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  1. Hello, I have a problem with my LL120 fans. They are not old, they are about 2 years old but the problem has been going on for several months now. No matter what color I choose, some LEDs remain multicolored... To show you, on the photos I had set everything to static white and yet; a lot of leds are multicolored.. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Are the fans dead? Thanks a lot !
  2. I just finished setting up a new PC build for a friend where we installed the H100i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler with its three ML 120 rgb fans as well as three LL 120mm rgb fans. All of the fans were able to work both in terms of the fans spinning and rgb lighting. However, when using ICUE to sync up lighting effects the 3 ML 120 fans will acknowledge the changes but the LL 120 fans won't respond to my changes at all. I think this may have something to do with how I wired up the rgb and just wanted to see if my theory was correct. The way I wired the rgb, as well as power/control for the fans, was running all of the fans through the included rgb/fan hub that came with the H100i. It is similar to the ICUE Commander Core XT. I'm wondering if plugging all of the fans effectively into the same lighting channel was my error. If so, would plugging the three LL 120 fans into their included rgb lighting hub and lighting node pro and setting them to a different lighting channel resolve this issue? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hello, I bought 4x The Corsair LL120 and now I ask myself the following question: Do I also need Corsair LED fan hub control and Corsair Commander PRO to change the RGB and speed?
  4. Fan/LED setup: Running (7) LL120's and (2) LL140's in an Obsidian 500d RGB case. H150i in front with (6) LL120's in push/pull, the other LL120 is in the back/top of the case for exhaust. Top of case has the (2) LL140's. The H150i is providing power to (3) LL120's in Push setup, the rest get power from Com Pro (custom fan curve for Pull fans). LED connections into (2) 6-port hubs, both connected to the Com Pro for lighting control. Also, fans are not on splitters for power or LED and I'm using iCue4 software with latest firmware. LED Issue: Fans and LED control work great (when all LED's are working), however I continue to have LED failures in the LL120 and LL140's. Since the LED's run in series, once a fan has a bad LED the rest of the fan can have issues along with fans downstream on the same hub. In January of this year I had (3) fans all have one or more LED's go out (1-LL120, 2-LL140's). They were past the 2-year warranty, therefore I purchased 3 new fans. Within the past week (4) additional LL120's have experience similar issues with LED failures. I've spent countless hours testing each fan using a dedicated hub and plugging into port 1, followed by running static Red, Green, and Blue profiles to troubleshoot. Sure enough, 4 separate LL fans have at least 1 LED out, some have several. These are NOT the new fans replaced earlier in the year, they are approximately 3.5 years old. Additional troubleshooting: I've been configuring different profiles and lighting layers in iCUE turning on/off certain LED's to possibly run the fans with fewer lights (trying to bypass the bad LED's). All the changes and custom configs didn't make a difference, the LED behavior and downstream impact remains. What's interesting, I created a custom "black" Scene on the Home tab using a static color profile of black (R0, G0, B0). The fans with LED issues either won't turn black, or the specific LED that's having issues changes to a random color. BTW, I've also swapped out Corsair's LED hubs (I have several after buying several 3-packs), the hubs haven't changed any behavior. And yes, when making physical connection changes I've powered down first, made connection changes, and powered on. Question: Is it normal to have frequent LED failures with the LL fans, especially after 3 - 3.5 years? After all the testing and verification of failures, I'm reluctant to purchase any more LL fan's. Any feedback on LED failure rates with the LL series fans would be great. For the price of the LL fans, buying 4 more to get the case looking as it way initially designed would be a gamble. Pics are of 3 different fans when testing. Thanks
  5. I recently noticed that half of my LED strips are no longer lit. The only thing I have changed is adding a sensor panel to my PC, but that just uses one of the RGB headers and not linked to any of the Corsair accessories. I'm not sure if the strips had stopped lighting before or after installing the panel anyway. I've attached a diagram of how my Corsair products are laid out, as well as two images for proof that they used to work and now don't. The strips are laid out in a daisy chain of 250 > 450 > 250, and labelled on the Commander Pro as 6 Led Strips. I have connected them individually to make sure the LED's themselves haven't just died and they all work fine. Another problem I have is that for some reason my 2 LL120's only light up white, not with the colour set in iCUE. Although the LL120's aren't actually visible in iCUE. Any ideas on what may have caused this problem, and what the solution is? Even if it means purchasing a different controller/hub?
