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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I just set up Commander Pro and hooked up all the temperature probes, but they do seem to display values offset by +600°C: Its the same whether viewed in iCue or Link. Device firmware version is 0.08.210 and a reflash does not help. Do I just have a faulty unit, or can this be fixed with software? Thanks
  2. My h110i is no longer detected I have checked device manager and nothing is there tried link and icue that doesnt pick it up I have also uninstalled both link and icue and tried siv and siv just says there is no AIO installed can see any usb devices trying to be installed and all installed ones say they are working properly but none of them are corsair products. I have also tried different usb cables plugged in externally and the device still doesnt show up anywhere.
  3. Hallo zusammen, ich hatte ursprünglich ein Problem mit dem Anpasasen der default Farbe des "Dominator Platinum Airflow RGB" ohne Software im Hintergrund laufen zu lassen, bin dann aber selbst zu einer Lösung gekommen. Ich will hier kurz die Lösung festhalten, falls jemand das gleiche Problem haben sollte. Außerdem habe ich zur Lösung auch noch eine kurze Rückfrage. Die LEDs der Lüfter leuchten im default im "Regenbogen" Modus, was ich eher weniger schön fand. Ich wollte ein statisches Rot haben. Die Anleitung sieht vor, dass man die Farbe mit der Corair Link Software anpasst, was auch ohne Probleme geklappt hat. Leider muss dafür die Software im Hintergrund laufen, was ich nicht wollte. Beendet man die Link Software, lief es wieder im "Regenbogen" Modus. Ich habe es dann mit der iCUE Software versucht, welche laut Anleitung aber nicht dafür vorgesehen ist. Hier habe ich bei den Einstellungen "HD-Lüfternabe mit 2 angeschlossenen Lüftern" gewählt und die entsprechenden Farbeinstellungen vorgenommen. Diese blieben auch nach dem Beenden der Software (entfernen aus dem Autostart, Dienste etc.) und nach einem Neustart bestehen. Nun meine Frage: Gibt es evtl. einen Grund, wieso ich die Einstellungen für den "Dominator Platinum Airflow RGB" nicht mit der iCUE Software vornehmen sollte? Vielen Dank für euer Feedback. MfG problem PS: Ich habe diesen Thread im Bereich "Allgemeine Fragen" erstellte, da er meines erachtens nach auch in den Bereich "Kühlung", "Arbeitsspeicher", "iCUE" und "Link" gepasst hätte.
  4. Hello, I just recently upgraded my old H115i to the Pro model. I did so because my new case is shorter than before and didn't allow the thicker tubes on the old model to fit inside and bend to the CPU socket. Along with installing the new AIO, I downloaded the iCUE software to go along with it. I created a custom profile in iCUE with a fan curve identical to the one I was using with the older H115i with Corsair Link, and I mapped the graph to correspond with the CPU package temperature. Here's where the problems arise. Whenever my processor comes under an intensive load, the fan speed shoots up way above the limitations I set on my fan curve. For the temperature my processor was at, the fan speed should've been around 1000rpm and instead it was around 1600rpm. The first time that happened I double checked the curve in the software to make sure it saved, which it did. The second time, I abandoned my custom curve to try a default one, specifically the quiet preset, and the problem still persists. After a few times of trying different profiles in iCUE and getting the same results I finally set the fans to a fixed RPM, which did work. Funny enough, fixed speed percentage doesn't work. I tried setting my fans to 10% and the RPM again shot up to 1800 rpm. So after no luck with the profiles in iCUE, I thought maybe Corsair Link would fix the fan curve problems. Unfortunately, the exact same issues happened with the exact same profiles regardless of which software was being used. So I don't know where to go from here, the reason I posted this thread in the cooling section and not with iCUE threads is because the only component I haven't troubleshooted that must be the problem here is the AIO itself. I don't know if I have a case to RMA the unit and get a new one, or if there is a magic switch somewhere in the software that I'm not seeing that will clear up my problems instantly. Also, the fans I'm using with the H115i are a pair of ML 140 pros. They are the same fans I used with the older H115i so I can't imagine they're the cause of the problem, but in case they are that's them. I appreciate any help you guys can give me, thanks.
  5. Hey Everyone, So i recently purchased a new system, and i got it built in a 460X case, and added the RGB LED Lighting strips + Light Node Pro to the build (i paid a shop to assemble for me so should all be configured correctly). What i am looking to do is disconnect the Fans from the case controls, and link it to the LNP so i can control the fans using the iCUE software as well. Currently i only have the 3 Pin 2 wire female to female cable, however when i plug this from the 6 port LED hub into the LNP, the RGB on the fans flicker on and off quickly - like a random strobe light (they should be constant). The cable that goes from the case controller into the 6 port LED hub has 3 wires, however the extension cable i tried only has 2 wires (photo attached of the cable i have). I am hoping a 3 wire cable with the same pin/connector will resovle my issue, however i have no idea where i can buy one of these, or if it will in fact solve the problem. just to clarify, i am looking for the blue cable in the attached wiring diagram i will post below. Hoping there is an expert here that has run into the same problem and can provide advice.
