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Found 3 results

  1. Before I begin, I would like to say thanks in advance for any and all assistance. I recently purchased a Corsair Crystal 570X, six HD120 RGB fans (with controller), and a Lighting Node Pro. I am waiting for the final three HD120 fans to get here, so I decided to use the SP120 RGB fans included in the case until the HD120s arrive. My setup is as follows: LNP Port 1 --->RGB Controller(came with case)--->SP120 RGB x 3 LNP Port 2 --->RGB Controller(came with fans)--->HD120 RGB x 3 I am using C-Link, and the LNP is using firmware 0.2.65. The LEDs in the HD120s work as they are supposed to, but the SP120 LEDs do not. I searched through these forums, and I found other folks mention flickering SP120 RGB issues, but none of their symptom descriptions seems to match what I am experiencing. I downloaded SIV to better control the hardware, and to gather data that may be useful. So, on to the symptom: The SP120 fans flicker when connected to the LNP. They are on their own controller, and it doesn't matter which LNP port I plug them into - the result is the same. The flicker isn't caused my EMI, as it does not exhibit that type of symptom (rapid, rythmic flickering). This flicker is like that of an old neon light. The LEDs are off more than they are on, and when they do energize, it is brief, sporadic, and the flickering is not in sync between the fans. The colors I input into either SIV or C-Link are accurately displayed, but the LEDs just flicker. As a side note, there is no flickering when using the included button controller instead of the LNP. I have included screenshots of some of the SIV windows in the event they are helpful. Thanks! Breaker P.S. - The flicker is similar to .gif attached to this post.
  2. So i recently purchased the Lighting node pro 4 x HD 120 RBG fans Commander pro along with these i got to check out the Corsair Link program. I have got to say i am a little underwhelmed.... and purely by the absence of one feature. A feature i would have expected to be a staple feature of the program.... and that is 'automatic per game profiles'. Let me explain what i mean. I have many RGB products already and one key feature that is universal among them is per game profiles. If i go into the software i want to be able to make a specific profile load automatically when i launch a specific application. For example i have a profile in Link named ARMA 3. I custom made this profile to have a higher RPM on the fans around my CPU and H100 as the game is so CPU reliant, I have made a green lighting scheme in my case similar to the green commonly associated with ARMA and i finely tuned the individual parts settings for when i am playing this game. What bothers me is i have to go into settings and manually select this profile before i start the game. Similarly i have another profile made for Rainbow SIx Siege. Again the fan RPM is higher on fans blowing across the GPU exhaust fans and it has a orange and blue lighting scheme. I have to manually open up Corsair Link again and select my profile then close Link before starting the game. How hard would it have been to add the ability to make these profiles launch automatically when i opened the relevant game? Apparently not very hard as Corsair CUE already has this ability for their RGB keyboard and mouse peripherals. However Corsair Commander pro (QUOTE: The key to controlling all your cooling and lighting), and by association Corsair Link does not have this feature. While im on the subject.. why is there two different programs, independent of each other for controlling RGB components? Corsair could easily build a database of games or have a community driven database of games with auto loading profiles for each. I have a RGB keyboard and mouse from another maufacturer that has this feature. When i start GTA V my Keyboard and mouse loads a default profile from its database. This profile has the signature green of the GTA V logo on the keys. When i am "wanted" in game the keys flash blue and red. Corsair could easily have built a database that had similar features for its Corsair Link software. Imagine if the Link program had reactive lighting??? Imagine playing Rainbow Six Siege and the lighting turned orange or blue depending on the team you were in. Imagine playing Rocket League and the RGB lighting left out a fire work effect every time a goal was scored. Imagine playing a RPG like Dark Souls and every time died the lighting did a blood dripping red effect. This... in my view has so much more potential and is so under-utilized.
  3. Last night, I got a Corsair Link Node pro and I use a 6 HD120 fans + 4 RGB Strips + Case 570X with Corsair link node pro. After I boot up my pc and use corsair link is work great then I update a firmware. My fans are all working but the RGB only work 3. So, I switch back to use a hub from my case the RGB work all of them. I have no idea what I should do. If anyone have the same issue and you can figure out. Please help!! Thanks for helping If you need any information, please feel free to ask PS. sorry for my bad English
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