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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am currently experiencing a lighting problem with my Corsair K68 RGB keyboard. So I'm running on the default lighting profile (Spiral Rainbow), and when I start up my PC, the RGB works fine, but after a while, maybe 30 minutes or 1 hour, the green color and any other color related to it (yellow, orange...) just stop working, and I'm left with red, blue, and purple. If I turn off the computer or unplug the keyboard and let it "rest" for a couple of hours, then plug in again, the lights continue to work normally, again for a while, before the problem kicks in again. The longer I let it rest, the longer the keyboard works properly before encountering the problem. Here is a video of how when the keyboard works as it should: And here is another video of when the problem starts occuring: I've tried upgrading iCUE and the keyboard's firmware to the latest version, making a brand new profile and add the lighting effects in, performing a "soft" reset by holding the ESC key while unplugging and replugging the keyboard, but nothing seems to fix the issue. I'd appreciate any advice. Thank you all very much for reading.
  2. I've been using this version of iCUE for a while and had no issues, until I noticed that the "Play from pressed key" option is missing from the custom ripple effect settings. Here's an example..
  3. Got a bunch of issues that randomly started occurring and it is seemingly a software issue. Basically, the profile I have set and applied to my K70 RGB MK.2 and H100i Pro keeps randomly shutting off. It does one of two things, goes completely black on both the keyboard and cooler, or it turns on some weird multi-colored array with white and bronze colors among others. From what I can tell this usually only happens when I either lock my computer and come back after a fair bit of time, or after I turn it back on from sleep. When I fully close iCUE and re-open it, it applies the color profile I have perfectly fine, but it never stays. When it either goes fully black or has the weird multi-colored array it doesn't take any changes in iCUE (even instant lighting) until I fully close and reopen the program. Things I've Tried: Updating iCUE Checking for firmware updates/forcing current update through Clearing Memory on Keyboard Reinstalling/Unistalling iCUE Here's some screenshots I took of iCUE when the lighting issues have occured, and what it looks like normally: https://imgur.com/a/0j7NIv9 I've also attached a .zip file containg the system info / logs export from iCUE. Hopefully I can get this fixed cause it's driving me nuts. Also as a sidenote, the only RGB software I have installed currently aside from iCUE is MSI Mystic Light to control my motherboard and graphics card lighting. I did have G.SKILL's lighting control for their RAM installed at one point but it never worked for my kit so I uninstalled it (another issue I'll have to deal with eventually). System Info & Logs.zip
  4. Hi everyone, Complete CUE beginner here so I'm assuming that's the issue, but my K70 LUX (just red, not RGB) keyboard won't light up on computer startup until I start the CUE software. After the software is started, it can be closed, and the lights stay on. If the computer is put to sleep and then woken up, the lights will come on. It is only an issue on complete restarts. I just got the keyboard earlier this week, and on my first use it worked fine (I believe it lit up before Windows had booted). This issue began when I installed the CUE. I've set my lighting profile (just a solid red) to the default, and saved it to the device memory. Any ideas?
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