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Found 21 results

  1. Hi All - When iCue is on, the DPI light on my mouse turns off after about 5 seconds after clicking/holding the sniper button (or changing DPI). What is weird is that after I set up my hardware lighting and close iCue - the DPI light stays on as expected instead of turning off after about 5 seconds. The mouse functionality is still fine though. So just curious if this is how iCue wants the light functionality to work. I've tried searching this topic but the only thread I found was from here: This is pretty much the same situation as mine, but I'm on iCue v. 4.32.129 now so rolling back to 4.27 is probably too far back. I've reset my mouse (unplugged it, hold down left and right click, plugged it back in) and I've also done a clean reinstall as written here: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025166712-Perform-a-clean-reinstallation-of-the-Corsair-Utility-Engine-iCUE- It is also connected directly to my Windows 11 PC (not laptop) in a USB 3.0 port. Mouse Firmware v. 1.16.41 Thanks!
  2. Hace unos dias bajo el brillo de mis Corsair Void Elite Wireless a 0 a traves del software Icue, en la seccion de configuraqcion de dispositivo. Desde ese dia no puedo subir el brillo, aunque puedo cambiar las opciones de iluminacion pero no se ve nada, pues el brillo esta en 0. La iluminacion funciona bien, pues al desconectrarse los audifonos los led prenden sin problema. Alguien tiene una solucion Gracias
  3. Bonjour, Depuis ce matin, le logiciel ICUE refuse que j'augmente la luminosité de casque Corsair . J'ai essayer de chercher des mis-à-jours, de redémarrer le logiciel ICUE et mon PC, mais rien n'y fait. Et le "curseur" pour augmenter la luminosité du casque est grisé et est bloqué à 0%, ce qui fait que seul mon casque est éteint. Avez-vous une solution à me proposé ? Merci d'avance.
  4. I recently bought a K70 RGB MK2 and I noticed that you cannot change the color of three small white LED indicators for num lock, caps lock, scroll lock. they default to white. but upon closer inspection I found out that the indicators are actually RGB, after tinkering through icue software for hours, I could not find any possible method to change their colors. today weirdly when I turned on my pc, the indicators turned cyan (the color I've set for other keys) which means the indicators are RGB. Does anyone know how to customize those 3 indicators?
  5. Hi, I have a k70 mk2 and a glaive rgb. The glaive works fine with icue and also the macros on my keyboard work. But my keyboard is just dark. But the lighting works without iCue. I already tryed to update windows, update icue, reinstall icue, force-update the firmware, update all of my drivers, nothing did work. Thanks for any help, AragornDc
  6. Ever since upgrading my MacOS to Big Sur, the lighting effects on my K95 keyboard severely lag or freeze altogether. All inputs are still accepted and macro keys appear to be working, but the lighting just doesn't look good at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCue and have recreated my profiles from the ground up, but nothing seems to resolve the issue. Furthermore, I can't save any profiles to the onboard memory. I get an error every time saying that the keyboard has been disconnected even though it clearly hasn't. Can anyone help with this?
  7. Moin, habe mir die K95 gekauft also soweit bin ich zufrieden mit der Tastatur. Nur hab ich ein "kleines" Problem, meine Farbe Blau wird nicht angezeigt. Nun ein LightReset habe ich schon durch, genau wie Firmware Update erzwingen. Beides hat nichts gebracht. Gibt es noch mehr Möglichkeiten wie ich das Blau wieder zum laufen bringe?
  8. Hi, I would like to create a simple application which would turn off the leds when user is idle for X second, and turn all LED-s on when user is back. I need this because my computer runs about 10-16hours per day, and I'm afraid that LEDs will start to fail after a few years. Plus it is annoying that LEDs are lighting when I'm away from computer. It is possible with current iCUE SDK? I just would like to set intensity of keyboard LEDs to 0 and back to 2 (medium) when I'm back. I'm home in C, but I was unable to find a function which sets intensity of LEDs like that specific key. https://kepkuldes.com/images/4665e14128c1794281e619f37eb6a64e.jpg E: I was able to do tihs with a single key to directly switch to a black profile where LEDs are off and in this profile switch back to the main profile where LEDs are on, but the problem now is when I press Windows + L to lock my computer, LEDs will shine again. Any idea for this? But the best soluton would be in C still. Thanks!