  6. Hi, in my new build i'm using elite cappelix 360 and two 120 ll fans, i'm seeing that fans speed of my LL doesn't work over 900 RPM and 1000 RPM on ML in extreme mode, what Is possible? I should have much RPM? Right? (I'm not using PC hardly for now and the temperatures are low)
  7. I've bought 4 LL 120 two year ago (w/ 1 command and 1 lightning node) but they only worked perfectly for a month or so. After that started to have a few sinc issues, like 'dead colors' in some parts or losing rgb sequence (usually I use the "rainbow wave", and i could easily notice that). During these years, I tried a few things to solve: 1 - changed the cable sequence on the lightning node 2 - changed the lightning node for a new one 3 - changed the power connection (I had to change my power supply) 3 - updated the iCue and the firmwares 4 - formating my PC (It wasnt because of that, but anyway...) After that I started to use only 2 of the 4 coolers, and they were working just fine (showing all the colors normally). The other 2 were unplugged from ligthing node. Them I thought "Okay, so the problem is with these coolers" and bought 2 new coolers (SP 120) to use with the older ones. But after that none of them are showing colors lol. The good thing is that they are working just fine as coolers, the problems are only with the lightning part. Everything else seems to be okay. Any suggestions of what should I do? iCue shows all of them, and they seem to be working just fine on the software, but now I only have one cooler showing a fixed white light lol. I've tried to disconnect both LL and left only the SP on the lightning node, but it doesnt change anything. Besides that, I also have a lightning strip that works perfectly on the commander.
  8. Hi, in my new build i'm using elite cappelix 360 and two 120 ll fans, i'm seeing that fans speed of my LL doesn't work over 900 RPM and 1000 RPM on ML in extreme mode, what Is possible? I should have much RPM? Right? (I'm not using PC hardly for now and the temperatures are low)
  9. Hi! I have the Corsair 680x, I decided to buy three LL120 white edition because I wanted to complete the RGB Fan Hub, so I have 3 "normal" LL120 (black, these comes with the case) and 3 white edition LL120. The "old" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "1, 2, 3", these are working and the RGB is ON. The "new" fans are connected into RGB Fan Hub and into CoPro in "4, 5, 6", these are working BUT the RGB is OFF. I don't know why, all are "LL" model, it's a problem that the new are white ed.? just changes some specs like rpm, cfm... the quantity of leds are the same. I have iCUE (last version) and I put in options that I have LL fans and I have 6, but nothing changes... iCUE detect all fans, I can change the RPM, but I can't change the RGB, is off. Please, help me, try to give me a solution, I paid a lot for these fans and Im sending mails to Corsair Support like 5 days ago and I dont have any reply.
  10. Hello, Recently, I noticed that when I startup my PC, only 1 of my 4 LL fan's lighting will turn on right away, and it takes the other 3 fans about 10-15 minutes before the lighting turns on for the rest. I haven't been able to figure out why that is. The fan that turns on right away is port #1. To be clear, all the fans spin properly, it's just the lighting that is having an issue. I'm fairly new to PC stuff, any help is appreciated! I have two LL120 fans and two LL140 fans.
  11. I've got 5 LL120's all connected to a hub which then connects to the Lighting Node Pro and into the motherboard. iCue sees the Node Pro so I have full lighting functionality... but nothing to control fan speeds. There does seem to be sensor on one of em which displays on the dashboard. Starting to get really annoyed by the loud hum since they're locked at max speed it seems. Thanks in advanced for any help to resolve this, attached is a screenshot to show my lack of a speed control option.
