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  1. Hello, I have a problem with my LL120 fans. They are not old, they are about 2 years old but the problem has been going on for several months now. No matter what color I choose, some LEDs remain multicolored... To show you, on the photos I had set everything to static white and yet; a lot of leds are multicolored.. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Are the fans dead? Thanks a lot !
  2. Hey so I'm having an issue. I have all 6 LL120 fans connected to my commander pro XT and in proper order. I have balanced preset enabled under cooling. Works well once windows is going but when I boot the computer or restart it then all the fans go full blast up to 100% until I'm in windows and icue gets recognized. I have not used any temp probes that came with the XT.
  3. Sorry to lump these all into one post, but here's what's going on. I just bought a brand new H100i Elite Capellix that came with a new Commander Core. 1. I installed my 4 preexisting LL120 fans into the core. Everything shows up in iCUE except the 4th fan, it only will pull up 3 fans at one time. 2. I tried moving around the RGB connections into different ports on the core, only 2, 3, and 4 would actually make the lights show up, no matter what fan plugged in to 1, 5, or 6, it just simply wouldn't work. Meaning that it's not 1 fan that is faulty (ps, all the fans would light up before I got the new commander core). 3. I tried unplugging the core and plugging in a Lighting Node Pro with an RGB Hub. That made 3 of the fans show up even when I selected 4. I moved around some of the plugs and got all 4 fans to light up, but now 1 of the fans is only showing up with 1 LED. 4. Plugged everything back into the Commander Core and now none of the fans will light up! I've updated all the firmware, multiple restarts, reset both the Commander Core and the LNP (I also had an additional LNP I tried, still didn't work right), updated iCUE, etc. I don't know what is going on. And continuing on with my issues with the LNP: I also just got new RGB strips, hooked them up to the LNP, they will show up in iCUE, but won't light up at all, I've reset the LNP and tried hooking it up to each individual strip header without any of the other ones attached, I tried on channel 1 and 2 (also with my other LNP I mentioned earlier), and no lights whatsoever. I also confirmed I have power coming through my LNP because the fans would at least light up through channel 2 when I tried it, so I know power is coming through, but the LEDs just won't light up. Maybe everything isn't getting enough power?? Cause it seems only half the ports on the Commander Core are working? Just ideas, but I have the feeling that even if I got another LNP or a new Commander Core, etc. This all would just happen again.
  4. Soooo. I have 4 SP120 fans in my system with their own hub for fans. I want to replace them with 4 LL120 fans and put SP120 fans in my other system. I found a nice deal for 4 LL120 fans but without any hubs etc but i already have a fan hub Deepcool 10 Port Fun Hub where i can connect all of my fans (or just connect them directly to Mobo). So the question is: Can i use controller(lightning node core) from SP120 fans for rgb control of LL120 fans or will i need controllers that come with triple pack of LL120s? Btw controller looks like this(photo). And I already have Lighting Node Pro with 5 led strips connected to it (4x1 and 1x1 by ports).
  5. Hi all I'm desperate for help to fix these fans I recently upgraded my build with a H150i Elite Capellix 360mm (icue), i have the rad fans connected to the commander CORE as well as my previous 3x LL120 RGB fans. Problem i'm having is using iCUE 3 or 4 i cannot control my fan speeds, the fans show up in lighting control as differant fans, i have tried using a set %, custom curve (with & without sensor set to gpu) as well as fixed rpm. The only control i can get is fixed rpm if i set it to 5000, the selected fan will ramp up to max but will then slowly wind down despite the fan profile telling it to stay @ max. I have tried clearing the cooling config file and restarting - No Affect, tried removing any programs that could control fan rpms - No Affect, tried a force firmware update - No Affect, updated all the iCUE to latest versions. I have check the Commander CORE Connections ( all secure & re-seated), also checked the MB connections ( all secure).
  6. Hi, so i have a problem with my Corsair LL120 fans, which were bought in a 3 pack with node pro controller. My pc has 2 years and until now i hadn't had any problems with it. Few days ago one of my fans stopped showing rgb's. I was really confused and tried to swap cables on rgb hub to see if this is a hub problem, but then something strange happened. I swaped some of the cables and for now only one fan is fully showing animation, but other 2 are just working without rgb. I have them connected in first, second and third port on the hub and hub is connected to node pro. In Icue i have everything setted exactly how it should be. I should mention that my node pro and rgb hub are both connected to the same sata power cable chain. And another thing, sometimes, when i just turn on the computer all 3 fans work perfectly fine, but the next day they can shut themselves down (i mean rgb of course). Please someone help me with this problem because i can't handle it by myself.
