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Found 9 results

  1. I updated the K70 Lux firmware and iCUE yesterday, and now my system is very unstable, with the system freezing/stuttering almost all the time. It is even worse when loading programs/Games, where I am unable to use my computer. System interrupts reaches 99% CPU usage and is the cause of my computer locking up. I've read about issues with Asus mobos which may be what I am experiencing. Also using a h100i which can also cause issues as far as I'm aware. Will be removing iCUE later today to see if that fixes things. Is there a link to previous versions of iCUE and K70 Lux that I could install? The only issue I've had previously was iCUE using 15-20% CPU, which could be fixed by closing the software. Any details or insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Brand new Corsair customer here. I love the feel of this keyboard and I've had a lot of fun with the lighting effects. However, I'm getting a problem where random keys are flickering random colors whenever a constant gradient effect is active, even on a single key. Very distracting, specially at night. I've tried different suggestions, from plugging into a single USB3 port, plugging into USB2 ports in the correct order, uninstall+reinstall CUE and testing with 16.8m color setting and without. Here's a brief clip of what's happening: http://i.imgur.com/FvPyYEK.gif I'm not sure what else to try and I'm hoping CUE2 comes out soon with new firmware that fixes this issue. However, if it is my keyboard that's faulty, I'd like to get a chance to return it while I can from Amazon. Any advice is greatly appreciated. For reference, part number is CH-9101012-NA. Also, attached is the lighting mode I make reference to. AlphaNum.mode
  3. Hello everyone. So I've had this keyboard for two years now, never had a problem until today. I turned on the computer (win 10, i7 4790k, 16gb ram, gtx 970) and the keyboard lights wouldnt turn on. Ok no problem here. The keyboard language changed from spanish (mother tongue) to english, I tried to changed it with the keyboard and nothing. I changed manually (mouse) and I type the password. So far it seems few keys are not working (shift, ctrl, alt and windows key). Once on the desktop I open chrome and start typing, space key not working either. I decided to open the iCUE and check the lighting, it wouldnt turn on, even putting the brightness manually, it would tur on, amd go through every level of brightness and then off. After this no keys would work. Only the @ (pressing the Q on spanish layout) and thats it. And everywhere I would go it was like the Alt and Shift keys were pressed constantly, because i would try to open a folder and it would pop up a window (the one that pops pressing Alt while double clicking on any folder), and I could select many folders by clicking on them (like Shift + left click). I tried reseting (disconnect, press Esc, connect) lights turn red and then nothing. I tried it on two laptops, one with win 10, it didnt work. And after disconnecting it, the laptop keyboard would present the same problem. Then i tried it on another one with win 7, same thing happened. Note: In both laptos the keyboard never worked, not once, unlike with my computer. I would appreciate the help since I dont know what else I can do. It seems that I can type with just a few keys not working until I try to put the lights on, but just on my pc.
  4. Hey guys, this is going to be my first Corsair keyboard and im really hyped. The only thing that stops me from pressing "buy" is that I am not sure if I should get the K70 MK.2 or the LUX. What are the differences beside the RBG "Corsair"-Logo? Thanks in advance and best regards!
  5. is it possible to switch profiles using keyboard itself without having to use CUE? CUE uses a significant amount of ram, can I close it and still have the lights running somehow so I can see in the dark?
  6. Hey I just got the corsair k70 LUX RGB for my birthday and I started to set it up and I chose the rainbow setting. When i went in game (H1Z1) i noticed I lost around 40fps. I went back to the application and changed to a static color and my fps went back up 40 fps. Is there a way I can have the rainbow setting and still get good fps or do I need to stick to the static setting. Thanks.
  7. Hello everyone, So my k70 RGB LUX keyboard came in, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Now, what isn't gorgeous is that the chery mx blue keys are inconsistent, some keys don't even have the clicky, they feel mushy, stiff, and it feels totally off compared to my other cherry mx blue keyboard (quickfire rapid). It feels like the spring/switch itself is hella dry, as if the switches don't have any lube applied to them (I don't know if that's standard procedure). I thought this problem was fixed :(
  8. Hi, I am about to send a Corsair keyboard back now for the 3rd time in less than 3 months. Reason? Chattering, and alot of it. I bought a Rapidfire RGB in may 2016, it started chattering almost right away, I did not think about it that much buut in oktober I've had enouugh and contacted the dealer. They asked my to send it, and so I did. I had another "new" keyboard within 2 weeks. A week went by, and so it started again, not the same keys, and not as much, but I reported it and the dealer wanted me to send that one aswell, and I did. This time I tried to switch it up (pun not intended) and get a LUX RGB instead, with cherry reds, now I had a Corsair K95 with reds before and it had no issues what I can remember. And it has begun now aswell, alot! I really love the keyboards but it's not really worth it for me, this much issues on three boards inside one year? This is after analyzing my 2 latest boards at a 30ms setting in Switch Hitter: http://imgur.com/a/7Bcqn Thank youu for great design corsair, but I am finished with your keyboards, unfortunately. I'm sorry if there are any double or triple letters that should not be there, I've edited what I've seen.
  9. EDIT 2: I sorted it out. See http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=164329 EDIT: I have read some official replies from a while back (from Corsair) that the RGB blue switch would be discontinued for various reasons, but mostly due to low yield and lack of demand compared to reds/browns. After fiddling with the UK variant I ordered (see below), I can say two things. First, the tactile response and clicky-ness varies quite a bit from key to key; some keys feel better than others, but none feel good. Second, they feel a lot more spongy than the blues on my Ducky Shine 3 which has a nice, sharp tactile response and audible click. Honestly, they almost felt like browns. I suppose I'll have to just wait until Cherry gets the issue sorted out or settle for something else. --- Original Post --- I bought a LUX RGB a few months ago with brown switches for work (quieter to respect coworkers). I wanted to test it out and then buy one with blue switches for home if I liked it. Well, as I (and everyone else) found out, they are now impossible to find. You ask on the forums and people just say to "sign up for the newsletter" or that "blue RGB switches are hard to manufacture", but it's been months now and they are nowhere in sight. Out of desperation, I bought one from Amazon's UK store (for ~$200) not considering that the layout would be different (mostly my fault, but the layout picture on both web pages is identical), which is annoying to use. I don't feel like going through the hassle of sending it back (out of the country). Honestly, I have no desire to use it. I may sell it, give it away, or just *redacted*. I briefly considered buying yet another (US layout) brown or red switch version and moving all the (UK layout) blue switches over where possible, but I honestly don't have the time for that right now. I have a lot of Corsair products. I just want to buy a freaking US blue switch version of the K70 LUX RGB. WHAT IS GOING ON? WILL WE EVER BE ABLE TO BUY ONE?
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