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  1. K70 RGB PRO | iCUE4 I'm trying to make a profile for a game that has a default lighting on the keyboard but when you click a certain button it turns black and an 'explosion' effect plays over the blacked out keyboard. To do this I've been using the key assignment macro, making it so that when I click "z" the keyboard fades in a black gradient and the second assignment is set to play another macro that should play the explosion effect, however, whatever I do the second macro never activates. The lighting works on the second macro as I can activate it by itself but for whatever reason it never plays as the second assignment. I've tried changing the assignment type to see if it was just the two lighting effects not working together at once but it wont even open an app or type text as a second assignment. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong or am I misunderstanding the second assignment action?
  2. Hello everyone, I'd like to be able to use modifier keys for the G keys, e.g. SHIFT+G1 or ALT+G1 to be able to have more macros. Or in my case specifically I want to use the same G key for a variation of a macro in a game, where the macros effectively provide the same result in the game, but have to be slightly different (the keystrokes aren't identical) dependent on the status of the game. I can't find this option and was wondering if it is possible. If not please implement this into the iCue software! It would be a very useful addition and should hopefully not be very hard to implement(?). Side note: This K100 is my first mechanical keyboard and I absolutely love it! The main reasons I specifically chose this model keyboard are the macro keys and the full layout with numpad. Thanks in advance for any help or feedback!
  3. I don't know about you, but when I spend almost $200 on a keyboard, I expect a first class product. Both the hardware and software need to meet a high bar. I purchased the K70 RGB PRO with the Cherry MX Brown switches. I was excited about this keyboard because of the onboard memory and the advertised capability to store macros directly to the keyboard. When gaming, I want the ability to program keep-alive type actions which would be undetectable by “anti-cheat” checkers. Specifically, I don't want software running on the computer. If this is your use case, you might want to look elsewhere. After a day of frustration, here is my (incomplete) list of deficiencies for iCUE 4 and the K70 RGB PRO. For reference, I'm using iCUE 4.26.110 and keyboard firmware 1.2.18 (both current as of 8/12/2022). Initial confusion using “Lighting Effects” and “Hardware Lighting”. One would expect that you would configure lighting profiles within the app and then copy these into the hardware. But that's not how it actually works. There are 2 different and mutually exclusive sections to configure. “Lighting Effects” controls the keyboard lights while the iCUE application is running. “Hardware Lighting” is a completely separate configuration which controls the keyboard lights when you completely quit from the iCUE software (and exit the dock icon). You can't copy configurations between these sections. There is a “Lighting Library” that indicates that it's “for sharing Lighting across profiles and devices” - but you can't share between the hardware and software profiles! So once you set up your “Lighting Effects” (software) then you need to completely recreate the same thing in “Hardware Lighting”. If you look at various postings, you'll find that many people are confused about this. Example: configure something in “Lighting Effects” - then use Device Settings to copy the profile to the onboard memory. When you quit out of iCUE - the keyboard goes dark. Why? Because you didn't configure “Hardware Lighting”. The same (odd) technique is used for key assignments. There is a section “Key Assignments” - this is only meaningful while the iCUE software is running. There is a separate section “Hardware Key Assignments” which is only meaningful when the iCUE software is NOT running. You can't copy between the sections. So, when trying to program a hardware macro, you need to program in iCUE (in the “Hardware Key Assignments” section). You need to use Device Settings to copy the profile to onboard memory. Then you need to completely quit iCUE in order to test your macro. You'll need to re-open iCUE to edit the macros. Programmable delays. We want to build a keep-alive macro. Every 5 minutes, hit the spacebar. Delays are programmed in milli-seconds. So 5 minutes = 300,000ms. But the text input in iCUE only supports a 5 digit number. So, your maximum delay is 99,999ms. That's annoying, but we can always create 5 delays of 60,000ms each. Random delays. I was very excited that the keyboard supported random delays. A macro that activates every 5 minutes exactly is too obvious. I'd like to wait a random time between 3 and 6 minutes. Unfortunately, the random delay is also in milli-seconds and also limited to 5 digits. It is impossible to create a random delay of 0-3 minutes. Mathematically, stacking 3 delays of 0-60,000ms is not the same as a single delay of 0-180,000ms. Repeating macros. A keep-alive macro must repeat. iCUE provides “toggle” macros. With a toggle macro, you hit the key once to start the macro and hit it again to stop. Perfect, right? Unfortunately no. A “toggle” macro does not imply repeat. You hit the key to start the macro and you can hit it a second time to stop it before the end. Once it hits the end, it stops regardless. I was trying to define a HARDWARE macro for keep alive. After fighting with this for some time and coming to the conclusion it was broken, I tried to define the same macro in the SOFTWARE key assignments section. There is an option in the SOFTWARE section to repeat continuously. This feature is not available for hardware macros - hardware macros can't repeat. If you're thinking you can cut/paste, to repeat, software macros can be quite large - but hardware macros are limited to 256 steps. The K70 RGB PRO boasts 8MB of onboard memory - but it's divided such that you can't create a single macro with more than 256 steps. Lighting and Macros. The keyboard has lots of fancy lighting. It is pretty nice to be able to light only the keys used by a specific game, allowing the rest of the keyboard to go dark. But what would REALLY be useful? How about lighting/flashing a key while there is a toggle macro active? But that's not an option. The best you can do is change the lighting when the key is pressed and pressed again - but remember, the macro can be shut off by another macro (or might simply end without repeating). So you can't be sure that the macro and lighting are sync'd together at the keypress. It's all too easy to get to a point where activating the macro shuts off the lighting and vice-versa. There is absolutely no visual indication that a macro is running - and no mechanism though lighting to create such an indication. Macro Editing in iCUE. The macro editing window in iCUE shows 7 steps. It's not resizeable. You can't scroll using cursor keys. You scroll with the mouse wheel or by dragging the small/imprecise scroll bar. The mouse wheel scrolls a maximum of 10 clicks/steps of the scroll wheel. So if your macro is 1000 lines, 1 click of the scroll wheel is 100 lines (with only a 7 line window). Given that a single key press is 3 lines (key down, delay, key up) - this is nearly unusable. There's no ability to cut/paste the macro sequence into an external editor. There's not even the ability to cut/paste a command between 2 hardware macros; you can only cut/paste within a single macro. You can't run multiple macros at the same time. Let's say you define 2 toggle macros. Macro 1 hits the “1” key every second. Macro 2 hits the “2” key every 2 seconds. It would be nice to independently toggle these macros. However, once you start macro 2, it silently terminates macro 1. In this post https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/130429-macros-simultaneously-working-possible/?do=findComment&comment=788802 a Corsair employee describes this as “an OS limitation”. Really? Corsair either owns the keyboard OS, or simply isn't using it properly. Doing multiple things in a single-threaded process is a problem that's been solved many times. And I'm being kind, assuming that he was talking about hardware macros and the keyboard OS. There really is no excuse for this limitation on the Windows-side using software macros. These last 3, I'd classify as would-be-nice. Subroutines. There aren't any subroutines. If you want to wait 15 minutes, you have to code 15 delay statements. I thought - “Hey, I can bind that to another key and invoke it!” - but no, that doesn't work. Assign a delay macro to F1. Create another macro on F2 that hits the F1 key - it doesn't run the delay macro, it actually hits “F1”, ignoring the macro. Comments. There aren't any comments. A macro with a few dozen steps is pretty hard to read. It would helpful to have the ability to add comments/annotations to the sequence of keystrokes. The sequences are especially hard to read because keydown-delay-keyup is represented by 3 steps. Of course 3 separate steps are required if multiple keys are involved, but for a single key, this could be represented as a single command (even if it gets executed as 3 distinct steps). Another reason for comments is the 7-line editing window. It's very difficult to know where you are when editing a large macro. Random conditionals. It's hard to call it “programming” without conditionals. But I guess we've already established that (in hardware mode) we don't even have the ability to repeat. A “stretch feature” would allow the ability to include random options. Example: 20% of the time, execute sequence A. 80% of the time execute sequence B. I honestly wasn't expecting this, but I'll toss it in as a “would be nice”. Summary. If you're looking for a keyboard with a solid build, nice keys, and impressive lighting, Corsair keyboards will fit the bill. However, if your primary motivation is for macro programming, especially hardware macros, then I'd suggest you look elsewhere. I haven't decided if I'll return it yet, but it clearly hasn't met my expectations.
  4. Hi, I'd like to use the macro function on my iCUE app to simply keep one key "pressed down" until I press the macro key again, basically so I can make my own auto run. Can't seem to figure out how to do it. Any ideas please?
