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Found 10 results

  1. I have 10 LL120 fans in my case. And sometimes they randomly switch colors. They will be fine most of the time but suddenly they will start switching to random colors or just turn off. Sometimes they wil switcxh back to the colors they are suppost to be and they will switch again. Sometimes it seems just random what LED does what and sometimes its the same patern as they are supposed to be but in different colors or just some of the colors stay okay while others switch. It happens to the same 6 fans (i think it might be the controller but i dont know for shure) all the switches happen after +- 1 sec and after 3-5 switche they will turn normal for 5-30 second before going crazy again.
  2. Hallo, bei mir gehen seit einiger zeit einfach mal die Leds der H150i pro und der LL120 Lüfter aus. meistens während dem spielen gleichzeitig bzw. kurz davor drehen auch die Lüfter unerklärlicherweise extrem hoch für so ca. 5-10 Sekunden. Ich hoffe mir kann jemand seine Hilfe anbieten um das Problem zu beheben. Vielen Dank Grüße
  3. I’m about to buy a singular Corsair LL120 as a back exhaust fan in my case. Can I just buy the LL120 and plug it into the RGB Plug on my MOBO, Or do I need to buy something else to get the fans to light up and work?
  4. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit Icue. Ich habe heute meine neuen Lüfter (3x LL 120, 1x LL 140) installiert. Ich habe alles der Anleitung entsprechend verkabelt. In Icue selbst wird mir mein Lighting Node Pro angezeigt. Versuche ich aber Farben oder Effekte der Lüfter zu ändern passiert leider nichts. Sonst leuchten meine Lüfter normal, nur leider kann ich diese nicht über die Software steuern. Wie gesagt alles richtig verkabelt, Lighting Node Pro wird erkannt, nur kann ich die Farben und Effekte nicht ändern.
  5. Hello! I’m having an issue with my LL120 Fans. I made my ICue Profiles how i like my RBG on my fans cooler and ram. But every time i turn my Pc on i need to go to ICue and click on the profile that i have.If I don't it will stay in its original RGB Set (RAINBOW) but my ram and cooler stay the same color i have them set. I'm getting angry sometimes when I have to set them all the time starting my PC I don’t know how to fix this ive tried everything. Any help would be great. Sorry for bad english: im from germany
  6. Hello! I’m having an issue after the most recent update to ICue. I have only 1 profile on ICue how i like my RBG on my fans cooler and ram. After the update every time i turn my Pc on i need to go to ICue and click on the profile that i have. After that any game i play the fans then switch back to rainbow wave but my ram and cooler stay the same color i have them set too. I don’t know how to fix this ive tried everything. Any help would be great. Again everything is up to date i didn’t have this problem until the most recent update. If you need pictures of exactly what it’s doing let me know i can send on discord.
  7. Hi, I bought a Corsair Obsidian Series 500D RGB SE Premium Mid Tower Case which contained 3x Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fans. To compliment this I also bought a single Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan. I have connected all the fans up to the corsair rgb hub and commander pro that came with the case. I set up the commander pro in iCUE stating 4 fans and the correct LL option. However, only the three fans that came with the case appears to work correctly. The single fan does not. It works as a fan but the RGB only has a couple of LEDs that stay on a green and red but is unable to be changed. Could you advise why this might be? Is this something I can fix or do I have a dud RGB fan?
  8. So i noticed this a few hours ago. My rgb on my ll120 fans is acting all kinds of strange. I dont seem able to change color on most of my fans. Some of them work partly. Sometimes some of the leds change color on themselves. So i tried reinstalling icue and now the parts that i could not change wont turn on. I have 6 LL120 RGB 120mm white fans and an Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM SE The fans are connected to a commander pro. Everything used to work but it just stopped and i have no idee why.
  9. hello, I have eight ll120 rgb fans installed in my case at the moment. when I first installed them they all worked fine apart from the occasional clash with msi mystic light. now when I went into icue to change the colours of the fans, three of the fans now do not light up anymore, four of them work correctly and change colours ect properly. there is one fan however that only three quarters of the fan lights up-like one segment of the outer ring does nothing. any help would be greatly appreciated. my specs are: MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon AMD Ryzen 2700x Corsair Vengance RGB 16GB 8x Corsair LL120 RGB Fans EVGA GTX 1080 SC
  10. Hello, I have just recently built my new pc 3 days ago. Everything was working fine until this morning. I noticed that my Corsair LL120 Fans change from the configured lighting setting to the default Rainbow Wave on Shut down. When I boot my pc back up, and sign into windows, they change back to the correct lighting configuration. I am wondering why this is happening and why is it doing this today and not 3 days ago?
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