  12. bien le bonjours, j'ai un problème avec mes ventilateurs Corsair. j'ai trois SP RGB PRO venu de mon 4000x rgb et un LL120. Ils sont tous connecté à un commander pro qui après quelque minutes n'est plus reconnue par icue et disparait. A partir de ce moment la les ventilateur font N'IMPORTE QUOI les couleurs sont aléatoire et tellement rapide que ca vire au blanc a des moments. J'ai vraiment besoin d'aide car ca devient énervant je ne sais plus quoi faire . Merci d'anvance
  13. Hi zusammen, ich als PC-Neuling habe einige (vermutlich) blöde Fragen bezüglich Lüftern und wie man diese anschliesst etc ^^ Ich entschuldige mich schonmal für etwaige falsche/komische Begrifflichkeiten. Ich hoffe ich kann das "Problem" verständlich schildern. Kurz meine Specs: - Gehäuse: Corsair Crystal Series 680x - Motherboard: Asus TUF z390 plus gaming wifi - AIO: Corsair Hydro Series H115i RGB PLATINUM Nun sind in dem Gehäuse standardmässig ja schon 3x120mm RGB-Lüfter verbaut (vorne). Ich möchte nun gerne den (hinteren) Lüfter austauschen da dieser out-of-the-box leider keine RGB-funktion hat. Zusätzlich würde ich gerne im "Boden" nochmal 2 Lüfter hinzufügen. Hierfür habe ich mir nun direkt bei Corsair das Set bestellt mit 3x LL120 RGB-Lüftern, hier ist ja auch der Lighting-Node-Pro enthalten. Nun habe ich mir diverse Tutorials angesehen und gegoogelt aber bin gefühlt so schlau wie vorher ^^ Ich habe (leider erst nach dem bestellen) gesehen dass mein Mainboard nicht so viele Anschlüsse für Lüfter hat. Daher meine Fragen: - Wie kann ich das anschliessen? ^^ - Laufen die Lüfter (ich nenne es mal laienhaft) Power und RGB-Anschluss über den Commander oder den Node oder was es da alles gibt oder muss ich tatsächlich jeden einzelnen Lüfter an das Mainboard anschliessen? - Ist in dem Gehäuse schon ein Commander enthalten über den ich dann die zusätzlichen Lüfter anschliessen kann? Ich hoffe ich konnte einigermassen verständlich erklären was mein "Problem" ist bzw wieso ich gerade so am Hirnen bin ^^ Danke für eure Hilfe!
  14. Hallo, ich habe mir letztes Jahr im August über Amazon ein Dreierset LL120 mit Lighting Node bestellt und noch zusätzlich zwei einzelne Lüfter. Nun ist es so, dass bei einem Lüfter die LED nicht mehr richtig funktioniert (flackert oder zeigt falsche Farben an oder geht garnicht. Eins von den Möglichkeiten). Im Anschluss "spinnen" dann auch die Folgelüfter. Nun habe ich den Lüfter vom Lightning Node getrennt und alle anderen Lüfter funktionieren jetzt wieder wie die sollen. Zumindest für ein paar Tage. Nun ist es manchmal so, dass nach einem Systemstart nur ein Lüfter von vier beleuchtet ist und die übrigen Lüfter folgen erst nach ca 3 Minuten (nach Systemstart mit davor ausgeschalteten Netzteil). Möglicherweise Lighning Node defekt? Die ICUE Software habe ich mehrfach installiert und deinstalliert und auch verschiedene Versionen probiert. Hat bitte jemand eine Idee oder Ehrfahrung? Nach allem was ich bisher gelesen habe scheint ein Lüfter auf jeden Fall defekt zu sein. Das heißt die LED vom Lüfter. Wollte nun ein Supportticket erstellen. Kann das sein, dass es nur über die Supportseite der USA geht? Viele Grüße
  15. HI, I bougth 3 LL120 with Ligthning node pro and 2 stick of RAM Vengeance Pro (2x32Gb). It was a great error. Lightning control is very difficult. My problems: 1) LL120 can be controlled only by Links (Aura works sometimes but a lot of times doesn't see the devices, ICUE install and opens but doesn't detect any device -> years of device not detected ... maybe is the time to correct the issue). 2) Vengeance not detected by links or iCue and in this way not controllable at all. The question is: Is there a solution? Maybe someone could think no, you have hardware conflict, incompatibiliy and so on but ... BUT ... OPENRGB sees all devices perfectly and allows to manage fans and ram perfectly. This program create only basic effects and I would like to use iCue. Why don't you fix your bugs? Regards, Luca PS OpenRgb is written by an enthusiast programmer not payed. Do you understand?