  6. Hey Leute Erstmal Hallo an euch! Das hier ist mein erster Beitrag in diesem Forum also verzeiht mir eventuelle Ungenauigkeiten. Also zuerst zu meinem Problem: Ich habe Gestern mein neues System aufgebaut, Windows installiert, Link 4 installiert, und es lief perfekt. Dann aber sollte ich das erste Windows-Update machen. Nach Abschluss dieses updates wollte ich nochmal bei "Link" reinschauen und es wurden mir keine Geräte angezeigt. Auch die Lüftersteuerung stehjt wohl auf 'Automatik' da sich der ganze PC gefühlt etwas lauter anhört als zuvor. Zu meinem System: Ich habe eine H115i und zu den 2 Radiator-Lüftern noch zwei zusätzliche System-Lüfter für die Abluft. Ich habe keinen Mini-Commander verbaut. (Der thread den ich gefunden habe, der meinem Problem am ähnlichsten war bezog sich auf den Commander) Meine Frage an euch ist jetzt natürlich, ist das durch das Windows-update passiert, oder sollte ich noch etwas anderes checken? Und wie kann ich das Problem allgemein lösen? MfG Flore90
  7. So last night i tried to pull up corsair link to view my temperatures, and it does not detect ANY device.. i have 6 corsair ML fans, a corsair psu, and corsair LED's. nothing pops up in corsair link though? nothing has changed, i didnt even open my computer in the last several weeks, and up until last night everything, even including the thermal sensors where showing up and working correctly, so i dont know whats going on.
  8. The thread http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=172247 said the 0 rpm fan problem was solved. I think I am getting that issue now, and it causes the fan LEDs to pause and "jump". At random times, the fans disappear from the Corsair Link 4 window. I have 12 Corsair LL140 fans LED connectors connected to 2 Corsair RGB Fan LED Hubs connected to the Corsair Commander Pro. 6 fans power connectors are connected to the Commander Pro. 4 fans power connector are connected to the MB RAD FAN. 2 fans power connectors are connected to Corsair Hydro Series H115i 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler. I have a Corsair Commander Mini connected to the Commander Pro for the LEDs on the Corsair Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan and the LINK DIC on the Corsair HX850i. Everything worked fine before removing the Corsair Lighting Node Pro and installing the Commander Pro. I have a internal USB 2.0 header 4+2 hub connected to the MB internal USB 2.0 header. I have combined a couple of devices that used a single side of the internal USB connector. The Corsair devices I have that I want to control the LEDs with CL4: 12 LL140 Fans Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan Hydro Series H115i 280mm HX850i Note: I had the problem before installing the ASUS AURA software, and uninstalling it did not cure the problem. It started before I installed the MSI MYSTIC software. I have not yet tried removing the Commander Mini to see if that stops it.
  9. Hellllllp I currently have 2xLL120 RGB 3 pan packs. Using one of the included lighting node pro's I get the following problem. Add fans 1-3 in the corsair link software, all 3 fans work perfectly, full control add fan 4 in the corsair link software, Fan 4 does not light and there is no control add fan 5 in the corsair link software and fan 4 lights up with full control add fan 6 in the corsair link software and fan 5 lights up with full control Fan 6 stays dark, swap fans 5 and 6 in the hub and fan 6 then works. Tried reflashing the firmware initially all fans light up, but as soon as you try to control them the issue above reappears. Tried the other lighting node pro from the second 3 fan pack and the same thing happens. Tried an older version of the link software and no different This is doing my nut in, any help would be appreciated cheers Ian
  10. I’m about to order some LL140 Fans and I was wondering is it possible to address each LED in the fan? Like 13 out of 14 lights on the fan be blue and one be green? Anyone know if this is possible?
  11. Hallo Leute Ich habe eine wichtige Frage. Ich habe in meinem Gehäuse (Crystal 570x) drei SP Lüfter 120mm / drei HD Lüfter 120mm und eine Ligthing Node Pro (4 RGB Strips) eingebaut. Nun will ich herausfinden, wie ich die RGB Beleuchtungen dieser drei Komponenten mit der Software (Corsair Link) steuern kann. Wie muss ich das ganze anschliessen und brauche ich noch ein commander pro? Ich würde mich sehr über eine Antwort freuen. Mainboard: ASUS STRIX Z270E GAMING
  12. Has anybody else experienced this issue? I've logged a ticket for help and had no reply. This is on Windows 10 Pro 1703 build 15063.540. CUE2 v2.15.83 and Link 4 v4.8.0.82 do not work together, with the latter installed CUE2 stops recognising my STRAFE RGB Silent keyboard but does see my M65 mouse. Remove Link 4 and everything works again. So I uninstalled Link 4 v4.8.0.82 and went back to v4.5.0.55 and it worked but was hit and miss as to whether or not it would display my CPU temps. I upgraded to Link 4 v4.7.0.77 and it all still worked together but was still hit and miss as to showing CPU temps. I've invested a fair amount of money in 6 HD120 RGB fans, a Lighting Node Pro and a Commander Pro [not to mention the cost of the keyboard and mouse] only to have nothing but issues with the software conflicts and I can get no answer from Corsair. If anyone has seen this issue and fixed it....please let me know what you did.
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