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Found 14 results

  1. My LL fans no longer sync correctly with iCUE or each other. I have a Color Shift Lighting Link enabled on most of my devices, including the fans, but only fan #1 in the RGB Hub is shifting correctly. The rest are random colors. Most of the RGB lights are one consistent color, but not all of them. When I restart the computer, the colors change around, but they are still random. The RGB Hub is connected to a Lighting Node Pro, which is connected via USB to a Commander. I've tried replacing the RGB Hub, replacing the RGB Hub and the Lighting Node Pro, and switching the USB port on the Commander that the LNP is connected to, but no difference. I don't think this has been happening since I installed iCUE 4.x, but it wasn't happening before I did. All What's going on here?
  2. My whole RGB set up is just one big cluster****. I've got an H100i Plat and the LL fans look great on it, but the pump RGB is clearly more vivid than the LL fans. I got 4 QL fans plugged into a fan hub plugged into the Node Pro. The QL fans are not only way less vivid than the LL fans on the H100i, the QL fans are displaying slightly and sometimes vastly different colors than the LL fans which are displaying different colors than the Pump... And this is all during instant color mode. My ram is vivid and looks nice, except for two of the sticks have some ****ed up LEDs in them and display white as yellowish, the pump also displays white as yellow, the LL fans have a nice bright white, but the 4 QL fans have a dim white. I've also got some strips plugged into the other socket on the Node Pro and they are also displaying yellow when I instant color: White. Why are the QL fans dimmer and display different color than everything else? Why does the pump, the strips and two of the RAM sticks display the same shade of yellow for white, cherry red for magenta, and etc... I replaced one of the LL fans on the H100i with one of the QL fans to see if it was just the fans, well... the QL fan lit up bring and vivid just like the LL fan, and the LL fan I plugged into the fan hub into the Node Pro was dim and displayed off colors. So not a fan issue. Maybe the Fan hub and the Node Pro are bad??? Well... I got BRAND NEW of each and tried them out, no difference whatsoever. What the hell is going on? I'm ready to through my entire Corsair RGB setup out the ****ing window, I'm so pissed off with this and when I ask for help with Corsair's customer service, they don't have a clue and just offer me and RMA. This is so ****ed, I just want a good RGB set up. Why is the h100i's pump displaying different colors than it's LL fans? Do QL fans need it's own special Lighting Node Core to be anything but dim? Do they not work well with Fan hub/Node Pro combo??? I never got the Lighting Node Core. Why are the strips showing the exact same incorrect shades that the H100i pump does??? It all just doesn't make any sense, why isn't there a way to calibrate this ****? Someone please help me.
  3. So in my case, I have 3 Corsair LL120 Fans. I installed these in my case about 6-7 months ago. Over this time I've encountered no problems with the lighting, and I've consistently switched between effects. About a month ago I started noticing that the lighting of one of the fans was flickering slightly, but returned to how it was, so I thought nothing of it. At the moment, I have them set to white, and they are linked to my H100i Platinum. However, part of the lighting on the LL fans has just completely stopped. One whole fan is working, then only half of the LEDs on the next fan work, then on the last fan none are working. All the fans of the H100i work however, as well as the lighting on the pump. I have reason to believe this is not an issue with the fans, as sometimes when I boot up my PC, such as yesterday (13/03/20), when all 3 fans were working perfectly, and the RGB was as normal. I have ensured that my windows is fully updated, as I originally thought somehow this might be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. Is it possible to use both QL and LL fans together? I have x4 LL fans and x3 QL fans. I have three of each of the fans plugged into a Lighting Node Core at the moment. All the fans light up normally except the sixth fan which is an LL...it only lights up partially. When in iCue under "Lighting Node Core" I only get one "Lighting Channel" option. That being the case, I have to choose the "QL" option for all six fans. Should the Lighting Node Core provide two "Lighting channels"? Like ports 1-3 would be CH1 and 4-6 would be CH2? If they aren't compatible together using one Lighting Node Core. Is there any way to use a Lighting Node Pro or Corsair RGB Fan Hub along side the Lighting Node Core? The other Issue is with the Commander Pro. I have two brand new Commander Pros. The first one doesn't show up at all in iCue. The second Commander Pro is recognized in iCue however, Fan port #3 doesn't seem to work. Also, as soon as I plug any fans of any type into the Commander Pro all the RGBs on the fans turn off. They don't even light up at boot but they're still displayed as being on in iCue and the fans are spinning but that's it. I'm only trying to run the three QL fans off the Commander Pro. The three LL fans are plugged into the H150i Pro RGB AIO. On my main system I run x6 LL fans with a Corsair RGB Fan Hub and Commander Pro..Ive never had any problems. I could really use some guidance. Ive tried so many different configurations and nothing works. Thank you System Specs> Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro WiFi (BIOS F50) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 8x8GB 3200Mhz Corsair H150i Pro RGB 360mm AIO Corsair CX650w MSI RTX 2070 Win 10 Pro 64bit Corsair iCue v.3.25.60 Commander Pro FW v.0.9.212 Lighting Node Core FW v.0.9.16
  5. I got 1000d no fans of course I bought 8 LL 120 white I am about to buy 3 Ql 140 and 2 Ql 120 for back Now I only got 1 commander pro What do I need to complete the set up ? 1 more commander and 3 RGB hubs? Or 3 lighting node core?
