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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there. So ive been using my Void Wireless SE since June 2016 and i absolutely love it. Its just great, even got a few of my friends to buy it. Sure, there have been some hickups with the software over the years but nothing major. The headset works just fine, the battery still holds up (although i will replace the battery soon i think) and its just great, however: The mic arm has that system where you can fold it up and its supposed to stay in one of like 10 positions (excuse my choice of words, im not a native speaker). That doesnt really work for me anymore. It is no longer staying in the positions i put it into, it just folds down. That means, when i want the mic out of the way (when drinking something for example) it will immediately drop into the lowest position. There was a bit of feedback back when i first got it, but now it feels like the mechanism that keeps the arm fixed has just used itself up. So, as i am out of warranty and think of myself as fairly capable of repairing stuff (really into RC and Hardware) i decided to open the left earpiece. as may or not be able to see, the little bumps have been mostly carved away over the years (well, to be fair i have had that problem for about 3 years but i didnt really care until now). So, back to my question: Doesn anyone have any idea where i could get a replacement for this? I`d go ahead and have it 3D printed if Corsair still has the documentation and is willing to share it. Maybe someone has a dead unit and would have thrown it away (i`d disassemble it to get that one small part). Im not a fan of throwing away electronics that still work perfectly fine, especially when they are not outdated. Would really appreciate if someone could help me with this. Greetings, Tea Edit: I forgot to mention, im from europe so i cant really use corsairs replacement shop to buy new cable and new eracups. (it got damaged on the micro usb side a bit and the earcups started having the "leather" flake off)
  2. Hi all, I recently got the Virtuoso SE RGB headset, about 2.5 months ago. So far, it's worked fantastic, but recently the swivels for the ear cups have become quite loose. When I first recieved the headset, the swivels were nice and firm, but now they spin almost freely. Is there a way to tighten the swivels back to the way they were out of the box? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I just received this high-end headset yesterday and was wondering if it's a feature to have something loosely clanging around in the right earpiece? Whenever I walk around with the headset on or move my head to fast there is a noise of something rolling around almost? Other issues I've had on the first day on ownership, The (1)(1)(1) issue, My mic would not unmute or mute using the button on the headset, CoD:MW had audio crackling when the announcer would speak and during menu music, Audio "chop" at random intervals for a few seconds each time :laughing: :[pouts: Are Corsairs other products equally as troublesome? I was planning on looking into a few parts for a future build but this has me wary. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------EDIT---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lmaoooooo, I figured out what it is, it's the little switch between wireless mode and wired mode. The switch very cheap and wiggly, sad to know that is actually a feature. It couldn't have been terribly more expensive to make this tiny part more sturdy. It's just annoying to have to hear it.
  4. I noticed this about a few days ago. Whenever I scroll down slowly or with soft weight on my mouse it won't register. I don't know if it got loose, but normally you can feel the bumps when scrolling but when I do it slowly or softly I don't feel the bumps and I can do like 10 scrolls and it'll only register 2 out of those 10 times. Whats probably the most irritating thing I'm getting from this, is that when im reading something online and scroll my eyes automatically adjust at the speed im scrolling, but its like someone is messing with my scroll and im eyes get all screwy trying to adjust.
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