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Found 8 results

  1. Everytime after startup and iCue start work, it asks about an update !!!. I connected my mouse, which is the Corsair M55, and it started working. When I wanted to switch the profile, I opened iCue software & saw the usual ugly message that still asked me to update the device, I don't know why, I clicked on the update button and the system disconnected my mouse automatically. Usually, the disconnection takes a few seconds, but this time it continued until now. I disabled the software, thinking that it was the cause of the problem because the mouse was already working before I updated it, but it did not work. I tried to restart my laptop but it still doesn't work!!! Now, what can I do with the mouse that suddenly crashes? I need it badly and rely on it and the abbreviations that I deal with every day.
  2. When gaming or not my mouse can randomly pause or hang for a split second, tried the corsair harpoon mouse I have for another pc and it works just fine. Just started happening about a week and a half ago with no hardware or software changes that I could think of. Only happens while moving the mouse pretty quickly that I have noticed. I thought it was just a hardware problem so I ordered a new one and had the same issue with it. Thought I'd leave a list of stuff I've tried so far before ordering the new mouse and after with no luck. Disabled icue forced firmware update on old mouse Uninstalled and reinstalled hid and virtual driver in device manager malware/virus check Cleaned the mouse air and the pad with a cloth Tried lowering the dpi and poll rate Checked my gpu, bios, chipset and any other driver I could think of was up to date Reinstalled windows but kept data and files (really didn't want to go for a full wipe if I didn't have to I know the simple option is just to get another mouse but I really liked the 2 side buttons on each side. Appreciate any input, thanks!
  3. hey leudde meine relativ neuen corsair produkte m55 rgb pro und k55 haben beide seltsame probleme. kleine info: ich verwalte beide mit icue es hat zuerst mit der maus angefangen: plötzlich, nach etwa immer 10-15 minuten nach start des computers reagierte sie plötzlich nicht mehr und ich muss sie erneut anschließen. ab und zu sehe ich auch in icue ein kleines rotes dreieck bei den einstellungen der maus. dann fing es mit der tastatur an: manchmal reagiert sie nicht oder entkoppelt sich einfach so beim drücken einer taste und verbindet sich sofort wieder. machmal spammt die tastatur ohne dass ich etwas mache die letzte taste, die ich gedrückt habe und hört dann irgendwann wieder auf. auch bei der tastaur wird gelegentlich ein rotes dreieck angezeigt. ich habe icue reinstalliert, die geräte entfernt, updates erzwungen und komplett neue profile erstellt, aber nichts hilft. hat irgendjemand tipps? danke im voraus<3 leo
  4. Hello there. I cannot use the macros I have assigned to the mouse using ICUE at random times after playing any game on my computer and closing the game. You can see the red exclamation mark in the picture. No problem with mouse keys, I deleted and reinstalled ICUE and it didn't work. The program is completely up to date. You will see in the picture I sent you, I am using the K55 keyboard and I did not have this problem with it. I have to turn ICUE off and on to temporarily fix the problem. Could you help ?
  5. I just got a M55 mouse to complete my Corsair desktop. It's a really nice mouse. A bit on the long side but I can get use to it. What is bothersome is the play in the scroll wheel. It has about a half a millimetre play from left to right. It is so loose that it almost feel like a pivot wheel like on the Logitech mouse. It even has a pronounced click going from left to right. Is this how the M55 is or do I have a faulty one?
  6. When trying to bind macros the two buttons on the right of the mouse show up but don't let me select them when trying to bind them. Need help.
  7. Hi, I've connected my new M55 to iCUE 3.18.77 and I'd like to save a black lighting effect profile to the device as the default so it keeps that colour scheme even when iCUE is not running. I can't seem to find the buttons to load/store the profile to the device. Any help? Do I need an older version of the software to do that? If so, is there an official corsair link I could use? Thanks a lot! meph
  8. I've never seen a PWM 3327 Sensor is it based off the 3360 or the 3325? Really really curious about this could be the deciding factor for me getting the mouse.
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