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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I've been experiencing this issue for over a week now. No matter how much I charge my Corsair Virtuoso (non SE version) when I unplug it, iCue show's the battery status on Critical Low and the led on the headset blinks red really fast. However, I can use the headset more than 12 hours on that bugged "Critical Low" status, but as I can't see the real battery status, sometimes when I'm playing games it just goes off and drives me insane. I tried : Repairing iCue Re-installing iCue Soft-resetting my headset (holding the mic button for 15 seconds, then switching to usb mode and back) Re-installing Windows and deleting everything I even tried the headset on another computer and the issue persists. Please, please help me. I tried everything that I could but I just can't solve it. I created a support ticket but it's been over a week and they haven't written me back. iCue version : 4.12.214 (Also tried 3 but issue still happened.) Windows 10 Pro (Version : 21H1, Build : 19043.1055, Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.2020.0) Does anyone know how to hard-reset this thing ? Or can anyone send me a firmware file so I do a force update and see if it solves this problem ? Any help is appreciated...
  2. Hello everyone, I'm subscribing just for complaining and warn you from buying this product which is supposed to be the best Headphones from Corsair. I really really really hope to be wrong so I'm going to list the issues I'm having with this headphones and then listen to your opinions. I've received my Virtuoso 2 days ago. First issue: BATTERY LIFE. 100% Brightness, full charged. Goes from FULL to DEAD BATTERY in 4.30 hours. They claim around 20 hours. I'm getting 4. Do you think it's normal? Second issue: iCUE Compatibility I don't know what's wrong with this Software but the USB receiver is blinking RED all the time (stops after a few minutes), even though the headphones are connected. It's supposed to be steady white. If I close iCue, it goes to Steady White. so it's clear an iCue issue, really?! Third Issue: MAC compatiblity I got two computers, one for work, one for the rest. Well, I use a Mac for work and the idea was to use this headphones for that. I check the website, and look! iCue is fully compatible with Mac and also this Corsair. I install the SW, everything is fine. I try to play a video on Youtube, and before even reproducing sound, I head a STATIC NOISE / WHITE NOISE in my ears. Every time there's a media session with audio (so song, or video), a STATIC NOISE appears. UNUSUABLE. Guys, I really want you to prove me I'm wrong, so I can start appreciating an d fix these headphones; but, what I think is that I've either received a defective product or it's a defective model. Already sent a Ticket to Corsair, but I'm not receiving answers. See you and have a nice day :)
  3. I've been waiting a long, long time hoping, that the issue will fix itself over time (via software updates and such), but to this day the mic is nearly unusable. Unless the others will bump me to 200%+ volume in their output settings, they won't hear me. Headphones are plugged into ST100 headset stand, which is plugged into USB3 on the back of PC. I recall, that things were working fine at the beginning (about 2 yrs ago) and shortly after decided to go quiet on its own and stay like this. I've tested another mic and the volume was fine, only the one in Void Pro refuses to work properly. What should I do??
  4. Hello, I have spotted a few posts regarding charging issues with the Corsair Void 7.1 RGB headset, and would like to leave this post in order to assist others who have encountered this same issue I have worked around. I hope the below helps. Kind Regards, Jardie ----------------------------------------------------------------- Symptoms / Keywords to assist search: Headset always low charge CUE & Infomic both state charged / turn green respectively Battery remaining low after leaving plugged in for some time. Error Messages / Keywords to assist search: Battery Low Battery Critical Charging Battery Amber straight to Green infomic light on microphone arm when charging (powered off) Configuration: Windows 10 - Corsair Utility Engine: 2.23.40 VOID Wireless Dongle Firmware: v. 39.02 Possible Cause: Software / Firmware bug causing headset to believe it is charged when in fact is not. Resolution Summary: 1) Turn the headset off. 2) Close the Corsair Utility Engine. 4) Unplug the USB supplied Corsair Wireless Dongle. 5) Plug the headset in to charge. Note: that the Amber light remains active long after it would normally turn green. 6) Leave the headset to charge for a considerable time 7) Unplug the headset from charge. 8) Plug in the corsair wireless dongle 9) Relaunch corsair utility engine. Note: This should now display your battery at a higher percent. (Note, these steps may have to be repeated if headset remains charged / on but corsair utility engine reads the percentage as 0% - I believe it can become "out of sync" or incorrectly read the battery levels.
  5. Hello everyone, 12v rail measured by a good Fluke multimeter is always near 11.86v load or idle. (setup is nothing crazy, i5 6500+gtx 1060) I remember when I first got it, voltage was around 11.92v. (still not perfect but I convinced myself to keep it) This is way too off based on every review I've seen on the internet and it seems that it's degrading somehow. I know it's still in ATX specs but is this a bad batch or something? Should I keep it or return it ?
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