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Found 7 results

  1. What is your most used macro(s) for RPG games? If you have any game suggestions that use macro(s), post those titles here too! (A Wow macro example by an employee)
  2. I'm using iCue software v3.37.140 and trying to do something as simple as a SHIFT + A as a macro test. I've tried both MACROS and KEYSTROKE to do this. I then assign a G key to the macro. We'll use G6 as my example. I then go to "Onboard Profiles" and click on one of my 3 onboard profiles. I've tried both CLEAR -> OVERWRITE and SAVE on an empty profile. NOTE: Inside the "Hardware Actions" section when I do this, a yellow exclamation at the bottom says, "Hardware Actions need to be saved to the device and are active when iCUE is not running." I go to NOTEPAD and press the corresponding hotkey (G6) and nothing happens. Things I've tried to fix this: 1. Repair the iCUE software. 2. Unplugged\replugged in my K95 usb plugs. 3. Googled the hell out of how to fix this. I read a lot about this being an issue. IS IT? These keyboards aren't cheap and you would think they would package it with good software. Are there any solutions to this issue? Anything from Corsair? Screenshot of what my Hardware profile screen looks like is attached.
  3. As the title says, there's no feature I want more than macro shifting. Macro shifting is where you hold down a button, and it changes all the macros to a sub-layer, essentially doubling the available amount of bind-able buttons on a given device. (Kinda like the sniper button, but with bindings instead of DPI) I lived with some devices from Roccat and Logitech for a little while, and both using their macro shift feature, won me over a little bit. This would come to be incredibly useful on mice with less buttons, such as the Dark Core, or the Ironclaw, since you won't be as limited with ~4 macro buttons. If I get news of this becoming a thing, I guarantee I'll ditch my Roccat Leadr for an Ironclaw Wireless.
  4. I have a Corsair M65 Elite. I have macros set in iCue for the dpi buttons, side buttons, and sniper button. In every game besides Rainbow Six Siege the macros work just when launching the game. However, Rainbow Six Siege doesn't work upon launch. I always forget and have to hide mid-game and then open iCue for it to then work. It is very frustrating because I only have to do it for R6S and it is always mid-game when I remember.
  5. Hey guys, done my research and asked support over the phone but can't find a solution. I'd like to create an additional sniper button for my Corsair Harpoon. Well aware that there's a DPI toggle feature in the 'remap mouse button' section. I'm looking to hold down the forward button and change the DPI- but only when it's pressed down. Already using the backward button as a sniper key. Maybe it's possible to create a macro that changes profiles? I'm thinking that the 'while pressed' feature in the macro's 'advanced settings' would do the job. The 'profile switching' feature itself doesn't help here, since that's a toggle- not a while held feature. I'm grateful for any help. It sounds like a simple question but is more nuanced. Cheers.
  6. Hello everyone, So just got a new Scimitar Pro and I like the feel, but the software is not as user friendly as I would wish. What is the difference from Remap and Macro for one? I'm trying to setup keybindings on my thumb keypad for when I play FFXIV and want to make sure that I map the key combination for the actions correctly. Also is there a simple way to setup back and forward on the thumb keys other than finding the Windows default key combination for back and forward? Finally can I setup the keymapping to change based on if I have an application open I.E. FFXIV?
  7. Bonjour à tous, Je possède le corsair K95 rgb platinium et j'utilise les 6 macros pour effectuer des raccourcis (par exemple : mise en sourdine sur Discord). Pour faire ça j'utilise les touches fonctionnelles. Cependant ... ma macro G2 (assignée à F14) est aussi activée lorsque j'appuie sur ESC. J'ai fait des tests, ce n'est pas discord c'est le clavier qui envoie F14. J'ai essayé de décaler les touches fonctionnelles de 1, ca n'a rien changer on dirait que escape est vraiment assigné à F14. Lorsque aucune touche n'est assignée à F14, escape envoie quand même F14. J'ai l'impression que c'est depuis la dernière mise à jour. Merci pour votre aide
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