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  1. Hello, i have 4 LL120 fans installed on a lightning node pro. All installed at the right way in ICUE. And all software updates installed. Last year i got a problem where the fans didnt light up ( i think only 2 fans ). I searched on google and found a solution that u need to reconnect in a different order until they work. And that worked for me. Now i have the exact same problem and i tried to reconnect the rgb cables but i managed to get 2 fans fully lid up all working and 2 arent working right now. Right now i have 1 and 2 working, but when i plug in three it doesnt light up, and when i plug in the other fan at 3 it doesnt light up aswell. Thanks for reading and i hope to find a solution.
  2. Servus zusammen, habe heute meinen PC zusammen gebaut mit 15 LL120 Lüfter und extern hab ich noch 6 HD140 Lüfter. Insgesamt habe ich bei den LL Lüftern 3 Hubs die über 2 Lighting Node Pros laufen. Extern ist es ein Hub plus ein Pro. Habe nur das Problem, dass bei den LL Lüftern 5 Lüfter schwarz bleiben. Komischerweise wird von einem Hub nur der Ausgang 1 angesteuert. Wenn ich die Lüfter nacheinander auf diesen Anschluss stecke leuchten alle. Also Lüfter sind in Ordnung. Habe probeweise schon zwei andere Hubs drangehangen. Bei denen ist aber genau das gleiche. Mit einem anderen Node Pro hab ich es auch versucht. Bei den externen Lüftern ist genau das gleiche Problem. Da leuchtet auch nur der Ausgang 1. Gibts in der Software irgendeine Beschränkung von einer maximaler Lüfteranzahl? Die Icue Version ist die 3.37.140 und die von den Pros 0.10.4. Windows ist auch auf dem aktuellsten Stand. Habt ihr irgendwelche Ideen an was es noch liegen könnte?
  3. I have 3 QL120 and 3 LL120 I found out you cannot have these connected to the same rgb lighting node so I installed two lighting node cores and put LL in one and QL in other, just booted up for first time and rgb isn’t on, will they work once I go into icue app and set them or is it an error I’ve made wiring them up.
  4. I have been running with 6 LL120 fans in an Obsidian 500D RBG for the past year. Just added a H100i Elite Capellix, taking out the top two LL120 fans and replacing them with the ML fans that came with the Capellix. This has thrown my RBG all out of wack. I cannot figure out how to add the ML fans to ICUE. I plugged them into the Commander Pro but they're not showing up right because you can only select one type of fan. My other lighting channel is taken up by RGB led strips. I also tried connecting the ML fans to the Commander Core but they are not showing up in ICUE. The easiest fix I can think of is to switch out the ML fans and add the LL fans back in. If I do that will the LL fans sufficiently cool the Capellix? And is there a way to get the ML fans to show up in ICUE if I connect them to the Commander Core?
  5. Habe seit dem Update das Problem das 2 meiner Lüfter nicht mehr leuchten. Habe schon so ziemlich alles versucht was mir einfällt. Neuinstallation mit AppData, Spannungslos machen, Settings in iCue... Jemand eine Idee? VOr dem Update lief alles einwandfrei :wtfeh:
  6. Hey. Over the last few months I've been getting a problem with iCue of all my exhaust LL fans being stuck on the previous setting, and not changing with the rest of my fans when I change my settings on iCue. I suppose it's comparable to a stuck pixel, as the rest of my products (Case, Cooler, Keyboard and half of the fans) all switch, but these don't. Eventually it will, but it usually takes a long while. I was wondering if anyone knows a fix? I could try and replug everything in again. although I'm hoping there's a software fix as the cable management was very hard. :eek: Anyway. If you have any input thanks very much.
  7. I have 3 LL120 fans in my 500D SE. i was thinking of buying 3 ql120 fans for the front and placing my ll120 fans in the back and top of the case. i saw that the QL is using the node core and i am currently using the ll 120 fan hub and the commander pro. is it possible to use the ql fans on either of these without using the node core?