  9. Dear Corsair, Current set: 2 x 16GB VENGEANCE RGB PRO After some random time a color of one or both of these sticks turns red/black and sometimes iCUE shows a warning sign: That's how it looks like when BUG is alive: That's how it should look like: So only iCUE app restart helps: Might a frequent computer's suspending/sleeping cause that? What might this be? Bug? Best regards
  10. Bonjour, Je vous contact a propos de 2 problèmes : 1) Icue ne sauvegarde pas mon profil, lorsque je renomme mon profil par défaut et que je relance Icue le profil s'appel "par défaut". Bien sur il ne retient pas non plus mes personnalisations. 2) [RESOLU VOIR EDIT 2] Je ne parviens pas a faire apparaitre mon clavier sur Mystic light, le SDK est pourtant activé dans Icue, mais il n'apparait pas. J'ai pourtant réussi a le faire apparaitre 2 fois sur l'interface msi (mais je ne sais pas comment). Lors des 2 apparitions je pouvais gérer l'éclairage via mystic light mais au reboot du pc icue reprend le pas et impossible de le faire réapparaitre. Les 2 problèmes sont peut être liés, et il faut savoir que je dispose de redirections de dossier avec un profil itinérant mais la totalité des autres logiciels fonctionnent correctement. Merci de m'avoir lu. [EDIT] Je viens de trouver comment le faire apparaitre sur Mystic light, il me suffit de le debrancher et de le rebrancher (au meme endroit ou ailleurs) pour le voir apparaitre, mais lorsque je reboot plus de clavier sur l'interface MSI [EDIT 2] Je viens de résoudre le problème numéro 2, en fait le problème et qu'Icue est un logiciel d'une extrême lourdeur et donc mystic light démarre avant le service d'Icue, pour résoudre le problème il suffit de lancer le service "Mystic Light Service" en mode automatique début différé. Ce qui fait que le service MSI ne démarre qu'en fin de boot Windows et donc reconnaît Icue. Mais je ne pense pas être le seul à rencontrer ce problème vu l'extrême lourdeur de Icue qui pese maintenant plus de 450Megas, Corsair pourrait faire un effort sur ce point et optimiser un peu mieux je pense. Reste toujours le probleme N°1
  11. I can't seem to get the front fans of the Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB case to light up, they do however spin. I plugged the 4 pin-header in my motherboard RGB_HEADER slot (12v). I have the Asus prime Z390-P motherboard. I made sure the arrow is in the right place and have tried installing software like AURA sync, AI suite 3 and iCUE, but they don't detect any devices. I feel like I am missing something obvious here, any suggestions? Not sure if it's relevant, but my complete build: CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Motherboard: Asus PRIME Z390-P Motherboard Memory: Kingston HyperX Fury 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory Storage: Crucial MX500 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Video Card: XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB THICC III Ultra Video Card Case: Corsair SPEC-DELTA RGB ATX Mid Tower Case Power Supply: Corsair RM (2019) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
  12. Hello, As a video is way better than stupid explanation, here's the link : [ame] [/ame] As you can see, there are lags of stutter in the lights. It happens every-time I'm loading something. A game, a window, a program,... Alt+tab to go to windows when in a game does it every time and even worse I have the h100i + 4 LL120 fans I got the RGBs cables linked to a 6 rgb slots corsair device ( can't remember the name, sorry ) which is linked to the LED slot of my commander Pro I got 2 fans cables ( 3 because it's the h100i ) linked to my motherboard ( because the slot 1 and slot 3 of my commander pro doesn't work... ) And the 3 left in the commander pro. Do you have any idea why is there some light lag ? Im starting to get desperate because it seems I'm the only one getting this problem... I don't know what to do. Here are my specs btw: CPU : I7-7700k PSU : RM1000x Corsair GPU : SLI 1080Ti x-trio msi RAM : 4x8 ddr3 Corsair Thank you,
  13. So my: S, 4 & . Keys are not changing to most colours, they all different. 4, only red s, yellow, orange & green ., blue & green i spoke with corsair a while ago who got me to try multiple software re installs and updates, and a rest with the button under one of the stands. Today just before writing i replaced the actual switches on the board and it is still doing the same thing so now I'm confused and don't know what to try. The picture attached is after i replaced the switches & static white backlight https://imgur.com/a/0DyBH7f
  14. Hi there! Recently put together a new build with a Corsair 850HX but - and this has happened a total of three times now - whenever I switch the PSU on from the back from O to I, there is a flash of white light coming from inside it somewhere for just a brief instance. Is this a normal feature of the product? Or is there some hidden damage I need to be concerned with?