  5. Hi there! This is my first post here, but I have used ICUE for the past year. I want to suggest a couple of ideas to improve the macro recording process.. Goal: Record mouse positions via user defined hotkey Current problem: Mouse movement recording uses relative motion, which: You CLICK the record button, the user has to then navigate away from ICUE, adding unnecessary actions within the macro, regardless of if you Alt + Tab, or move the mouse at all. If you do any extended action it is near impossible to edit anything specific in the list of 10's of thousands of actions. Here are my suggestions: Add an option where the user can enter a user defined hotkey, to start and stop recording actions. Instead of relative mouse motion, use a user defined hotkey (can be on click) to record absolute mouse positions. I don't know if this post will get any attention, but for anyone who read this please share your thoughts, and if I need to clarify anything just ask!
  6. I would like to create a key press, either on my keyboard macro button or on my Scimitar side button, that does the following: When I press down on the button is does a keystroke like ctrl+x, when I release the button it does a left mouse click. Is there anyway to do this?
  7. Hello together I have owned a Corsair K95 Platinium keyboard for 3 years and a new high-end PC for 1 week. Now that I have the power to stream, I would like to put some keys to control OBS and OBS scenes on the G-keys. Unfortunately I haven't found a way how to program and assign the G-keys with the corresponding functions. So I would be glad if someone could give me a detailed instruction for this. I would like to assign the following functions to the G-keys: G1 - OBS scene "Stream starting soon G2. OBS scene "Game Capture" G3 - OBS scene "Be right back/Pause G4 - OBS scene "Stream Ending G5 - Start recording G6 - Pause or Stop recording I have no experience with macro programming via iCue and I find the software for this rather complicated. I would be really happy to get support and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot
  8. Hello, Love the usefulness of iCue. But I have run into a roadblock. I often use iCue to fix what I think are bad game input designs. One such example is Halo Infinite Campaign where I have macros for swapping to and using equipment as one keystroke instead of having to swap to and then use equipment over two keystrokes. Fast forward to (or go back in time?) to The Division 2. I have found that I really want the grenade behavior to be that when I press and hold X to show the throw guide and then when I release X to then throw the grenade. Unfortunately the game does not allow for this behavior. Also unfortunately iCue does not allow me to add this behavior either. But if one could assign more than one action to a single key then it would be possible. I could have one macro be the pressing of the X button in game and have it trigger while the key is pressed and then have a second macro set to press left click on key release. I also have some DPI related stuff that I would like to do while changing profiles also bound to the same key. So when I press the M key to bring up the map I want it to change the DPI and the profile to change what some of the other keys do. All this could be fixed by allowing multiple actions per key.
  9. I want to set up a macro in Nexus. Can't I get the macros in the assignments library and use them? Do I absolutely have to create a new one?
  10. I would like to add two keys to activate the macro I would like to do that. ↓ ↓ it's possible ? Preview: 1ª https://prntscr.com/1xxfqk8 2ª https://prntscr.com/1xxfq2t
  11. Hey guys I am trying to setup my macro G1 to press F1 and F2 in alternate. Is there any way I can achieve this? More details: I am trying to toggle between choosing hero and courier in DOTA2 with the macro.
  12. At the moment, I only use one Corsair K70 keyboard, but it's one of the first models. I'm probably going to buy another, newer one (with more visible LEDs) and I don't really want to sell this one off or have it collect dust. I'd like to use both keyboards on my desk with the iCue software, preferably the new one for typing, gaming... normal stuff, and the extra for macros. I'm honestly not sure if this is a repost or not since there's tons of threads, but I didn't see anything, at least in the titles, that looked like what I was wanting.
  13. The mouse goes into sleep mode after a certain period of time. Macro keys don’t work. When I get to mouse’s interface sw, the mouse appears to be turned off but it works like a charm. When the mouse is connected to wireless dongle and try to charge it, the cursor disappears and doesn’t move. Also scroll button is not working properly.
