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Found 7 results

  1. I newly got the Corsair K60 RGB Pro Low Profile keyboard and am really happy with it. The RGB is amazing and this is my first mechanical keyboard. I am; however, a little dismayed at the flexibility with the lighting/integrations. The only lighting mode that is there in iCUE is that of Void Visualizer. I select it on my keyboard and the visualizer does not work. I read on some reddit posts and other forums that for this to work on any corsair keyboard, there needs to be a Wallpaper Engine wallpaper that is audio responsive. If you do not want to use wallpaper engine, then you need to have a corsair audio accessory to be able to use this feature. Is there any way where the Visualizer can work without the audio accessory on the keyboard? There even seems to be a lacking in the RGB profiles for software, for example there is no Discord Plugin/integration that can display Discord notifications and other things on the keyboard. Also, a long shot, but is there any way to integrate lighting from other companies also? I have a SteelSeries rival 600 mouse and a SteelSeries Arctis 5 headphone. My laptop itself is a Lenovo Legion Y740 that has iCUE enabled lighting so it would essentially be unifying the RGB of all the devices.
  2. I'm just starting to learn the SDK, as an exercise I was trying to recreate the "Type lighting Key" effect under type lighting in the default profile. I was able to make each individual key light up simultaneously as in the default effect using threads, but when I hit the same key twice, the color does not completely change like the default one, rather it goes into a weird color changing effect due to two threads being spawned (one thread per key stroke). Can someone help me regarding how to fix this. PS:- Im new to c++ but have a fair knowledge in coding. Attached some code as well. text_highlight.txt
  3. i got a corsair k70 lux rgb and i was wondering if there was a way to keep my lighting affects going even when i lock my pc. Each time i lock my computer it goes back to the default lighting effects which is the fps preset that is set from the from the factory and sometimes when i go to unlock my computer it doesnt connect and stays as the default lighting which again is the fps preset (red all around except for the WASD and arrow keys) and is really annoying because the only way to get my lighting preset is to restart the computer. i know its not that big of a deal but something thats kinda annoys me.
  4. I have a new Corsair Harpoon mouse and iCue sees it when iCue is active. I suppose I'm missing something in how iCue works because I can't seem to get the lighting effects in the logo zone to change. I'd like to turn the lighting off to preserve the mouse's battery but nothing I do seems to make a difference. A little background information: My Harpoon (mouse) is connected to the laptop by BT using the dongle. I was also able to connect the mouse using the laptop's BT directly but when doing that iCue would not 'see' the mouse and showed no devices attached. The problem I'm seeing is when the mouse is attached with BT to the dongle. This is my first Corsair purchase so I am ignorant of how iCue is supposed to work with the various attachments. I'm probably missing something simple.
  5. Seems like FarCry 5 is the only game that utilizes the lighting integration within the game. I was wondering if any other game(s) also use that feature as well. Or will Corsair team up wit devs in the future perhaps? Would be dope as hell.
  6. Hello everyone, im new here and i do RGB profiles for a year now. It's time to share my stuff :biggrin: All of my profiles are made on my proper stuff, so some devices can be forgot. This is just lighting sharing, no personal action, EG, DPI, perf HID, notification or settings config' so your rams and mouse need to has some tunning to match like mine. Supported devices/component: -Lighting node pro: (for commander pro user, you need to copy all effects from node pro to library and paste it into commander pro lighting effect) •canal1: HD Fans (5fans 120mm) •canal2: Leds strip (4strips) -ram vengeance rgb pro (:!: :!: set brightness at mid-capacity in icue settings and turn software control on) -Void pro rgb (mine is usb but i dont think this is important) -ST100 stand for headphone -mm800 polaris rgb -scimitar rgb pro (:!:you need to change dpi color by yourself) -strafe rgb mk.2 My most recently work is this "80's style cyberworld" or "cyberpunk neon" or "[insert reference of blue&pruple theme here]" Download: retro neon profile or Alex Krastev website and custom icone for all of my profile First look: Sorry for bad picture quality but its just a first look, as always lighting effet are better in real. RAM(don't forget to set lighting at mid-capacity into icue settings)/HDFAN: STRAFE MK.2: SCIMITAR PRO: (you need to change dpi color by yourself) quick look: (wtf i dont know why this two pictures rotate by themselves) Download: retro neon profile or Alex Krastev website and custom icone for all of my profile I have more profile to share, see you soon!
  7. I was wondering if anyone or if possible Corsair could tell me if the gaming keyboard K55 RGB Keyboard has a specific effect called "typing ripple effect"? I want to know before i buy one because i want a keyboard that has that specific effect.
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