  16. Hi all, I have a strange problem regarding the color of my 6 LL120 RGB Fans. The problem is addressed in the pictures below. I have my 6 fans connected to a Commander Pro and 2 days ago everything seem to work fine. I am thinking maybe it is an rgb node problem. Would love to hear any suggestions.
  17. Hallo zusammen, ich wäre euch sehr dankbar wenn ich mir weiter helfen könntet :sigh!: Mein Setup was ich anschließen will besteht aus: Commader Pro + H100 RGB Platinum + Lighting Node PRO + 1 Lüfter LL120 RGB Im Anhang ist das Foto um es besser zu erkennen. Wie ich es zurzeit angeschlossen haben: Türkis = LED Kabel von den drei Lüftern an den RGB HUB Lila = Der Strom für die Lüfter an den Commander Pro Grün = Die LED Streifen(4Stück) Grün2 =Den RGB Hub mit dem Commander auf LED Steckplatz Blau = Den USB vom H100 Cpu Kühler an den Commander Pro Rot = Habe ich glaube ich doppelt gemacht ist der USB von H100 :D: Wenn ich es wie beschreiben anschließe erscheint die H100 nicht unter den USB Geräten und ein Lüfter leuchtet nur halb. Und ein LED streifen spielt ganz verrückt. Ich habe gefühlt alles schon ausprobiert und komme zu keinem Richtigen Ergebnis. Danke für die Hilfe im voraus:biggrin:
  18. Bonjour à tous, j'ai un (petit) soucis. J'ai paramétré mes ventilos LL120 via iCue afin d'avoir l'effet arc-en-ciel. Ca fonctionne mais lorsque je ferme ma session ou tant que celle-ci n'est pas ouverte l'effet n'est pas le même. Les ventilateurs clignotent lentement et change de couleur à chaque clignotement. Avant ça ne le fesait pas donc je suppose que j'ai fais une mauvaise manip mais je n'arrive pas à trouver...
  19. Hi. I purchased a Corsair 680X case. As you guys know, it comes with 3 LL120 fans. However, because these LL120 fans only has RGB on one side, I wanted to buy an extra QL120 to cover the 3 remaining fan spots in the case. If I understand correctly, using the Lightning Node Core from the QL120, The LL120 should be able to light their RGB but only one side of the QL120. Or maybe use the Light Node Pro that comes from the case? This is because I plan to have two 120mm at the bottom for intake and, thus, LLs would show their back... Correct me if I'm wrong? Cheers. P.S I know there's a supposed firmware update that will allow mix-and-match but this is in the meantime.
  20. Hallo liebes Forum, Ich habe eine PS5 in meinem Schrank und würde sie gerne extern belüften. Da ich noch einen LL120 über habe, habe ich mir einen USB 12V auf 3/4 Pin Adapter gekauft und der Lüfter läuft, leider noch kein RGB. Hat jemand dafür eine Lösung? Die extern funktioniert? Hub und dann Sata auf USB ? Oder gibt es eine Lösung mit Raspery Pi? ES WÜRDE MICH riesig freuen wenn jemand eine Idee hätte :) Bleibt gesund!
  21. Hi. I have been purchasing parts for a new build over the last months now and have been able to score a 5900X this week (woohoo!). I bought a H100i RGB Platinum for cooling the CPU. The case I was eye'ing was the 650X per thread title. That case, as per reading, has 3 LL120 fans on the front. I was planning on buying 3 extra LL120 fans w/controllers. My initial idea was to have the H100i RGB fans in the case's included controller in slot 4 and 5. Then, from the pack of 3 LL120, replace the poopy black fan at the back and put that in slot 6. Then, I would use the other 2 fans as intake at the bottom and link them to slot #1 and 2 in a second CoPro connected to the included Link. Buuuuut, if I read correctly, that apparently does not work that way in Commander Pros. You can only have 1 type of fans per CoPro and only 1 CoPro per Link? The heck?! Such an arbitrary limitation. (AFAIK H100i uses another model of fan) So, I came up with this idea. The first 6 fans, including the two on the radiator would be the LL120s connected to the included CoPro and Link in the 650X. Then, the 2 fans that came with the H100i would be placed at the bottom as intake and connected with an additional Link and CoPro that came with the 3 pack. What you guys think? Cheers!
