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Found 8 results

  1. I am on my second brand new unit of this AIO and have had the exact same issue. A persistent loud buzzing noise almost like a chainsaw. When I tap the cooler it stops momentarily. My first unit went a month before it started making this sound, this one lasted a day. Does anyone know what the cause of this is and how to remedy it? I really would prefer not dismantling my system again and getting another replacement. Here's a link to the Reddit thread I started when the first unit went
  2. When I cold boot my computer, the aio gets crazy loud. It sounds like grinding sound. Im not sure if its bubbles or pump itself is ramping up. The activity is normal after start up. The radiator is mounted top. Here is a 17 second video of my computer starting up. http://tiny.cc/dz97tz Should I RMA my H100i SE? Thanks.
  3. Background information: Corsair 570X case 6 LL120 fans 4x8 GB Vengence Pro 4000MHZ H100i Elite AIO cooler msi mpg x570 gaming edge I recently purchased 6 LL120 RGB fans and had the desire of installing all the fans and controlling them all on the iCue software. I succeeded, but in the event of swapping the SP120s for the LL120s, I had to use the Commander Core instead of the RGB Hub and the SP lighting controller that came with the 570X case. After swapping hubs, my CPU cooler makes a constant whirring noise on quiet mode. This sound was never present when I ran the setup with the SP120s and the RGB hub instead of the LL120s and the CoCore. Wiring info: CPU cooler is in CPU_FAN All fans including the lighting cables are on the Commander Core. The RGB hub is not being use as well as the SP lighting controller but they are still installed, but I feel as though that would not contribute to the CPU cooler being loud. Everything works and looks fine, its just the CPU cooler whirring louder than before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi all, I've just purchased a RM1000X after my previous Corsair CX750M seemed to cause system to power cycle under peak loads when over-clocking. The RM1000X has completely resolved this issue, however this PSU has possibly the worlds loudest coil whine / buzzing. This occurs when both on normal grid power, and when connected to a pure sine wave generating UPS. Under heavy loads such as games, this coil whine and buzzing can be so loud that it's audible anywhere in the house, and most definitely over the audio from my games while wearing headphones. Is there anything that can resolve this? This never occurred on the previous 750W or any other PSU that has, or is running. Unfortunately its literally driving me up the wall and making me dread using my PC currently. It's the only Corsair product that I have problems with. Keyboard, mouse, RAM, cooler, fans, case, etc... all excellent. See video / audio here: - (Video taken while idle on desktop, and connected to pure sine wave UPS) [ame] [/ame] EDIT: Its the RM1000X - my apologies. Confused myself with the naming schemes. Unfortunately unable to edit title.
  5. Hi all, I bought the void rgb elite usb headphones and when trying them I hear the volume too high. With both videos, music and games, I have to set the volume to 04 or 06 at most, because if I turn it to 30, I become deaf, not joking (all this from the Windows 10 sound controller itself) I have tried disabling the sound drivers on the motherboard (Realtek High Definition Audio and AMD High Definition Audio Device) and it still sounds too loud. Any idea why this problem?
  6. I just bought the h100i about 2 weeks ago and have been loving it. But today I turn on my computer and it sounds horrible..... [ame] [/ame] Link I've determined its the pump (Ive used my hands to stop the fans and the sound does not change)...... I'm really trying to avoid a return and taking apart my entire computer. I noticed the pump is running at 2500rpm constant, even when Im just in windows.... could this be it? Or is this sound normal and I need to get use to it? -------------------------------- UPDATE: I took it out of my PC and water POURED out of the radiator JUST missing my rig. I am returning this and never touching another Corsair product again. This almost fried my $2000 rig. Unbelievable. Vids coming soon - Im just speechless at the moment. --------------------------------
  7. Hi all, So I've had this PC for about 2 years now and during the past year, the water cooling fans have become increasingly louder for no apparent reason. I don't need to be running any intensive applications such as games for this to occur, it happens from simply turning on the PC and leaving it idle. Here's a screenshot of everything I see in Corsair Link: https://i.imgur.com/y3GJxiH.png The profile is also configured to be Quiet although it is far from it... I used to be able to run it at Performance without this issue occurring although through time it's become impossible to do so without hearing a jet engine throughout my entire apartment :sigh!: Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated and if I need to replace this thing I would happily do so at this point :confused:
  8. Hello I recently upgraded to the latest version of Corsair Link and now every time the H115i's temp goes above 40c boom the fan becomes super loud. This has never been the case before then. Any advice would be helpful my setup cpu: intel i7-6850k ram: 32gb corsair vengeance 2333mhz mobo: asus rog strix x99 gpu: msi gaming gtx 1080 os: win 10 64 bit http://i.imgur.com/ViJC1o9.jpg Thanks
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