack for the Legend of Zelda. one of the profiles included is a working Ocarina from Ocarina of Time including music. What I wanted to add to it was that when you played a set of notes it would activate a macro to play the song from the game in the correct order. so if i played the Song of Storms it would play the rest if the Song of Storms after my input. that is just one example, I could, in theory play anything with the right keystroke. In the end, I believe that if we had the ability to Loop actions in Macros as well as Chain Macros we could create wonderful thing for everyone to enjoy. here is link to Lewis Gerschwitz's video on his zelda profile pack :[ame] [/ame]
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