  6. I'll build a new PC soon and I wanted to buy the following things for the RGB lighting from Corsair, [a set of 3 fans, 1 Commander Pro, 1 Lightning Node Pro and 1 hub]. Then a [single fan]. Then [a set of 3 set consists of 3 fans, Lightning Node Pro and Hub] from my old PC, I can still use [4 RGB Stripes] and still [a Lightning Node Pro] in which, however, a channel (connection) is broken because used goods) on my motherboard are 2 USB 2.0 ports, from the housing comes 1 USB 2.0 port. So my question is I HAVE EVERYTHING OR I NEED ANYTHING (e.g. USB 2.0 splitter)? {Translated with Google translator}
  7. I have 5 LL Fans 120mm connected to my comannder pro. They all show the RPM etc, but the light is off. All of them are connected in commander pro + splitter. 3 of them are on, but the #4 and #5 is off. (only the light)
  8. I have 6 LL120 RGB fans installed in my system During my boot up, sometimes some of my rgb fans will randomly become a static colour, and then remain that colour until i restart the pc. I can change lighting effects/profiles etc, but that static lighting will remain the same. The portion of fan that is static or which fan it is is random and I've noticed no correlation. I've attached a few pictures to show what I mean. Anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Hello guys, I've been using 5 LL fans of 140mm on my system for about a month now. They are all connected on the Lighting Node Pro that came with the 3 fan pack running the Firmware version 0.7.122. iCUE version is 3.15.101. When I turn my computer on they behave normally, first lighting white, which is the color I set up to run the LL fans when the iCue is not running, and then, when the computer logs in, my color profile works just fine. The problem is that, after some time using the computer, randomly the colors from my profile stops to work and all LL fans turns white. When this happens I noticed that iCue still recognizes the Lighting Node Pro but it doesn't respond to anything I try to change. I tried changing profiles, updating firmware, closing and opening again the iCue, reseting iCue service and even uninstalling and installing again the iCue. Nothing works... Randomly the colors change to white and and only works again if I restart the computer. It is important to note that my motherboard only have 2 USB 2 ports, 1 is using for the H115i and the other one I'm using for the NZXT Internal USB HUB, on which I'm using to plug the Lighting Node Pro and my frontal USB 2 ports. I'm only using it because Corsair requires a Internal USB 2 port for each hardware you buy, which is sad... Please, help me with this problem and sorry for any english mistake, english is not my native language. Thank you all. :biggrin:
  10. So I recently upgraded my case and added some flashy RGB Fans and was really excited. This is how it should display: https://i.imgur.com/HCMshqq.png First two are just fine, Fan1 = 140mm, Fan2 = 120mm. Fan3= 140mm Fan4 = 120mm Fan5 = 120mm This might be the issue, but it shouldn't matter really. All I can really think of is that they ran smoothly up until after I installed the ASUS Aura for my Mobo/RAM RGB to match the rest. I tried uninstalling that software and/or pausing it to no avail. Issue at hand is Fan3 has a few LEDs that won't turn color. Fan4&5 don't change any LEDs.
