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Found 9 results

  1. In the latest iCue (version 4.13.223 at the time of this writing), I wish there should be a way to add new devices to all existing 'Lighting Links' at the click of a button (or automatically) without having to delete and re-add to each and every profile--of which I have many. This is very annoying since I just got through several profiles after adding two more Corsair Vengeance memory cards; and then recently bought three more SP 120 RGB fans, requiring using the included Lighting Node Core module, and have to go through similar process all over again. At the very least I wish there was an option to choose an "existing lighting link" in the devices 'Lighting Link' drop down menu under 'Lighting Effects'.
  2. Hey all, I've seen one or two posts about this but they're all pretty dated. As RGB builds get more and more ridiculous, users begin to require multiple RGB controllers/hubs. I know I currently have 3 in my set up (Commander, lighting node, and lightning node pro) and I've often run into the following issue: Within a few minutes of creating an animation across fans and LED strips, the lights will no longer be in sync with that of other lights from another controller. For example: My lighting animation, which runs a custom wave over my fans, requires me to use my lighting node pro along with my commander since I have 8 case fans. The two lower fans that I'm running on my Commander, after about a minute or two, will no longer be synced with the animation running on my lighting node pro. My main reason in writing this is to hopefully have some recognition from corsair on this topic as well as to hopefully have the issue remedied. They've proven with "Lighting Link" that they can manage to sync the clocks over more than one controller. Can we get the same clock sync to be persistent with all effects and not just Lighting Link effects? In a perfect world it'd be insanely great to have a lighting visualizer implemented into iCUE where you could arrange your RGB components in a virtual setting so that Lighting Link effects as well as custom effects and animations would have a little more control. But this is a far fetched dream of mine and much harder and more expensive than ensuring the clocks for the controllers syncing.
  3. Bonjour, Je possède un clavier k55 rgb et celui ci n'est pas compatible avec la fonction lighting link. Au début, je me suis dit que c'était certainement du a une incompatibilité du matériel mais, j'ai trouvé un tutoriel qui expliquait que la fonction existait sur la version 3.1.133 du Corsair utility engine. J'ai donc installé celle-ci et cela fonctionnait effectivement. J'ai malheureusement du revenir à la dernière version du logiciel suite à une incompatibilité de mon casque (un Corsair hs 60 pro) avec l'ancienne version. Ensuite, suite à une mauvaise manipulation de ma part en réinstallant le logiciel ICUE (je n'ai pas supprimé les réglages) cela fonctionne toujours mais lorsque je cherche à changer les réglages du clavier, le logiciel se ferme. Je me doute que je n'ai fait que provoquer un bug mais cela renforce mon idée qu'il serait possible de rendre le K55 compatible avec le lighting link. Est-il donc possible de voir cette fonction arriver dans de futures versions d'ICUE?
  4. Hi, it seems that my keyboard doesn't have lighting link mode when in wireless mode. I bought this keyboard a month ago and I could use lighting link on all of my devices when using wirelessly. Today I updated keyboard firmware and iCUE and lighting link seems to be only on wired mode. How can I bring it back? I attached screenshoots how it looks in iCUE. Wireless mode seems to have only predefined lighting modes.
  5. So I've been watching some videos of Razer products and saw the software for the products and they have something which I wished Corsair ICUE did and that is to be able to rearrange where your Corsair Products are on the software to where the product actually is on your desk as not everyone has their ST100 between their Keyboard and Mouse so it would be nice to move the ST100 in the software to the location it is in Real Life so the lighting link is in sync.
  6. I have recently updated to the newest version of iCue and am now having issues. About a week ago I installed the H150i Liquid Cooler and while that has been great, iCue has not. I do not have the option to use Lighting Link in any of my RGB products anymore (Glaive RGB, ST100 RGB, the new Vengeance RGB and the Lighting Node Pro which has 3 LL fans connected to it and then 4 Corsair RGB Strips). Before installing cooler, Lighting Link was available but now it is gone. I have diabled USB Legacy in BIOS, Corsair USBxp is enabled in device manager and all connections seem to be just fine. All lights are working on all devices, I just can't take advantage of the Lighting Link feature to sync up all my lights. Any advice?
  7. Good afternoon, I have been using Corsair peripherals for quite some time. Previously I was using a K95 RGB alongside a Logitech G600. I had the K95 set up to have a static color blue backlight plus a rainbow ripple expansion per key on keypress that expanded out. I recently expanded out to a K95 RGB Platinum, a Polaris pad, and a Scimitar Pro and am exploring Lighting Link. I can set up my choice of a static blue backlight *OR* the rainbow ripple expansion from keypress, but cannot combine them. I have checked for software updates and updated firmware as appropriate. I have made sure to try using both on-board and non- profiles. I am not sure if I have defective hardware or software or if this feature is in progress or just not being implemented at all (in which case I wasted several hundred dollars possibly). ***EDIT*** THANK YOU FOR RELEASING THIS UPDATE, IT IS GLORIOUS!
  8. dpshears


    Made a post when the ICUE first launched about how awesome this was for the K55 keyboard. gave it a whole bunch of options and access to link everything with the LIGHTING LINK for all of my peripherals. I was over the moon happy about it. Have plenty of lovely and high quality videos in case there was any doubt of it linking before. i love this keyboard and found that the only downfall was that limitation. ICUE fixed that. I have updated to version 3.2.87 and this has completely undid EVERYTHING that I was so happy about. Yes it is a lower end keyboard, but they made this keyboard a lot better and gave it a tremendous bang for your buck in conjunction with the software. this was a swift slap in the face. absolutely HORRIBLE Update and has made this keyboard look completely out of place in my setup now. My setup consists of many compents from corsair. Currently i have a VS500 PSU, Vengence LPX ram, 4xAF120 case fans, Glaive, MM800C, ST100, and even just got my system set up in a Spec-04 TG. I love corsair, but this was honestly enough to shake my faith in this brand and kind of make me not even want use my computer at the moment. To be fair, I still have a VERY nice setup. this is a first world problem if there ever was one. it's just depressing to see my keyboard in my setup look so out of place now. Spent a lot of time and money getting my setup right. Luckily i took pictures and videos the day before the update so i know how things COULD be. all because a few lines of code. the keyboard can handle it, i have proof of that, not sure why it was taken out.
  9. Greetings Corsair User Forums, I recently switched my interface ecosystem from Razer to Corsair. Razer Synapse 3 had a feature where you could specify the layout of devices, so when something like a blue rainbow wave went from left to right, it would light up the LEDs of the devices in sequence based on where they were on your desk. I notice that Corsair Lighting Link does the same thing (I am using Color Wave currently) but does not allow you to specify the layout of your devices (at least not that I can find). My specific example is I have my ST100RGB/Void Pro to the left of my keyboard, then my keyboard, then my mouse and MM800. The light wave begins from the keyboard and goes to the right across the keyboard, then mouse and mouse paid, and then wraps around to the ST100 which is on the left. Is there any way to specify in CUE that the ST100 is on the left so the wave starts there then moves right across all the devices? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
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