  14. I tried programming macros on the G1 - G6 keys for my AMD RAdeon game recording software. It works but also each time the key is depressed, it brings up the Microsoft log in page to Powerpoint and various Microsoft screens. Am I missing something? Why does it do that? Corsair K55 RBG keyboard Windows 10 Pro 64 bit operating system AMD Radeon Software
  15. I want to know if theres a way to make an accurate drag click macro as the harpoon is unable to drag. any help would be appreciated :p: ;):
  16. I have a Harpoon RGB mouse (model RGP0030) and use Windows 10 Pro for Workstations fully updated (compilation 19042.928). Since the penultimate version update of iCue, my mouse macros stopped working properly. This is what happens: when I turn my computer on, the macros often simply don't work, forcing me to reboot my computer, after what they might restart working (sometimes I need to reboot my computer a lot of times until they restart working). Closing and reopening the iCue software doesn't make any change to this behavior. Also, the last update didn't solve it. I already tried to do fresh installs of iCue a lot of times to try to solve this issue, even using softwares such as Revo Uninstaller to assure that no registry entry is left behind. It didn't work. Even tho, this bug persists, and it is very much annoying. I wish I could download older versions of iCue, so I could use the version that was working perfectly, but I just couldn't find older versions for download. I'd appreciate any help.
  17. Hello, Sorry for my english. I have a Corsair scimitar elite rgb mouse, that i need help with to set up a macro for an MMORPG. My question is: I want to run a 8 key combination in 1 macro, with different delays in between. However, my problem is that i cant make each keystroke run "simultaneously/independently". By that i mean, lets say i have a 1000ms delay in between each 8 keystrokes. Its going to repeat that cycle of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. The problem is that its going to take that 8000ms before it hits the same key again. I want each keystroke to have their own cycle, so they dont wait for each other. if that makes sense ?. Key 5 might have a 5000ms delay, so that would add 5000ms extra before it repeats and hits the other keys. that is the problem. Sorry i was looking for a word to explain it but couldnt remember :D
  18. I like to watch streams from twitch while gaming but sometimes would be nice to have macro key to mute only google chrome / twitch. This keyboard have FN+F5 but it mutes all sounds including game sounds. Anyone want help me? Keyboard i have is Strafe RGB.
  19. I want to make two macros: First: click ''1'' 1000ms break ''3'' and repeat it after 30 seconds endless. Second: ''v'' 250ms v'' and repeat it endless. I've just do this but there is a problem. When I activete 1st macro and then second it works. But than the 1st masro is making second tour and it desable my 2nd macro. So when I start those two macros it looks like this: (''1'' 1000ms break ''3''), (''v'' 250ms break ''v''endless), after 30 seconds it looks like that: (''1'' 1000ms break ''3'' endless). So the 1st macro disables 2nd becouse 1st activates again. Is there a way to fix it? Maby the queue will work(1st 2nd 1st 2nd endless)?
  20. Cant figure out how to get rid of this after i solved my own problem
  21. So I'm unfamiliar with iCue, but I want to set my side mouse buttons to free keys, instead of them taking up a key from my keyboard. Is it possible for them to be their own key? Like MB5, etc... Thank you so much for your time!
  22. Hello, I can record macros with K55 RGB using all G keys besides G2 G3. The keys seem to respond - the light starts blinking faster when I press them during recording. The process that I do for recording macros: 1. Press MR - the light by "M" starts blinking slowly 2. Press a G key - the light starts blinking faster 3. Enter contents of a macro 4. Press MR again It works with G1, G4-6 but not with G2,G3 - there is no response when I press them to trigger the macro. If I record via iCUE, G2,G3 keys work fine. The problem persists afrter firmware update and reboot. I want to be able to record those macros without iCUE so they are remembered on the keyboard
  23. Hi everybody, I need a solution to remap my mouse wheel up and down for other macro functions. I dont have any idea to do it. It looks that we can only give macro functions to click buttons? Does anyone have a solution for my issue? Thx for your help! My specs: Windows 10 (64 Bit) latest iCUE (3.37.140) GLAIVE RGB (firmware 3.14) Best regards shogolade
  24. I am trying to use iCUE with my new K55 keyboard to play Pillars of Eternity, and I'm encountering the following unexpected behavior: In Pillars of Eternity, pressing F5 initiates a Quicksave (by default), but pressing Shift + F5 does not. However, when I bind a Macro (G) key to do the keystroke Shift + F5, it seems to be detected by Pillars of Eternity as if F5 was pressed individually. That is, it initiates a Quicksave when the Macro key is pressed, and when I press the Macro key in the control binding settings of Pillars of Eternity, it is detected only as F5, not as Shift + F5. However, if I bind an action in Pillars of Eternity to Shift + F5 manually, then pressing the Macro key triggers that action when simply pressing F5 doesn't. I had the same issue when I tried to create the same effect with a Macro instead of a Keystroke. Is this a bug? How would I get a Macro key to act like a I'm pressing Shift + F5, but only Shift + F5? Thanks for any help!
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