  8. Hi there, in my current PC are 10 LL120 fans connected to 2 RGB Lighting hubs (included in the multi-packs of the LLs) and both of them connected to my Commander Pro. I’m planning to upgrade to QL120. Do the QLs fit into the RGB Lighting hubs so I just have to replace the fans? I’d still like to use my Commander Pro for fan controlling etc. Thanks for your help in advance and stay safe <3
  9. what I have: 6 x 120mm QL Rgb fans 2 x 120mm LL Rgb fans (come with H100i SE AIO) 1 x Lighting Node Core 1 x Commander Pro My setup: 1. I connect 6 QL fans to Lighting Node Core, I connect the 2.0 usb header from the node core to Commander Pro. 2. I connect 2 LL fans rgb header and fan control header derectly to the AIO pump, and connect 2.0 usb header from the pump to Commander Pro I test that out, I cannot get those 2 LL fans to have sequential lighting effect with the 6 QL fans. And after I did some research, I found out that I need to add another node core (connect to motherboard) or lighting hub (connect to Commander Pro) for my 2 LL fans. So, I added another node core for my LL fans. However, I still cannot get sequential effect. My question: 1. is there any way that I can get sequential effect like pong for my 8 fans. 2. If there is no way to have sequential lighting effect for more than 6 fans, does that mean it is the same that either I connect my 2 LL fans to pump or I connect them to a second node core. 3. any advantage if I connect 2 LL fans to a second node core. I appreciate if anyone can help me here, thx
  10. Bonjour J'envisage d'acquérir le système de refroidissement H115i RGB Platinum pour le monter sur un Ryzen 9 3900X. Trouvant le jeux de lumière des ventilateurs de la série LL bien sympa, je souhaiterai remplacer ceux d'origines (présentant les caractéristiques suivantes : 0 à 2000 tr/min en PWM, 97 CFM, 3,0 mm-H2O, 37 dBA et 4 Led) par des LL140 (600 à 1300 tr/min en PWM, 51,5 CFM, 1,52 mm-H2O, 25 dBA et 16 Led). Cela permettra d'harmoniser l'ensemble vu qu'ils seront associés à 4 autres LL140 montés dans la tour (3 en façade et 1 à l'arrière) via un Fan Led Hub et un commander Pro. Ainsi, ce changement de ventilateurs aura-t-il des conséquences ? Sera-t-il détecter par iCue ? Cela fonctionnera-t-il parfaitement sous iCue ? Et le refroidissement sera-t-il aussi performant ou du moins, à la hauteur pour son rôle ? D'autre part, je pense qu'il est préférable de conserver un contrôle de ces deux ventilateurs via la connexion au waterblock/pompe que de les associer aux 4 autres via le Commander Pro afin qu'ils soit synchroniser tous les 6 selon les paramétrages effectués sur iCue ? Merci par avance pour votre expertise Cordialement
  11. Hi, since the Update my fans rgb are not working. First two fans, yesterday 3 and today antoher 2. If i switch the port on the lightning node, the rgb fan is working. Any ideas? Everything worked fine till update...
  12. drkwpn

    500d RGB SE

    Hey guys, planning my new build and just wanted some advice on my fan choices. Going to have the H150i pro mounted to the front with the 3x included LL fans pushing air in through the radiotor and then using the 3x ML fans included with the cooler to pull air into the case. I orginally was going to use 2x 140mm ML pro rgb fans for the top and 1x 120mm ML pro rgb at the rear for exhaust. Have now changed those exhaust fans to LL. Should I revert back to the ML fans? Or stick with the LLS? Thanks.
  13. Hello, I recently got 4x LL140mm, 1x LL120mm, RGB Fan Hub and a Commander Pro through Amazon. My motherboard (the x570 Gaming Pro Carbon) has a dedicated "Corsair" slot on it and wondering how my fan set up would be with the items I have bought when connecting to this slot (such as: X gets plugged into Y before getting plugged into Z). As a new builder I am getting pretty confused and overwhelmed with all the new information I am learning, upon getting all of these new shiny (literally) fans with an abundance of wires I am unsure where to start or what order to plug it all into, if I use more than just that one slot on my motherboard, or even if I bought too many of the extras for the fans (like, did I even need the Commander Pro if it came with the Lightning Node Pro?). My end goal is to have full control over my fan curves as well as be able to sync the RGB with my current Vengeance RGB Pro RAM and in the future an AIO cooler from Corsair (once I get some more money...). Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for taking your time to help me out :) Here is a picture of the motherboard header in question:
  14. Hi all, New to this forum so apologies for creating another thread on this issue but not sure if my problem is the same as others... Got my build a few months back and decided to add in LL fans (3x120 & 2x140). Hooked them up with no problems and fans were working perfectly. Had a normal exhaust fan that came with my case (Corsair Obsidian 500D) so I replaced with another LL 120 fan, but upon swapping this that's when the problem started. Everything lights up fine when booting apart from one, which seems to start flickering in a different manner to my other fans. When choosing a static colour, white is fine but one little section shows off a different colour on the outer ring, but when choosing another colour, it doesn't change and shows multiple colours. When playing The Division 2, it doesn't want to behave like my other fans colour wise. RMA'ed the lighting node and received the new one, replaced but yet the same problem. I've tried rebooting my system as people have said on the other threads, changed the corsairservice to manual as suggested but still the same problem. I hope it's not my fan/s that is the problem and just the iCUE software that needs to be looked at....any solutions/advice would be great Thanks in advance
  15. Hey guys I have a question about the lighting node pro, Can I only connect the RGB from two fans per node? I know the kit came with a node pro and a hub but I have 4 fans so how do I get the RGB on all 4?
