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Found 9 results

  1. Recently I decided to add RGB elements to my custom build and ran into an issue with the iCUE control software. I installed the LL140 dual RGB fans (w/ Lighting Node Pro) to accompany my G.Skill TridentZ RGB Ram and Corsair Void Pro Headset, but for some reason iCUE was only detecting my Corsair Voids and not the Node Pro. ... I can't tell you how long I tried to fix this issue myself; what's even worse was the answer was so simple. Here's the Fix: During installation of the lighting node pro, it will tell you to install the USB cord directly into one of your USB1,2,etc slots on your mobo. If you find that iCUE is not detecting your Node Pro, simply unplug and replug into a different USB slot. That's...Literally...it... Example: For me, I had it plugged into the USB1 slot, and had to move it to the USB2 slot. Special thanks to Corsair Customer service for giving me the clarity to try this fix. Hope it helps some of you out there with a similar problem. Happy Building!
  2. Hi all! I ran into this issue after i swapped where my radiator and my case fans were. I have 2 LL 140 case fans as an exhaust, now on the top. I have pictures to try and show whats going on, with the fans turned at full white. Troubleshooting steps I have taken are: 1) check and double check all connections within the Corsair lighting system (swapping fan led plugs, swapping lighting node plugs, etc) 2) update firmware on corsair lighting node, and update corsair iCUE 3) test outside of windows/with iCUE off to see if the issue persists. Attached are the pictures I've taken, enriched with text explanation. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi ich habe gestern meinen PC zusammengebaut. Zu den 3x LL120 Frontlüftern im Gehäuse (Corsair Crystal Series 680x schwarz) habe ich einen LL140 Lüfter eingebaut und damit den mitgelieferten Hecklüfter ersetzt. Die 3 LL120 waren bereits mit der mitgelieferten Lighting Node Pro verbunden. Zusätzlich habe ich den LL140 angeschlossen. Die 4 Fan Header habe ich über einen Lamptron PWM Fan Hub mit dem Mainboard verbunden. Jetzt habe ich das Problem, dass die Lüfter sich drehen aber nicht beleuchtet sind. Ich bin auch nicht der erste der dieses Problem hier im Forum postet, aber alles was in diesen Threads drin steht funktioniert nicht. Hier allg. Infos: iCue Version: 3.24.52 Node Pro Firmware Version: 0.10.4 Was ich versucht habe. 1. Ich habe alle RGB Header mehrmals umgesteckt. 2. Ich habe jedes mögliche SATA Stromkabel für die Node ausprobiert. 3. Ich habe jeden USB Header am Mainboard ausprobiert. Auch den an dem die AIO hängt. 4. Ich habe beide LED Ports der Node ausprobiert. 5. Ich habe jeden möglichen Lighting Channel ausprobiert, auch wenn er eig. gar nicht dafür zuständig ist. (z.B. RGB-Stripes Channel) 6. Alles diese Schritte habe ich für jede BIOS Version durchgeführt, die es für mein Mainboard gibt. (F3, F4, F5b, F10, F11) Bevor die Frage kommt: Ja, die Lighting Node wird erkannt und wird in iCue als verbundenes Gerät angezeigt. Auch in Corsair Link wird sie angezeigt, wobei dann dort steht, dass iCue dafür zuständig ist, aber mit iCue funktioniert es ja nicht. Bitte um Hilfe. LG
  4. I bought a single ll140 to replace the exhaust fan on my bequiet dark base 700. I am unsure about how to connect it as the case has a fan and rgb controller hub. I have it fitted and fan is spinning but no rgb working. Help please.
  5. Hey all! So I recently bought the two pack kit of Corsair's LL140 that comes with the lighting node pro, along with that a I bought and extra LL140 and two LL120 (for my radiator) as well as some RGB strips. When I swapped out the old case fans with the LL140's and got everything hooked up to the lighting node pro (using slots 1-5) slots 1-3 work fine, slot 4 has two LED's permanently on white and slot 5 has no LED's on; the two RGB strips work fine BTW. I've attached an image showing what's going on.
  6. Hey, just got a new crystal 570X (: i wanna to ask if i'll buy 3 LL140 RGB fan does it need anything else exept the commander pro for controling speedand change to any diffrenet colors? (including multi color on one fan and not just changing the whole color of the fan) also i wanna to ask what is the major diffrence between the sp series and the hd series and the ml series
  7. Hello, so, my problem is this: i bought 3 fans Corsair LL140 RGB (The package that comes with 2 fans and their respective controls and one individual that only comes an individual fan) at the time of installation the fans work just fine (they spin, but only one of the three fans works the RGB), it is worth mentioning that i connected everything as indicated in the manual in continuous order 1,2,3, connect the SATA cable to the power supply, and in the Corsair LINK assign the fans, but the RGB is not working The first time i turned on the PC two of the three fans the RGB was working but parcial, and later like 30 seconds after, stopped working.
  8. Are there any plans to update Corsair Link so the inner and outer LEDs on fans can be 2 separate static colors (on fans like the LL series)? You can control them separately on some modes that seem more complicated, like Arc, so it would seem easy enough to add this functionality? Thanks!
  9. So im about to start on a big custom build here tomorrow once the final part's come in the mail, and today i went and snagged 3 LL140's for my radiator. 1 two pack with the lighting node pro and 1 single. I have an open frame case so it was easy for me to plug this all in to my current PC to test just sitting on my desk. Long story short, fan's are all spinning. Led's are non responsive. First one appear's to have 1 led lit red on the right side of the inner ring. Second one appear's to have 1 led lit green on the right center outter right. and third one very very dimly has a blue hue to the left center outter ring. I've tried both usb 2.0 header's on the mobo. Not sure what im doing wrong here. Did i manage to get 3 broken fan's? Thanks for any help!
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