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Found 8 results

  1. I recently upgrades my cooling, but before that my ram RGB was out of order. If i used visor it would always go off moments after hitting any button. so it didn't matter where i click it would light up with the same amount of time. I upgraded the cooling to a iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX, after installing the lights all work but now the H100i and the fans are out of order where they go right after the ram. so my visor effect isn't working because non of the lights go in a single path they split off into 2 path with the same color. so its like what the visor should be. but take the ram and coolers out of the sequence and it have it go off earlier at the same time as the correct way. how do i go about fixing the order?
  2. There should be an option for the lightning effects on the DOMINATOR PLATINUM RAM modules to have more lights activate the more RAM is used. If you have 2 modules, say you're on idle, maybe about 8 out of the 24 lights are on. But when you start a game and it goes into your RAM, maybe about 19 out of those 24 lights are filled.
  3. Whats up guys, I have a question about the key "Pause break" in my K70 RGB. how does it work ?? And I saw many times in youtube videos, it is used for change the lighting in the keyboard. How can I do that ?? Thanks and sorry about my english :o:
  4. How do you get imported profile's lighting effects to work? I have been able to select the default lighting effects that come with the software and have also been able to (supposedly) import profiles but once they are imported and selected the keyboard goes dark. I assumed it would just work upon selecting the imported profile, but am I missing some setting or option to enable the lighting effects? The profiles say they are comparable with the current version of icue (3.10) I am using a Lenovo Y730. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I've been using Corsair's Utility engine for a couple of years now and I love it. Recently I have been noticing issues with some of the lighting effects though. I want to say that it was when it changed to iCUE from just CUE. I could be wrong, but it was just a few updates ago and it has been bugging me because the effects are not the way they used to be. In particular, effects that swipe across seem to be a little choppy since I updated it. Speaking more towards the visor effect - it used to pan across smoothly. When I tried to implement it in my lighting set up after the update, it does it more like a blip per light/lighting zone (on the mm800 mousepad) and it looks weird. To explain it in a little more detail, imagine the way the lights shift when in the rainbow wave effect, very smooth and not a dark spot separating colors. When the visor effect is on, it goes in a sequential order but it is more of a light by light movement rather than a smooth fade. Basically it looks like the next light doesn't come on until the previous one has gone back to dark (or whatever color your other effects make it). It sort of reminds me of a stop light or lights used for drag racing or something; each zone is distinct rather than a smooth movement between them. The same goes for any wave motion lighting effect. I notice it the same way with color wave. It is harder to see in rainbow wave but it is still slightly there, and spiral rainbow is not noticeable if at all. Also note that with the color wave it is significantly less severe on the keyboard (I have the k95 platinum). It is slightly there at slow speeds, and it is definitely there with visor at slow speeds. With the mousepad, you can even see the choppy movement in the iCUE software window. I hope that someone can see what I am talking about so my explanation makes sense. If need be, I can attach a video. Is there a fix for this or a plan to fix it soon?
  6. I noticed that when I launch Diablo 3, my K68 RGB uses the native lighting settings and I can't get it to use the profile I made for it instead. My Glaive still uses my custom profile, but not my keyboard. With my Razer peripherals, there's an option to use the native game lighting "preset" profile or my own custom profile; is there an option to do this in iCUE that I'm somehow missing?
  7. ADVANCED OPTION DOENS'T WORK ON K55 (So you can change directions of the wave and other things.) So I bought K55 and it game pretty much yesterday, and then I just installed CUE because I didn't had the patience of pressing the keys to configure colors and macros. When I saw the CUE, i got pretty confused, but that wasn't the problem at all. The problem is that it doens't have many options to do what you want to, you cant make your on light set on the keyboard, you can't change the rainbow waves direction on the progam, etc. As Corsair have a lot of costumers that are buying new keyboards and stuff, I don't think that they are going to add new features and implement new ways of configuring the lighthing. Ps: Even if I try to modify the lighting into the keyboard without the progam, it doens't let me change even the colors. So to do that I need to close the CUE and then try again, but when I open it later, it just restore everything I did before; and the advanced option doens't work.
  8. Hi I have a GLAIVE RGB mouse with the following problem, when in the CUE2 I set the "lighting effects" and I put the option "rainbow" the Cursor does a lag effect or lock, this does not happen when I put the option of "static color", but in the other option if it happens again, what could be the problem? Thank you
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