  16. lostfyi

    LL LED Problem

    Hi guys, So i installed my 6 Corsair LL yesterday (4x120mm, 2x140mm). Got them hooked up to a RGB Hub and a Commander Pro, but for basic LED display, only the Hub and fans itself play a role i guess. And ended up having a few problems. Really strange situation. A few LEDs havent been working right, so i switched ports and fans on the RGB Hub to investigate further: Seems like all 120mm fans work on port 1-3, but not on port 4-6. The 140mm don't "work" in any port, but have few LEDs lighting up. (As you can see here, 140mm are top exhaust fans, fans plugged into 1-6 from left to right) So they have the same LEDs lighting up in every port, but theyre static (= they dont change on itself or from iCue) I really dont know whats wrong (if it is me, or the products) and could use some help! Thanks in advance
  17. Hallo, ich nutze jetzt seit einiger Zeit CUE. Ich habe daran bis jetzt nur ein Lighting Node Pro und daran 6 LL Lüfter. Mit dem alten Programm konnte ich die Lage der Lüfter bestimmen, und als ich den Pc zusammen gebaut habe, habe ich wegen den Effekten Pong z.B. auf die Lage der Lüfter geachtet. Jetzt habe ich ein Update von CUE gemacht und der Pong Effekt ist auch wieder dabei, aber der Effekt soll ja von links nach rechts wandern. So wie meine Lüfter aber jetzt eingebaut sind wandert das ganze von oben nach unten. Kann ich irgend wo im CUE die Lage der Lüfter einstellen? Wenn nein wann wird diese Funktion eventuell dazu kommen?
  18. I have 3 LL 140's plugged into a new commander pro via the van ports, everything is plugged in properly. I have a new lighting node pro connected as well with all 4 rgb strips connected through port 1. However none of the RGB is working. In corsair link I see the RGB strips but they're not working, I do not see the 3xLL140's. At one point I saw all the RGB strips work before corsair link was installed. Somebody please help me lol
  19. Hi all, This is my first post here as I am new. I have just recently bought the 570x case and with it i bought the 3pack of the ll120's. My problem is that the lighting node pro was working perfectly, now when i restarted my pc, LNP no longer shows in Corsair Link? I have googled and came across the option of updating the firmware by using the button on the lighting node pro itself to open the CRP_DISABLED drive and replace that firmware file. Unfortunately it still does not show in Corsair Link. I find it very odd that it just stopped working and cant find another example of this online. Any help would be greatly appreciated, these fans look beautiful and I just want them to work again. I have installed SIV64 but am not familiar with it. If there are any screenshots I need to attach, please let me know. Regards Goose
  20. Hallo, ich habe seit heute meinen PC wieder zusammen. Ich habe wegen Gehäusewechsel gleich auf die LL Lüfter umgestellt. Jetzt sind 4 x 120mm LL und 2 x 140mm LL lüfter verbaut. Wenn ich den PC Starte und Windows hochgefahren ist funktionert die Ansteuerung auch so wie ich möchte. Doch nach ein paar Minuten zeigt mir Corsair Link keinerlei infomationen mehr und die Lüfter schalten in den Regenbogen Modus. Ein neustart von Corsair Link bringt auch nichts.
  21. Hello, I explain briefly my question, I currently have a h150i pro with its 3 fans ml 120 pro (no rgb) everything works very well with corsaire link. My question is the following: I bought a set of 3 fans LL 120 (rgb) is what corsaire link is able to manage two usb connected to the motherboard namely one usb that comes from the pump of the h150i pro and its 3 ML 120, and another usb that comes from the lightning node pro where are connected the three LL?? Or corsaire link only manages one usb line?? I hope it's understandable with my bad English. Have a nice day!