  15. Is there a way I can turn off the LED inside my corsair spec omega case? I download games at night often and I just want the light off when I do this. I've tried the corsair ICUE software, it didn't pick up the case. I've tried my Mobo BIOS (H97 Pro4 by ASRock) to see if there is an option there was none. I've unplugged the power LED +/- sockets on my mobo and it still wont stop lighting up like a christmas tree! :mad: How do I turn this damm light off?
  16. So I bought some more LL120 fans because I liked the way it looked in my main build. I have an older build with the following: i7-5930k Asus X99A (just updated bios to most recent) 32 GB Crucial RAM GTX 1070 TI Intel 750 Series 1.2 TB SSD NZXT h500i Antec EDG750 PSU Problem: I installed 4 fans in the case. They all spin and can be controlled via PWM in bios. I have installed Corsair LED strips and LL120 fans before so I know how to wire them correctly on the mobo and the hub. I tested the lighting node pro and commander rgb hub in my main build, along with every single part - they all work correctly. Fans light up, fans spin, etc. So the hardware doesn't have any problems. But I also tested the SATA power cable and the USB headers on the motherboard (they light up and control the NZXT LED strips without a problem). So it appears all the USB headers work, the power supply ports and SATA power cable works, and the LL120 hardware works correctly in my main build case, but not this one. Any idea why? I opened a ticket with Corsair but we're going in circles. They're telling me I need to send them the fans but I explained I know for a fact they work, just not with this PC for some reason. The ONLY thing I haven't tried is swapping out the power supply unit to see if there's some kind of problem or compatibility issue somehow with the Antec EDG750 and the Corsair fans. My main build is a similar case without the built in LED strips - I opted for the Corsair LED strips to put with the two LL120 fans and the h115i RGB Platinum I have and everything runs flawlessly. I just don't get why I can't get these beautiful fans to light up in my secondary PC. :*( Please help!
  17. Hello all, I have a corsair 500D RGB case. I have added 1 ll120 in the back, and two ll140 on the radiator. For about 2 months the ran great. Then the first fan (preinstalled with the case) LED stopped working correctly. Then the back one. Now its both of the two radiator fans (ll140's). what happens is if I have set white instant lighting, some of the fans go white, and some go different colors. switching to blue or red causes similar issues. for one fan its just 1-2 led's that don't work (always the same ones) for other fans, all of the LED's seem to now follow instructions. if I switch to white they go blue, switch to red, they go green etc. pics below https://imgur.com/a/qLO6ijB what I have tried: reinstalling icue. no difference switching to corsair link: no difference. Removing all profiles: no difference. the default rainbow wave effect shows LED's not changing correctly. Switching LED channels on Cpro: no difference. switching fan placement on RGB fan hub: no change. Corsair is going to send out a new RGB fan hub. I kind of doubt this will fix it any help would be great.
  18. Hello. Since I've purchased the K70 RGB LUX I've been wondering about the Link option. I have a Razer mouse and headset, both of them being the same colour as my K70. I use a pulse effect on all my peripherals. I was wondering if there's a way to have both my keyboard, headset and mouse flicker at the same time? Thanks!
  19. Just got a K70 Mk.2 and like everything about it except back light on characters (!@#$%^&*( )_+<>?|{}) Also the back light for lower items on numpad: arrows, home, pg up, pg down, etc.... The numbers all look good. Just seems like any key with another character on the lower end of the key receives no light. Is this just part of the design, since the LED sits at the top part of the key? Or is it the keyboard I received? I noticed pictures on the Corsair website shows everything bright, but some Google searches look kind of like mine. Attached picture to show an example of the top row. Notice how characters are extremely dim compared to numbers?
  20. [i have a Corsair Graphite 780T white case] [ WILL the LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan — 3 Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO...] [fit on the top of the case underneath the filter or will i have to get the..] [LL140 RGB 140mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan — 2 Fan Pack with Lighting Node PRO..] [i will add a attchment so you can see what i mean..]
  21. Hi. I just bought a new Void Pro wireless SE headset. I just want to know if there is any way to disable/turn off the red light that indicates that your mic is muted. I already disabled the leds of the ear cups but I'm not able to do the same with this mic led. Since I rarely use the mic this led would be on all the time and I don't want to waste my battery charge with this. I appreciate any help.
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