  7. Bonjour, je viens d'acquérir un boitier corsair 465X. Ce boitier n'ayant pas de ventilateur à l'arrière j'ai donc acheté séparément un QL120. LEs 3 ventilateurs LL120 fournis avec le boitier sont donc branchés au hub RGB intégré au boitier, je branche donc mon QL120 sur ce même hub, cependant impossible d'obtenir du RGB sur le QL120, il n'est pas non plus détecté dans ICUE. Comment faire? Merci
  8. Bonjour a tous, voila depuis hier je rencontre un problème sur mes ventilateurs LL120 je m'explique. J'ai lancé un jeux et depuis j'ai mes ventilos de ma façade qui ne se synchronise plus et ne veulent plus rien savoir. Je précise que je possède au total 6 LL 120 -1 a l'arrière -2,3 sur mon watercooling -4,5,6 sur ma façade Depuis je n'ai plus que 2 leds qui fonctionnent sur mon ventilos N°4 ils étaient branchés en série sur le node pro j'ai essayé de changer l'ordre, j'ai branché le fan 4 sur le port 6 du node et inversement et le problème est que quand je les laisses dans l'ordre (en série) mon Fan 6 s'éteins le 5 ne veut plus rien savoir avec ICUE (j'essaye d'éteindre les leds mais le ventilos reste allumé) et le 4 n'a plus que 2 leds qui fonctionnent sur la totalités. Concrètement ils faut qu'ils soit branché dans le désordre pour que j'ai le n°5 et n°6 qui s'allument. Ce qui en soit n'est pas logique du tout. A savoir que je n'ai aucun problème avec celui de derrière et ceux du watercooling qui eux fonctionnent très bien. j'ai regardé partout et je ne trouve aucune solutions a mon problème sachant que tout marchait parfaitement la veille. Si vous avez une solution je suis preneur. Cordialement. (photo8242 branchement en série) (photo8241 branchement en dérivation)
  9. Bonjour à tous, j'ai un (petit) soucis. J'ai paramétré mes ventilos LL120 via iCue afin d'avoir l'effet arc-en-ciel. Ca fonctionne mais lorsque je ferme ma session ou tant que celle-ci n'est pas ouverte l'effet n'est pas le même. Les ventilateurs clignotent lentement et change de couleur à chaque clignotement. Avant ça ne le fesait pas donc je suppose que j'ai fais une mauvaise manip mais je n'arrive pas à trouver...
  10. I'm currently having an issue with one of my six LL120 fans. They are all hooked up to the same Commander Core that came with my H100i Elite Capellix. I tried unplugging the fan from the header on the controller, and plugged it back in and got no changes, as well as swapping it to a different header and the fan still wouldn't light up. All fans were working earlier and all still work fine except the one. Also in iCUE, I can see six fans under the performance tab, but once I switch to lighting effects, I only see five. My iCUE software is version is 3.38.61. Thank you in advance.
  11. Guten Tag, ich habe seit einigen Wochen bei mein Lüfter eine defekte LED gesehen und mir stellt sich jetzt die Frage ob es wirklich defekt ist oder es ein Software technisches Problem ist? Und ob man es beheben kann. Hello, I have seen a defective LED on my fan for a few weeks ago and now the question arises whether it is really defective or is it a software technical problem? And how i can fix it. https://ibb.co/f2ChgnJ https://ibb.co/ThRngLR
  12. Hey, so I've been having this issue for almost a year now with my corsair products, wondering if anyone here can help me. To be noted these products have worked before with the same hardware/parts. Currently my Vengeance Pro ram-sticks are showing in iCue and running perfectly fine, as well as my mouse and mousepad. Although my Lighting Node Pro that consists of x4 LL140 fans are not appearing in iCue nor in DEViewer, my Corsair H100 AIO cooler isn't appearing in iCue or DEViewer either. I've tried turning off fast boot, in windows and bios, plugging the node pro in different USB 2.0 headers on the motherboard and tried plugging into an NZXT USB hub, i've also gotten a new Node Pro which didn't solve the issue. I've also tried testing the USB that plugs into the node pro and the cord works perfectly fine. The fans spin but are stuck on rainbow and i have no control over them. I've already did a fresh install of windows and the iCue software, i made sure that no external apps are interfering with iCue such as MSI MysticLight. Despite all the other fans and products being stuck on rainbow and no control for some reason instead of rainbow my AIO is stuck on white. Please help me :biggrin:
  13. Background information: Corsair 570X case 6 LL120 fans 4x8 GB Vengence Pro 4000MHZ H100i Elite AIO cooler msi mpg x570 gaming edge I recently purchased 6 LL120 RGB fans and had the desire of installing all the fans and controlling them all on the iCue software. I succeeded, but in the event of swapping the SP120s for the LL120s, I had to use the Commander Core instead of the RGB Hub and the SP lighting controller that came with the 570X case. After swapping hubs, my CPU cooler makes a constant whirring noise on quiet mode. This sound was never present when I ran the setup with the SP120s and the RGB hub instead of the LL120s and the CoCore. Wiring info: CPU cooler is in CPU_FAN All fans including the lighting cables are on the Commander Core. The RGB hub is not being use as well as the SP lighting controller but they are still installed, but I feel as though that would not contribute to the CPU cooler being loud. Everything works and looks fine, its just the CPU cooler whirring louder than before. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hi Ich habe heute ein Setup gebaut verbaut sind eine CommanderPro und 10 LL120 Lüfter, 3davon AIO eigentlich läuft alles nur ein Lüfter lief nur max. 150 RPM dachte der Lüfter sei defekt aber liegt scheinbar an der CommanderPro weil wenn ich ein anderen Lüfter inden Steckplatz mache wo der nur bis 150rpm lief läuft der Lüfter auch nur bis 150 RPM denkt ihr das die CommanderPro defekt ist danke schonmal für die Hilfe.
  15. Hello there! I hope im right here, if not, please help me by leading me into the right direction. Now, to the Problem: On Monday i upgraded from some Crucial RAM, a Z370 Board and some stock Cooler, to Vengeance RBG Pro RAM, a Z390 Board and a Noctua cooler. Since then, my LL120 Fans (which i only have 3 of, so far) have been Blinking in various colors. Now, i didnt take this as a serious issue since i just pretty much set up a new system but i then noticed that one of the fans stopped spinning every now and then, just to get back up again. Because the Noctua Fan is basically right infront of it, i quickly did a benchmark, thinking it might be stopped by the massive airflow of the Noctua Fan, luckily that didnt seem to be the case. Now, when i look into iCue, i can see that Voltage on 12v, 5v and 3,3v drops to 0 or change (for example, 12v at 5v). The Fans disappear every now and then and the color i set for the fans have barely any impact. I tried swapping some cables at the Commander, swap Fan1 and Fan3, both RGB and fan controller The RAM works fine though, im having no issues there. The Corsair logo and the I/O Panel were blinking in different colors too, but it seems like i fixed that, somehow. I would really appreciate any help, since im at the point where i have no idea anymore. Thanks!
  16. Guys, hopefully, someone can enlighten me. I built my PC yesterday and am having problems with iCUE not showing the correct information for Fan #1. I have Commander Pro and six fans installed, all connected to the commander unit. The latest firmware updates have been made and I have the latest iCUE software (3.3.81). When trying to configure the Fan speed, fan #1 is showing as 0 RPM even though it is spinning. Changing the speed via iCUE has no impact on the RPM. The RGB on the fan works with no issues. The remaining five fans all show a valid RPM in iCUE and changing the speed on any of these fans have an impact, as expected. Has anyone else come across this issue? Hopefully, there is a quick fix. BTW, I have installed & reinstalled iCUE and checked all connections in the PC thrice. If it was a connection issue, the fan wouldn't spin or allow me to change its RGB. The Fans I have installed are Corsair LL120
  17. So I just got a 220T RGB airflow case, and the 3 QL series fans on the front are working great no issues at all had room for a 120mm fan in the rear of the case so I went with the LL120 RGB, I have it connected to a fan header, the fan is working fine, the RGB is connected to the lighting node pro, that comes pre installed on the corsair 220T case but all the RGBS are dead on my LL120 none work even in ICUE when he go to lighting setup and select LL series and select 1 fan no lights at all, any idea why? Asus Prime Z390-A mobo if that helps at all.
  18. I just setup my new gaming rig and when I installed the icue software the channel 2 on the node pro stopped working. I have swapped the connectors around to make sure its not the fan. I have also uninstalled the software and reinstalled it. both fans are the ll120s that come with the corsair 280x. I'm not sure what the deal is, they both worked before I installed the software. can someone please shoot me some suggestions on what to do?