  22. Good day everyone, I have just started having some issues with my Corsair LL series fans today. A while earlier I saw an LED flicker and was not sure if it was my coimputer or my RGB in my office. I turned off the office lighting and not too ling after the LEDs went off in my computer. One of my 4 strips on my LNP LED Strip kit went off but came back later. However 2 of my fans were not lighting up at all. Tried changeding the configureation in Link and nothing, tried reseating connections and not too long after all the RGBs went off except a single LED in the center ring of one of the fans. Below are the things I have tried already and I do not have Aura installed on my computer currently Reseated the cables in the fan hub from the kit Reseated the USB2.0 connectors Reseated cables on Lighting Node Pro Rebooted
  23. Hallo zusammen :) Ich hab mir vor paar Monaten die LL Lüfter und LED Strips von Corsair bestellt zusammen mit dem Commander Pro. Also habe ich jetzt 3 einzelne Lüfter jedoch was muss ich kaufen damit ich alle 3 zum leuchten bringe da der Commander Pro ja nur 2 LED Steckplätze (einer ist besetzt durch die LED Strips) hat? Danke an jeden der versucht zu helfen.
  24. Hallo Leute, nach verzweifelten wochen von googlen youtuben und foren durchstöbern probiere ich es nun mal hier. Erst mal zu meinem Setup : MSI z270 Tomahawk I7 7700k @ 4.8Ghz Oc RAM Balistix Sport LP 3000Mhz Oc MSI GTX 1080ti 11GB Relevante Komponente : Corsair CS450 Corsair Crystall 570x Case (inklusiv 6fach Led Hub verteiler + SP lightnig Controller ) Corsair h150i pro Corsair Commander Pro Corsair ll120 x6 Was ich bis her probiert habe: Hardware technisch: 1.Wenn ich den ccp aus lasse und die ll120 über das mainboard und über die h150i pro mit strom versorge + die rgb's am verteiler anstecke dann leuchten der erste lüfter in weiß und der zweite Nur die hälfte in weiß Farben und Modus nicht veränderbar In der corsair link kann ich dann nur die 3 lüfter ansteuern die von der h150i pro versorgt werden ansteuern und verändern die anderen 3 werden korekt angezeigt aber lassen sich nicht ansteuern. 2. Wenn ich alle lüfter von der ccp mit strome versorge + denn Led kanal 1. Zum led verteiler anstecken dann leuchtet keiner der lüfter und das led lämpchen auf der ccp hat noch nie geleuchtet. In der corsair link wird die ccp erkannt es werden 6 lüfter initialisiert alle mit 0 Rpm nicht ansteuerbar habs probiert auf automatisch und selbst auf 4 pin gestellt ändert nichts led kanal 2 wurde auch schon probiert. USB von der h150i pro ebenfalls am CCP angeschlossen und probiert und am Mainboard immer das gleiche ergebniss Die h150i pro Pumpe ist immer durch die Corsair Link ansteuerbar da der 3 pin von der pumpe immer am Mainboard pump slot hängt Keine Molex Adapter verwendet Software Technisch: Corsair Link aktuellste version mehrfach neuinstalliert + einträge in der Appdata gelöscht Firmeware von CCP + h150i Pro mehr Fach aktualisiert ebenfalls die neuerste versionen installiert Bios alle lüfter auf PWM gestellt + Smart Controll Alle lüfter soweit möglich deaktiviert Bitte um mögliche lösungs ansätze und eventuelle hardware defekte *sry für die groß klein und rechtschreibung alles vom handy geschrieben + Forum anfänger
  25. As the title says, are the Light Loop series fans capable of having one static color in the outer ring and a different static color in the inner ring yet? I know this capability was conspicuously absent at launch, I just want to know if it has been integrated yet. This is the biggest dealbreaker for me. If the LL's are capable of doing this, I'm running out and buying them immediately, because I NEED them in my life. On the other hand, if they are NOT capable of doing this, then I don't care for them and will stick to my trusty HD140's/HD120's. The only other thread I found on the topic was this one: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=938954 which had no definitive answers. I necro'ed the thread and got no responses, which, naturally, is why I'm making this new thread here.
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