  11. Was wondering if there is a way to get the LL fan series to work with the lighting buttons built into the case. I just bought the case and am looking to change the fans out with LL series ones. Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like the buttons work off of the SP LED fan controller. I noticed there is a HD LED fan controller on the market but I wasn't sure if it would work with the LL series. If it doesn't, do you guys plan on making one for the LL series? It's just it would bug me a little to have this awesome case and have all my fans the LL RGB series fans and have to none working rgb fan buttons on the top because it's compatible. Don't get me wrong I know the bulk of the work would be done through the software with the commander pro and/or pro node but I would still like to be able to skip through a few presets with the buttons on the top when showing off my setup to a friend for example. Or just to be able to skip though a few on the fly. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from someone about it if it is possible and if not, are there plans to in the future? Thanks!;):
  12. I have a Commander Pro with a lighting hub [with 6 LL120 fans attached] and 4 LED strips connected. For no apparent reason fans 1 to 3 are lit but fans 4 to 6 are not, all LED strips are lit. Everything was fine, this has just happened at start up. Troubleshooting so far: Everything unplugged and re-plugged. Lighting hub swapped out for a new one. Commander Pro firmware force updated [it was already running the latest] iCUE software uninstalled with settings deleted at the same time, then re-installed. Fans switched around on both lighting hubs. Lighting hub and LED strips switched around on the Commander Pro. None of this has helped; is my Commander Pro faulty, is there anyway to check? I don't have a spare Commander Pro unfortunately so looking for another way to check maybe. I've logged a support ticket with Corsair but experience tells me they don't reply :(:
  13. Hi, I recently started to have some issues with 1 of the 6 ll 120 fans I bought a couple of months ago. I believe three leds are misbehaving on the ring. I had it configured as the 5th fan on the controller, which made my 6th fan misbehave as well. This had been going on for a while, but I thought it happened because of the ICUE bug which made ll fans flicker (other fans could also flicker at boot). But now with the ICUE fix released, I'm on v3.5.111, it's obvious there's another problem. I played around with the positioning of the fans, like suggested in other threads. As suspected, other fans are acting up when placing them in a slot behind the faulty one. Here's some video footage of the problem. In this clip, the faulty fan is in position 6. The other fans behave normal https://gfycat.com/PerfumedIlliterateBlacknorwegianelkhound Here the faulty fan is in position 1. There is a gradient effect running, but the 3 leds of the faulty + all the other fans are flickering like crazy. https://gfycat.com/OrderlyDimCardinal It's obvious that there is something wrong with the one fan, but what I find surprising is that the leds still work. They still change color, it's just always the wrong one :(: Is there any way to try to reset the led's on a ll 120 fan, or something alike? I don't think this is a software issue, since the repositioning on the controller made the big difference. Thanks in advance for your input.
  14. I know this question has most likely been asked and probably in multiple variants but I am having a hard time finding a solid answer. I am working on a build that will have 6x 120mm LL RGB fans and 1x 140mm LL RGB fans. I currently have all of the fans as well as an RGB Lighting Hub, a Lighting Node PRO and a Commander Pro. It would be really great to have the 7th fan work with the sequential animations but from what I have read I am not clear on whether that is possible. Below are the 3 configurations that I can come up with to integrate the 7th fan. Hoping someone can shed some light on the 7+ fan conundrum and if there is a setup that Corsair is working on supporting with future software updates. Setup 1: Purchase a second RGB Lighting Hub and daisy chain it to the system (from what I understand the Corsair software will allow complete control or the 7th fan but sequential effects like pong will not function properly. Setup 2: Tie two fans into one Light Hub connection using a custom splitter. I will obviously not have the sequential animations working as two fans will be identical and I will also not be able to control the 7th fan individually. **Not even sure if splitting the connection will even work, this is the cheap and easy compromise** Setup 3: Use one of the 2 RGB ports on the Lighting Node Pro as I would not mind sacrificing an RGB strip as I may leave them out of the build anyways. **Will Corsair's software recognize the 7th fan through the Lighting Node Pro and if so would it be considered fan #0 or #7, or am I just out of luck on the sequential animations with this as well. Sorry for the long post and like I said I am sure this has been answered but I keep seeing people going back and forth and nothing seems to be clear. Thanks!
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