  19. Hallo, ich habe mir vor ca einer Woche die Corsair h100i Platinum RGB Wasserkühlung und dazu 3 Ll120 RGB Lüfter gekauft. Ich habe nun alles eingebaut aber die Lüfter funktionieren nicht richtig bzw. die RGB flackern. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit dies zu ändern? Liebe Grüße!
  20. Hi, I bought a Corsair LL120 fan a while ago, but sadly didn't notice that the RGB lighting can only be turned on with Corsair's controller. So here's my question: can I turn on RGB lighting (even without any effect) without a controller? I can do some DIY with what I have, because I can't buy the controller nor the pack of fans since they're out of stock here. Soooooo.. is it possible to know on the RGB cable which is the 5v pin and which is ground/data? I can't even connect it directly to the motherboard, because I only have a 12v connector... As I said, I can do something with what I have, maybe with an Arduino or something.
  21. I’m about to buy a singular Corsair LL120 as a back exhaust fan in my case. Can I just buy the LL120 and plug it into the RGB Plug on my MOBO, Or do I need to buy something else to get the fans to light up and work?
  22. I noticed that the white version of the LL 120 has higher specs than the black version any reason as to why this is? I want to use the black version of these fans on a CORSAIR H100i RGB PLATINUM. Why are the ll 120 fans rated with higher specs?
  23. Hello, quick question: How do i connect 3x3 pack of the LL120mm fans in one go without buying the commander pro? Generally any motherboard takes 1A and 1x120mm of the LL series fans is 0.3 amps (with light or without? im not sure), so i can comfortably use a Y-splitter into the motherboard to do 2x2x2 for 6 of the fans. The remaining 3 goes into my Fractal Design Celsius S36 hub that goes into the CPU-header. All i miss now i conneting 9 led cables. In the package theres the ligthing node pro and some sort of hub? Picture below for visual input So this is how i imagined it, correct me if im wrong. 6 of the led cables into 1 hub, powered by sata. Controll cable from that hub to channel 1 of the node pro 1, which can take max of 4.5 amps i read? on 1 channel? not sure about this info though. Then 3 of the remaining led cables into hub nr 2 and controll cable from hub 2 into channel 2 of node pro 1, thus controlling all 9 from 1 node pro, and 1 usb? Also what PSU do i need to be able to run this? i see noone else asking this question, but wont 9 ll120 fans put a massive pressure on the 5v rail ? considering im using 2 ssd, 1hdd and potentially another hdd? thnaks in advance :)
  24. Hi everyone, I just bought a 570x corsair case that comes with 3 sp120 fans. I ordered 3 ll120 fans and another rgb fan hub. So right now I have -3 sp120 rgb fans -3 ll120 rgb fans -2 rgb hub -Lighting node pro I would like to be able to control all 6 fans from my bios but my mobo only has 4 3-pin connecters on it. Can a 3 way splitter like this one be used to power 3 sp 120 rgb fans? https://www.amazon.com/DZS-Elec-Splitter-Sleeved-Extension/dp/B07FNL8YCZ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=3+way+fan+splitter&qid=1586979595&sr=8-3
  25. Hallo Community, ich hätte eine Frage zu iCUE und meinen LL120 Lüftern: Wie Ihr auf den folgenden Screenshots sehen könnt, ist es mir nicht möglich, "mehrere LEDs auszuwählen". Das Problem liegt bei meiner Auswählfunktion, die sich auf das typische Auswahlviereck beschränkt. Dadurch bin ich gezwungen, LEDs nur in Gruppen zsm. zu markieren, weswegen ich nicht einfach sagen kann, ich möchte die LED oben rechts, die unten links und in der Mitte oben etc. Wenn ich alle anwählen möchte, muss ich automatisch die anderen mitmarkieren. Zudem kann ich auch nicht einzeln mehrere LEDs anklicken, da daraufhin die zuvor ausgewählte LED als nicht mehr markiert angezeigt wird. Ich hoffe, ich konnte mein Problem so gut wie möglich beschreiben, ansonsten stehen noch die Screenshots zur Verfügung. Die ersten beiden haben eine Beschreibung, auf den restlichen ist zu sehen, wie ich versuche, mehrere LEDs hintereinander anzuwählen, die aber durch den nächsten Klick wieder verschwinden. Vielleicht irre ich mich auch und die Funktion, die ich erwünsche, ist gar nicht (mehr) möglich, aber ich möchte nichts unversucht lassen. Meine iCUE-Version ist die aktuelle Softwareversion 3.27.68 Für weitere Fragen jeder Art stehe ich bereit und ich bedanke mich bei jedem, der mir helfen kann! LG Finn
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