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Found 10 results

  1. Hey Folks I'm new here but i've had a quick look and can't see anything that helps my problem. So i have the H100i CPU cooler and I've installed 2 further LL series lights. (1 intake at front of case and 1 exhaust at back) Ive connected the fans together for the h100i and connected the other 2 fans to the commander pro(CP). Ive connected the USB from h100i to the USB on CP. Ive then connected the RGB connections from the 4 fans(2 from the h100i and 2 on their own) to the RGB Hub and then connected this hub to the lighting node on position 2, ive then connected position 1 to the RGB on CP. ON icue ive set the CP to 4 fans as this is the only setting I can get the 4 fans to light up even though 2 of the fans arent connected in the CP as they are connected through the h100i. Sorry if I haven't explained it well enough. I will try get a diagram drawn up for it to show it properly. But onto my problem. So i have all 4 fans running, ive got all 4 fans running, 2 through the cooler and 2 through commander pro, and when I play any scene it runs through them fine....but when I run the visor scene now it runs through them all and once its done its sequence it goes black for a good 5-7seconds as if its trying to continue the sequence through some other RGB connections. Can anyone shed light on this as I want the visor to just keep running and going through the sequence instead of having ghost fans to light up Thanks
  2. Hallo bin neu hier, heute kam mein Pc und ich habe ihn sofort zusammengebaut. als ich dann bei den lüftern war sah ich 2 Kabel. Das eine wird am Fan Hub angeschlossen, aber was ist mit dem anderen? Kommt das ans Mainboard, wenn ja dann wo schließ ich die alle an? Habe ja keine 6 anschlüsse dafür... Das ist das erste mal das ich einen PC zusammenbaue daher kenn ich mich nicht so damit aus. Hoffe ihr könnt mir helfen Specs: - Corsair 680X - MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk - Geforce RTX 680x Gaming Trio X - AMD Ryzen 3700X - 3 LL Series RGB 140mm
  3. Hello, I am trying to set up 7 LL series fans and I have found on other forms how to set them up, however, I did have a question about the power. Would it be bad for the fans/controller to have a splitter, splitting power between 2 fans from one port on the Commander Pro? Simply put, 2 fans on 1 power port connected via splitter. Thanks!
  4. Moin Leude, Um nicht lange um den heißen Brei rumzureden mach ich es kurz... Seit einigen Tagen funktionieren meine Letzten beiden Lüfter nach dem Start nicht mehr so wie sollten. Als "Standart" Profil in der ICUE Software habe ich eine Statische Farbe in der Verknüpfung(für alle Lüfter) eingestellt. Zum Problem die beiden Lüfter flackern sehr schnell und in unterschiedlichen Farben. Nach ca. einer Stunde Nutzung am PC legt sich dieses Problem aber wieder und alles funktioniert ordnungsgemäß. Eigentlich habe ich alles Softwaretechnisches schon ausprobiert aber leider ohne Erfolg.
  5. Hey guys building my 2nd Gaming computer after 6 years. I decided to go full RGB with my build and wondering what is the best solution for 4 140mm LL RGB fans (Case cooling), 6 120mm ML RGB fans (Corsair H150i PRO), and later expansion for 2 RGB LED strips (lighting node pro).
  6. Hallo zusammen, ich halte mich mal ganz kurz und kompakt. Ich wollte fragen ob ich auf meinem Mainboard 2 Node Pro verbauen kann, sodass ich: 1.Node Pro für 2x RGB LED Hub für insgeasamt 7 LL Lüfter. 2. Node Pro für 1/2x Corsair RGB LED Streifen nutzen kann. Alles sollte natürlich per Software miteinander Harmonieren und Leuchten. Ps: Kann ich auch noch irgendwo die Corsair H150i Pro mitanschliessen? Sollten Fragen auftreten, einfach Fragen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen, RoyalBluematic
  7. Hey Leute, da dies mein erster und vermutlich auch vorerst letzter Thread sein wird versuche ich mich kurz zu halten. Ich möchte in mein System (Schaut auf mein Profil) folgendes Einbauen: -H150i Pro (Die vorhandenen Lüfter gegen 3 LL 120mm austauschen) - 4 LL 140mm Lüfter - Corsair RGB LED Lightning Pro Expansion Kit. Folgende Frage habe ich nun. Da ich ja Lüfter-Kits mit vorhandenen Steuerungen erwerben kann, brauche ich da einen Commander Pro? Bzw erleichtert es die Ansteuerung? Ich hätte es normalerweise einfach mal probiert wie sonst auch, habe aber keine Lust mir irgendwas nachzubestellen. Hoffe auf Antworten von euch. Lg
  8. Title says it all really. I recently purchased 5 LL series fans and want to mess with some custom lighting patterns. For cable management I have had to rotate some of the fans so that some of the "top" LED on the iCUE software is at either 3, 6, or 9 o'clock positions. My question is, can I change/alter which order the LEDs fire in? So that rather than starting at LED 1, which may now be in the 3 o'clock position, I can start at LED 7 at the 9 o'clock position.
  9. First time posting. Rookie at building PCs. I really need help setting up a nine fan configuration for my new pc build. I am confused as to what to buy. I want 9 RGB LL 120 fans total. 3 of them on the H150i radiator cooler exhausting mounted up top and the other 6 on the side and bottom for intake. Case being used is the Lian-Li 011 Dynamic. Motherboard being use is the ASUS Strix Z370. PSU used is a Seasonic prime 650W titanium 80+. This was achieve by HardwareCanucks on YouTube. But I for the life of me do not understand how he achieve it. I do know if I need to buy 1 commander pro or 2 of them. I also don't understand how the splitting of the fans works and just how to connect them overall. Would I be able to control RGB lighting on all 9 fans? what about speed? Please help! Thank you so much!
  10. I recently purchased (9) 120mm and (4) 140mm LL Series fans to brighten up my case. While doing so, I had to buy all sorts of hubs for USB 2.0 and the fan PWR, not to mention the (2) hubs that come with the fans for the LED power and control. The question being, with today's technology and these being a new release, isn't there an option to make the power and LED run through a single hub with internal connecting USB (Type-c?) that connects to the MOBO's USB controller and a SATA power connector? It seems over complicated as is with too many cables... LL Series V2 would be nice. :):
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