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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys, I am having an issue with setting up macros. Ive always wanted to be able to have multiple things on my clipboard to paste. (windows 10 has been a huge improvement in that regard) However, when I set up macros in the icue software, they only execute flawlessly 20% of the time. The rest of the time they utterly scramble the text so its unusable. Example of one I just made: This is what I would like it to say (I typed indent when I wanted a new line in the macro so yall can see what its doing) I really wish this thing would stop scrambling my text indent that would be great indent Thanks for your help! Now Im just going to press the macro button a couple times: attempt 1: I really wish this thild beuldeat indent Thanks for your help!be great indent Thanks for your help! attempt 2: I really wish this thing would stopmbdent Thanks for your help!be great indent Thanks for your help! attempt 3: I really wish this would e great indent Thanks for your help!be great indent Thanks for your help! As you can see this is all over the place, any ideas on how I fix this? I would really like to be able to use this function. The only thing I can do that will make it work is include pauses but then this is no faster than typing myself. Any help greatly appreciated!!! Thanks! _DCP
  2. Hello. I am currently using the K55 RGB gaming keyboard. Everything was running smoothly until two days ago: while typing or even without touching the keyboard random characthers would appear on the document I was working on, or on search bars; and not just random characthers, also actions related to the F1-F12 keys, (I suspect it also affects mouse clicking, but I'm not sure), without me touching anything. Someone told me to check the macros on the iCUE, and there sure was a huge list of programmed actions, but I never programmed them. I deleted them, but they keep happening. The same friend told me to keep an eye on th MR button on the top of the keyboard, and I noticed it, at random times and on its own, would start blinking away and then stops; a while later there would be a recorded macros list on the iCUE. I tried uninstalling iCUE and reinstalling it, deleting my default profile and creating a new one, but nothing helps. I am currently doing home office and this really has an impact on my job. If someone could help me I would be very very grateful. Thanks P.S.: I had to spell check this multiple times beacause this problem makes things barely unreadable, full of typos.
  3. Ran into a bug when setting an auto clicker type macro where i found that it will hold left mouse button randomly. Video explanation: [ame] [/ame]
  4. y a pas longtemps ce problème est revenu , j ai installé CUE et quand j essaye de faire mes raccourcis blind sur les différents raccourcis et que je termine je lance mon jeux , et au final le jeux ne reconnait même pas les raccourcis macro que j'ai fais et c'est très pénible car j'aime bien cette souris :(: Et sur chaque ça me fait cela avec que j'ai crée mes profiles et tout mais ça ne marche pas. j'ai besoin d'aide ou un tuto pour m 'expliquer merci:o:
  5. As the title say if you had an extra numberpad that you would use for macros how would you get it to trigger an action thats on CUE?
  6. I made a macro on my K70 RGB where it would repeatedly press a letter whenever I hit a button. Now whenever I press the button for the macro I can't turn it off, the only way I can turn it off is if I shut down my computer. I tried deleting the macro, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling CUE, but nothing works. I still have the macro
  7. I have a simple macro set to the G4 button on my Scimitar that presses and releases the left mouse button. I have it press, then 30ms pause, release, then 30ms pause. With advanced settings enabled, I have it at this: Action Trigger - While Pressed Action Repeat - Constantly Delay 30ms It seems to keep running the script even when I lift off the G4 button. Guns keep firing and screen selections start going bonkers. Is there a way to have it check if the button is still pressed and end the macro if it isn't? As a side note, I've tried rolling back to previous versions and it hasn't made a difference. Currently on 2.15.83. tctd.cueprofile
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