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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys. i have a little problem with my M65. When stay playing (1800DPÏ) accidentally press sniper buttom and DPI decrease to DPI are configurate in that buttom (400 PDI). That is normal... The problem is when i release sniper buttom, DPI are to sniper buttom yet (400DPI) and will to come back to normal DPI i have reconfigured DPI in iCUE software. Any with same problem? Any solution? Firmware version is 3.06 Sorry, but my english is not very good :P
  2. I'm currently using an M65 Elite RGB mouse bought about 4 months ago (16 April 2019). It's now started not seeing primary (left) mouse clicks. This mouse replaced a 5 month old M65 Pro RGB (bought 12 November 2018) which developed scroll wheel problems (scrolled randomly backwards and forwards). And that mouse replaced a 2 year old M65 Pro RGB (bought 06 December 2016) that started double-clicking instead of single-clicking. All of these problems are well documented by a myriad of users all over the web (as well as in this forum). For the current M65 Elite, I've done a soft reset (unplug the mouse, hold left and right mouse buttons while plugging the mouse back in, and holding that for about 5 seconds). I've also done a clean install of the latest iCUE software (uninstall iCUE, in REGEDIT delete both the HKCU and HKLM \Software\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine folders, and install new iCUE). In addition I've run the Windows 10 sfc /scannow and dism stuff until they ran clean. No change: the mouse keeps missing left mouse button clicks. So, once again, another Corsair mouse has bitten the dust. There's no doubt about it. I don't know why companies insist on using cheap, garbage hardware in their products. Especially parts of those products which are pressed repeatedly.
  3. Hi guys, I have browsed the forums to see if anyone else has posted this same issue, but I have not seen it yet. So I am hoping someone can shed some light on this. I have the K70 LUX RGB keybaord, the M65 Pro RGB mouse, and the MM800 RGB Polaris mouse pad that are being run with the iCue software. I run a small project studio where i do a lot of video editing and music production, and I have a multi-media PC built to handle it all. A quick rundown of my setup: Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard with AMD Threadripper 1950x, 32GB of ram, GTX 1080 11gb graphics card (MSI), Windows 10 Pro 64bit (v1803), with several SSD and HHDs for storage. My entire setup is listed here at PC Parts Picker: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/BqHhP6 About 2 weeks ago, my entire system started freezing at random times and becoming un-responsive. Ctrl+Delete wouldn't work, mouse pointer would freeze, ect. My system is mostly for production work, but I am also a casual gamer. These freezes have mostly happened while playing sessions of Rocket League. I thought it might be related to the game itself, but earlier this week I was in the middle of a music production session where my digital audio workstation program 'Reaper' froze up. I discovered months ago that the cue software (older versions before iCue came in) were locking up controllers I was using on Steam games. I found this out when I was browsing the Steam forums for a controller issue I was having. A user on their forums that said if you are running the Corsair Cue software, to unplug all Corsair USB devices running with cue and it would unlock/un-freeze Steam and fix the controller issue, which worked for me. Remembering that, I decided to see if the new iCue software was causing these hard lockups/freezes of my entire system. So the last 4 times that my system froze ( 3 times during gaming sessions, one time during music production work), I unplugged all 3 USB cables for the corsair mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad. A few seconds later, my system unlocked and became responsive again. I could then plug the Corsair items back in and everything would be back to normal. I called Corsair tech support and the tech I talked to told me to open a ticket (whcih i have done). He also said to un-install the Corsair iCue software, open the %appdata% folder and delete all the Corsair folders/files, run CCleaner registry cleaner, reboot, and then re-install the latest iCue software version off the website. I have done all fo this, and yesterday I had another freeze during a gaming session where unplugging all the Corsair USB items un-froze the system. I have updated my ticket to inform them that I am still having this issue, but has anyone else experienced this? I am running the latest BIOS for my motherboard, and all the latest drivers for the USB ports and chipsets. Any suggestions on this matter would be great! I have a good amount of money wrapped up in this keyboard/mouse setup and I would like to get rid of this issue. If my system freezes during a recording session with musicians, it could be crucial to a recording take. Thanks in advance for any feedback/help.
  4. Hello, Every time I move my mouse (M65 Pro RGB) from left to right in big and fast moves, the DPI drastically changes and gets higher. No error or other is displayed. Can someone help me please?!
