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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I want to save my lighting and remappings to the hardware of my mouse. So that the settings persist even without the software. (Important for going to tournaments). Previously on my logitech mice this was no problem. I would simply save my profile to the onboard memory and all my binds/lighting would carry over to another pc regardless of whether I had the logitech g software installed or not. However for some reason It wont work with the icu software. Im on version 3.38 and im saving my remapping's and lighting to the "default" profile.
  2. I have a PS4 and recently bought an M65 RGB Elite. I didn’t know it was only compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 until just now. Before I bother returning it, I want to double check. Is there anyway to make an M65 RGB Elite work with a PS4? Specifically Minecraft Bedrock Edition? I plug it in and the PS4 notices a mouse was plugged in, but it doesn’t do anything. I already tried pressing all the buttons before plugging it in like I saw in some video, but still nothing. Any help?
  3. Ich habe 2 M65 RGB Elite beide Habe ich Ostern 2020 gekauft bei beiden habe ich mittlerweile das Problem das die Linke Maustaste erst nach mehrfachen drücken reagiert das Problem ist kurz nacheinander aufgetreten. ich habe die Software schon neuinstalliert,einen Reset der Maus mehrfach durchgeführt (beide Maustasten gedrückt und eingesteckt) auch ein Zwangsupdate der Firmware hat bei beiden Mäusen keine Besserung gebracht. gibt es bei der Maus ein generelles Problem ? gibt es eine Lösung für das Problem bin echt enteuscht von der Qualität.. die M65 Pro hat über 4 Jahre gehalten.. mfg TheFreerk
  4. Hallo, ich hab die m65 Rgb Elite seit ca 1 Monat. Seit kürzesten fällt mir auf das die Maus nur immer wieder nicht auf die linke Maustaste reagiert, und wenn dann nur nach mehrmaligem klicken. Könnte das ein Software Problem sein oder ist die Taste Defekt? Grüße Philip
  5. Hey! I have a M65 RGB Elite. It was working fine until few days ago. I didn't do anything, but i remember updating iCue to 3.26.95 if i remember the number right. I see many others have this same problem that I have: Suddenly the mouse has been acting werid, it doesn't recognize all left mouse btn clicks. Tried to find solution but didn't find any. I've tried to uninstall iCue, get it's older versions, tried to unplug and plug back in the mouse, tried switchin usb ports, but no results. I have been thinking, is there some sort of onboard storage on the mouse, that would make it remember something that came with the new iCue update and ruined the LMB click? This is really frustrating. Does anyone know when they will fix this issue or will they even fix it? Please, I need to get this fixed. If anyone has a fix for this or even ideas, please share with me. I'm really desperate with this after few older versions of iCUe and other tries of fixing. ------------------------ 2nd update: So, yesterday evening, the problem vanished. I don't remember doing anything other than restarting iCue service and updating firmware in iCUe settings. However the problem has returned and the fixes I listed won't work anymore. Also quitting iCue from task manager and stopping corsair services did not work. Even the problem resists, I still strongly believe it's not hardware issue, because it registers about half of the clicks, and the problem got away for few hours. I also noticed that if I click pressing hard on the more inner/ back side of the button, the click works. But that is not the case either, since if I click normally on the front side of the button lightly, I can still hear a normal click and before that worked perfectly. This is really frustrating and strange.
  6. I'm currently using an M65 Elite RGB mouse bought about 4 months ago (16 April 2019). It's now started not seeing primary (left) mouse clicks. This mouse replaced a 5 month old M65 Pro RGB (bought 12 November 2018) which developed scroll wheel problems (scrolled randomly backwards and forwards). And that mouse replaced a 2 year old M65 Pro RGB (bought 06 December 2016) that started double-clicking instead of single-clicking. All of these problems are well documented by a myriad of users all over the web (as well as in this forum). For the current M65 Elite, I've done a soft reset (unplug the mouse, hold left and right mouse buttons while plugging the mouse back in, and holding that for about 5 seconds). I've also done a clean install of the latest iCUE software (uninstall iCUE, in REGEDIT delete both the HKCU and HKLM \Software\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine folders, and install new iCUE). In addition I've run the Windows 10 sfc /scannow and dism stuff until they ran clean. No change: the mouse keeps missing left mouse button clicks. So, once again, another Corsair mouse has bitten the dust. There's no doubt about it. I don't know why companies insist on using cheap, garbage hardware in their products. Especially parts of those products which are pressed repeatedly.
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