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Found 6 results

  1. Get that annoying lag with your keys if you have a ripple effect or anything else? This is usually caused by high CPU usage. There is a really simple fix for this. You will have to do this each time you load the CUE Software: - Go to Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) - Select the "Details" tab - Find "CorsairHID.exe" - Right click on it and select "Set Priority" - Select "High" - There might be a message about system instability, just click "Change Priority" if the message appears. Your problem should now be fixed. It works really well with me as I have a dual core Pentium G3258 so when things get to 90-100% it can struggle doing the effects, but not anymore. Hope this helps! - Sam
  2. Hello Corsair development team! I have recently invested in a K95 platinum keyboard with ABNT2 format. I have been using it for a bit over a month now and I'm loving it. Congratulations for its excellent build quality! There are many ways to customize how the lighting is displayed in your keyboards, and I think this is really awesome. But I would like to suggest an increment to the typing lighting when a key is pressed that I think its not possible to do right now: instead of just alternating between two colors, I would like it to show the second color that I choose if it is pressed again during the light effect. That would really help identify if a key was pressed accidentally two times or just once. For example: if I press the letter A once, it should light green. But if I quickly press A while its still green, it should switch its color to red. I don't think is possible to set the typing lighting to do that with iCUE at its current version, am I right? I hope I made my point clear here, please reply if you liked my suggestion or if its possible to implement it in the near future. Thank you for your attention!
  3. I want my keyboard to change color when a macro is active (repeatedly pressing space) it is on toggle. I have tried to make a macro that activates a the other macro and switches the profile to green so i know that it is on. But the macro only presses the key on the keyboard.
  4. Hello! So I have a Corsair K55 Keyboard (spanish) and a Corsair Scimitar (I think its 12k DPI). I'm using CUE on v2.24.50... long time since last time I update this and found about Corsair ICUE. The question is, if I update my software from CUE to ICUE having a K55, would I still be able to control my keyboard's lighting (at least the basic effects like color switch, color pulse, etc) and key remapping? I've read many threads having problems with it. I was wondering if its some kind of bug or is the K55 not supported by ICUE. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi there! After trying to solve it by myself, I decided to come here and get some help, it's a bit frustating to me. a) I bought this keyboard long ago and now I decided to buy a Scimitar mouse, and when I'm trying to set up the macro's of those 12 side buttons of the mouse, I noticed that my keyboard is not lighting at all! Before I had like a spiral with multicolour and not it just it's off. I tried to put it back but I can't. I see 5 light effects and noone is the one I used to have. Can anyone help me please? b)Also I would need help about how to set up macros for the mouse since with my old mouse (with 12 keys in one side too) I used to have in the button #3 the key "Ctrl+F11" and now I can put it, I see that I can record a macro but it doesn't make the same when I record Ctrl+F11, (even if I remove the delay) and if I choose the key in a scroll list I only see 1 key, not a combination of keys, how can I put Ctrl+F11? Thanks in advance
  6. I noticed that my keyboard has a slight discoloring on the "O" key, no matter what color I pick, there is always a little read in it. Should I make an RMA or is it a bug?
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