  5. Hallo zusammen. Ich habe folgendes Problem mit der Corsair M65 Pro. Angefangen hat es vor ein paar Tagen, dass die Tasten an der Linken Seite (Snipertaste und die Rückwärts und Vorwärts Taste) ohne Funktion ist. Alles mögliche an was es liegen könnte hab ich versucht. Ich spiele mit der Maus World of Warcraft. Aber auch auf den Desktop mit mit einer Funktionstasten Belegung keine Reaktion. Benutze die Maus M65 Pro RGB / Tastatur K55 RGB / Headset Void Pro Wireless Die iCUE Softwareversion ist 3.14.104 Firmwareversion der Maus ist 3.06 Meine Hardware steht im Profil Die Tastenbelegung gelöscht, geändert und Neu gemacht ohne Veränderung. I cue gelöscht und Neu installiert ohne Veränderung. Firmwire erneuert ohne Veränderung USB Ports alle durch gewechselt ohne Veränderung Windows zurückgesetzt ohne Veränderung So langsam bin ich am ende mit der Maus. Ich finde die Maus echt Toll aber so ist sie nicht zu gebrauchen und nach 3 Monaten soviel ärger mit der Maus ist nicht akzeptabel. Lg Thorsten
  6. Hello! For the past week or two I have been dealing with an issue with my M65 Pro RGB where I scroll up or down and it makes an obnoxious squeaking sound which is rather loud, even with a headset on. I’ve been thinking about taking my mouse apart but I’m scared I’ll break something. Please respond if you know how to fix this! Thank you all in advance.
  7. lorsque le logiciel ICUE est lancé le jeux tels que fortnite ou overwatch, le jeux ne détectent plus les boutons latéraux de ma souris M65 pro RGB. si il n'est pas en tache de font les jeux détectent ces boutons. j'ai déjà réinstaller le logiciel, supprimer le dossier dans appdata. rien ne change.
  8. So, I recently purchased an M65.. I'm currently having an issue with the lighting. Every time I calibrate the mouse the lighting goes off. Unfortunately, with the CUE software freezing and going non-responsive so often, I need to recalibrate the mouse pretty often. Is this an easy fix? Also, uninstall/reinstall, do you lose the profiles you've made?
  9. Bonjours, j'ai acheté la souris M65 pro RGB (qui fonctionnait très bien) mais depuis la nouvelle mise à jour icue mes touches supplémentaires ne fonctionnent plus et il y a un message d'erreur qui dit: l'exécution des macros dans icue ne fonctionne pas correctement. Veuillez réparer l'installation de icue. J'ai tout essayé installer des anciennes version de icue, reforcer la mise à jour du micrologiciel et même redémarer mon ordi. je ne sais plus quoi faire.
  10. Got the mouse a few days ago, have been playing without calibration and it seemed fine and good. Today wanted to see if it would make it even better so i tried calibration, jumped into black ops 4, and now it feels really bad. It feels like it is skipping on turning, sometimes it turns sometimes it doesn't. its acting weird. when i turn the mouse real slow it doesn't turn at all, when i do quick flicks of the mouse it like accelerates or something. I like how it was before i calibrated it. How do i set the mouse back to factory defaults? Thanks CJ!
  11. Recently my mouse has started to have the left click act as though it was being held down after it was released. It is very inconsistent, and hard to replicate to pinpoint exactly when it happens, but it generally happens when I am holding down left and right click at the same time. It goes away when I press the left click again. I've tried soft resetting the mouse, closing iCUE, Turning off the lighting on the mouse, switching to a different USB port, lowering the polling rate, and downgrading the firmware and none of these stopped the issue permanently. When I downgraded from 2.06 to 2.05 the issue didn't occur for around 10 hours before it came back. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix the issue? I've already posted a support ticket and am waiting for that to proceed, but I feel as though I might get better luck here. Playing Destiny 2 and having my gun sometimes continue to fire after I want to stop is getting annoying, and I really don't want to have to swap to another mouse.
  12. I love the m65 it has been my favorite mouse I have had 3 in total (2 black and 1 white one)and I did try the g502 and broke the middle click on it as well as 2 of my m65's 1: my first issue with is mouse was on my first m65 I broke the scroll wheel middle click function and would like to figure out if I can buy a replacement scroll wheel anywhere this also happened to my second one and I completely broke the scroll wheel off on that one and I also broke the scroll wheel on my g502 but didn't like it anyway 2: I recently purchased a white m65 and when I put the mouse on any of the lighting link preset profiles the cursor lags out and glitches across the screen. It is impossible to use
  13. I'm new to the Corsair forums, so sorry if this post is poorly formatted. Today I was just browsing the internet and out of boredom I pressed the sniper button on my mouse a few times. The button was a little hard to press after a few clicks. I pressed the button with more force and heard a little click. The bottom corner of the sniper button no longer presses like it should and, overall, the button requires a lot less force. Is it completely broken or is there a way to fix the button? If it is completely broken, how would I handle getting a new one? Note: The button still works, it's just much easier to press and feels "cheaper". I just want to fix it before it completely breaks.
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