  22. Hi everyone, This is my first post here and I'm looking for some help. Hopefully I can be as descriptive as possible! I've just set up a new configuration today using my H150i RGB pro XT AIO. It was originally mounted with 3 LL120s in the front of my Corsair 570x case with a push configuration only. Today I decided since I had the leftover ML120s to put them to use and mount them on the inside of my radiator/case to make a push/pull set up. However, as soon as I turned on the system, the three ML 120 Fans just spun at maximum speed (2400 RPM) incredibly loud. The 3 LL120s I have mounted on the front of the cooler were fine. I went into icue and the ML120s didn't show up. The 3 LLs in the front showed up. My bios also didn't show anything regarding the MLs but it showed the LLs as well. Is there any way to control and lower the speed of my ML120s so they are not spinning at max rpm 24/7? HW Monitor for some reason shows only 2/3 MLs I installed today, spinning at 2400-2500 RPM. (screenshot below, link #4) My MB (Asus Prime z390-a) has 6 fan headers. The ML120s I put in today are in the CPU_OPT, AIO_PUMP and W_PUMP+ headers. I have 3 more LL120s (total of 6) mounted on the top and rear of my case as well. The rear and top LL120s are in the CHA_FAN1, CHA_FAN2, M.2_FAN headers. Finally, the 3 LL120s on my AIO are plugged into the Fan splitter that came with the cooler. Any idea what could be wrong here? I apologize if the solution is obvious or if I sound ignorant/unclear, I've tried to troubleshoot to the best of my ability!! I have a feeling it has something to do with my fan pin header selection. If you need clarification, I will definitely try to do so Here are some screenshots of my set up if you are interested (if you hate RGB I apologize in advance): You can see the MLs on the inside, LLs on the outside https://ibb.co/FYMDq1G https://ibb.co/y48Gf0J https://ibb.co/3N9zh3Y https://ibb.co/pXQqDVH Any and all advice is always appreciated!
  23. Bonjour, je dispose de 6 ventilateur corsair LL120 dont 2 avec un water cooling h100i et une pompe, ma carte est une aorus 570 elite, depuis 1 h environ j'ai touché au logiciel et depuis mes ventilo ne s'allume pas, il toune très bien pas de soucis a ce niveau la mais je peux voir 1 ventilateur sur 6 qui fonctionne avec le réglage de l'éclairage, sa m'est arriver lorsque j'ai désactiver le sdk sur le logicièle icue, j'ai voulue télécharger wallpaper engine et activer les effets de led en penssant que sa n'allais pas me changer la couleur de mes ventilos, mais malheursement sa me les a changer du coup j'ai voulu remettre comme avant avec mes couleurs a moi et le logiciel me disais de toucher a quelque chose mais je sais pus si c'est sdk ou osd.
  24. I've installed iCUE, and nothing is detected, even though I have a commander pro. I have 9 LL120s connected to 2 RGB LED Hubs which is connected to a Commander Pro. All sata power, RGB LED Hub etc. are connected. USB cable from Commander Pro is also connected to motherboard I have tried switching USB ports, to no avail. This only occured after I switched out my CPU, motherboard, SSD, and graphics card(recently) Before that, the Commander Pro was detected in iCUE but I could not control 2 of my fans' RGB. I had a profile set up and all fans were showing the correct lighting pattern except 2 fans. These same 2 fans are right now not following the lighting pattern of the other fans. Please help, do I have a faulty RGB LED Hub, or Commander Pro, or LL120 fans?
  25. So I have a H100i SE connected to 2 ll120 fans directly to it, I then have 4 LL120 fans connected to a commander pro. When I set colours on the H100I the fan leds seem much more brighter, even with the exact same rgb values they look very different. Is there any way to solve this??
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