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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, I am having an issue with setting up macros. Ive always wanted to be able to have multiple things on my clipboard to paste. (windows 10 has been a huge improvement in that regard) However, when I set up macros in the icue software, they only execute flawlessly 20% of the time. The rest of the time they utterly scramble the text so its unusable. Example of one I just made: This is what I would like it to say (I typed indent when I wanted a new line in the macro so yall can see what its doing) I really wish this thing would stop scrambling my text indent that would be great indent Thanks for your help! Now Im just going to press the macro button a couple times: attempt 1: I really wish this thild beuldeat indent Thanks for your help!be great indent Thanks for your help! attempt 2: I really wish this thing would stopmbdent Thanks for your help!be great indent Thanks for your help! attempt 3: I really wish this would e great indent Thanks for your help!be great indent Thanks for your help! As you can see this is all over the place, any ideas on how I fix this? I would really like to be able to use this function. The only thing I can do that will make it work is include pauses but then this is no faster than typing myself. Any help greatly appreciated!!! Thanks! _DCP
  2. I have a k95 rgb platinum keyboard, and I found that when recording a action, and saving the action in the actions library, the action is assigned automatically to the ESC key, making its impossible to use. This is solved by deleting the action from the library or closing the iCUE.
  3. Hello, I have been having problems with my toggle macro. The events in the macro is as follows: Key 6 press Delay Key 6 release Delay Key w press Delay Key w release Delay Key s press Delay Key s release (repeat keys w and s with all their delays multiple times until ~2mins of execution) >> then the macro is set as toggle and it's to constantly repeat >> the whe macro is bound to Fn key on the keyboard >> the macro sequence lets me press button key 6 then move forward and backward repeatedly until ~2mins mark then the whole thing is supposed to repeat until I press the Fn key again to turn it off. What happened was, when I toggled the macro off, it was off for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then it starts again, all on it's own. Can anyone please help? I'm at my wit's end. Thanks in advance. And oh, I have a Strafe RGB, Void pro and a M65 if it is gonna be relevant.
  4. I have a corsair K95 RGB keyboard. I have 18 macro buttons. I am running on latest software and firmware. Firmware version: 3.08 Software version: 3.22.74 I have just made som macros (just text with an enter at the beginning (before text) and an enter after the text). Somehow when I hit the "escape" button, it seems as if icue repeats the latest macro.....I actually don't want it to do that since I want escape to be.......yes escape :) Just to make sure, my macros are NOT using escape button - and my execute is only using G1-G18 macro buttons..... Actually I have tried to change macro. When I make a macro with nothing in it, it seems to work properly.....but still an issue I suppose..... If I exit ICUE program, escape button behavior is normal and works.....any suggestions to this? Looking forward to hear from you.
  5. Hi, I want to set up a macro where if i hold space it will spam it in games. I've tried to record the macro and set it to the space key however, the macro i assume is not running and my space key doesn't register. I assume the macro is not running because when I try to use the 'retain original output' setting the space registers however, the macro doesn't execute the recorded action. Many thanks, Reagan
  6. Ran into a bug when setting an auto clicker type macro where i found that it will hold left mouse button randomly. Video explanation: [ame] [/ame]
  7. I recently just reinstalled Cue 2 because i did a full reformat on my system. And unfortunately I am experiencing this problem. Any idea how to fix this problem? I really need a fix to used the macro again its hard to go back to normal without the scimitar macro functions. :sigh!:
  8. I think making a list will serve best here for I have been working on this for the last 5 or 6 hours. When I enter CUE 2.0 I get the error message that the macro controls are not functioning. I forgot the exact wordage but I see a lot of people on these forums have brought up the same thing. I have a K70 Lux RGB as well. I just got the Scimitar today, its a yellow panel, RGB, 12k DPI one. I was using a Razer Epic Naga Pro for about 4 years prior to today(and its looking like I am being forced to go back to it.) I have tried both the newest version of CUE (2.xxx) and the 1.xxx version. I have also tried to repair installs each time before uninstalling. I have tried on a default profile and on a profile I created. I have tried all options(record macro, remap, etc..) I have went through device manager and deleted all devices that are no longer being used. (uninstalled the drivers etc..). I have used CC cleaner a number of times as well. The top bottons work with raising and lowering DPI however when I try to map another key to those it also doesn't work. So basically I go into CUE, make a macro or remap, and when I hit that button on the mouse CUE just freezes and no longer responds. I have done basically everything short of reinstalling windows and flashing my BIOS, which honestly I don't think anyone should ever have to do to be able to use a mouse. I am going absolutley insane. I see a ton of other threads pop up when I search on google that link to this forum but the solution is never included on any of the threads. Its the same responses to each of them (have you repaired, have you reinstalled, etc etc.). I am at a loss here boys. I really don't want to go back to my Razer or another company but after calling Corsair and dealing with this for so long it's starting to look like the best solution. I have also put in a ticket but since today is Friday I will have to wait until Monday to get any word back. I will be mashing refresh on this thread for the rest of the night. Thank you to anyone that read this far and sorry for typos and what not for I am going crazy.
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