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Found 10 results

  1. Since updating to windows 11, three and a half of my four LED strips are either bright purple or off, randomly seems to be set and stuck in the on or off state for multiple restarts, then eventually switches back to the other state. This has been going on for some time. I'd say they're off for a little more than they're on. So far I've tried updating all firmware and software for iCue, and updating windows, but I just want to know if anyone has seen this before I reinstall iCue, or start disassembling and reseating connections. Specs? 10700k, 3080 fe, msi gaming edge wifi, 2xnvme, h100i, vengeance 32gb@3200-18, 2xLL140, 1xLL120 Edit: bonus question, can you keep all profiles when re-installing iCue?
  2. Hi, I have recently built a custom loop using a CORSAIR iCUE 5000X RGB TG White case, a CORSAIR Hydro X Series XC7 RGB CPU block and a Hydro X Pump. Within 4 months of light use, several of the blue channels in the LEDs incorporated into the fans supplied with the case have failed, leaving those LEDs a bright yellow hue and unable to produce white light. In addition, several of the LEDs within the pump unit have gone the same way, leaving a yellow hue on 1/3 of the pump's lighting ring. Finally, the CPU block which produced a nice clean white light when first installed is now producing a dimmer and distinctly dirtier white light. Is this a common problem across Corsair RGB products? They seem to have used a very poor quality choice of LEDs, which should last for thousands of hours. not a couple of hundred.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm a software developer who has been working on what I call iCueConnect. iCueConnect is a Android app that allows you to control your iCUE leds in real time from anywhere in the world, as well as offers the functionality of notification controlled leds (i.e. flash your leds to the color of the app that you received a notification from). For anyone that is interested follow the two readme links below, and you'll be controlling your leds from your Android device in no time! iCueConnect-API iCueConnect-Android DISCLAIMER:I do not work for nor did I partner up with Corsair to produce this application. I am simply an enthusiast who just wanted to bring an idea to life.
  4. Hi, so for almost a year now i've had 10 QL120's installed in my PC, I build my PC all brand new, the fans are all hooked up to corsair hardware, 6 fans are connected to the Corsair Elite Capellix cooler, the other 4 are connected to a RGB hub and a Corsair commander pro, I use iCue to control the fans and lightning, so no 3th party software or hardware. Now for the problem, a few LED's from 5 fans always show a different color then what I assign it, currently it's set to all white and some LEDs are pink (as shown in the picture) this is for a few colors, with yellow it becomes red for example, and for some colors it's working perfectly fine, I've been in contact with Corsair customer support, they couldn't fix the issue and send me new fans, they worked for about a day and then it went back to acting weird. I've tried fully reinstalling all Corsair software and resetting the commander pro, elite capellix and RGB hub, this didn't help as well... I've also tried switching the connectors, it doesn't matter in what port the fan is plugged into, the same fan with the same LED's keep acting strange. I'm all out of ideas, I really hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance! Morris
  5. First of all, sorry if this has already been discussed in another thread or if it does not go here.:sigh!: The keyboard started the day with LEDs working badly, they did not change to the corresponding color (all the white keys and those that were bad were in yellow for example) and also, these were working with a different mode, moving to the right. This could not be modified, after not even with the ICUE software I could solve anything, not even updating it. I decided to restore it with the button behind, from here the keyboard does not turn on any lights except the scroll lock, num lock and caps lock, these blink constantly. As I read it is in bios mode, but I am not being able to get out of it either by touching f1 + the winblock key. I also tried restarting it by pressing the ESC key but it didn't work. In addition to all this, in ICUE, I cannot update the keyboard FW. It detects it, starts updating it, reaches 100, disconnects it from windows and is there, I have to unplug it and plug it in again to be able to use the keyboard. PLEASE HELP, I already contacted support and got no response.
  6. Moin, ich habe mir ein Corsair 680x mit schöner RGB Front geholt. Nun, diese ist leider komplett asynchron. Habe in iCue alles mögliche ausprobiert. Hilft nichts. Wenn ich Lüfter 1 beleuchte, leuchtet dieser auch. Bei Lüfter 2 Beleuchtung leuchten einfach Lüfter 2&3, bei Lüfter 3 leuchtet dieser nur oben. Anbei ein paar Fotos dies das verdeutlichen. Alle Lüfter sind richtig rum montiert. Hoffe Ihr könnt mir helfen.
  7. Hello, I bought one of these recently and I will mount the new pc in it, but I have the doubt of the LEDs that the box brings. Namely, RESET SW, POWER SW, -P LED, + P LED. When they are connected in MB, the power button is ok, the reset button, and then there is a fixed white light on the lower front, which never changes. My question is, are there no activity LEDs for the HDD ?. Greetings and thanks in advance :[pouts:
  8. All the pictures of the i145 show different colored RGB LEDs on the front. However, my unit is just blue. How do I change the colors?
  9. Hello. I'm having an odd issue with my six HD LED fans lately. When I go to bed for the night, I turn off all my LEDs as I like it dark but I leave the PC running. Lately when I set the opacity to off for the six HD fans, only one fan will turn off completely, and another turns off all but 2 LEDs, but the remaining 4 fans stay on at full opacity. I've switched the connections multiple times on both the Commander Pro and the Corsair RGB Fan LED Hub with no help. This occurs with both iCue and Link, as it first showed up when I was using Link (prefer it to iCue). I uninstalled Link then installed iCue. The problem went away for a few days using iCue, then reappeared again. I've since uninstalled and reinstalled both programs several times with the same result mentioned above. When the problem started, I reinstalled Windows 10 Pro as a clean install to try and squash the problem plus it was time for a clean reinstall, but this clean install has the same issues. I am also using the latest versions of Link and iCue, and am using iCue again at the moment. Any ideas, please? Thank you.
  10. Guten Tag, ich habe ein Problem mit meinem Corsair Node Pro. Ich habe 6 HD120 Lüfter angeschloßen ( diese Funktionieren ) und 4 Leds, von denen kein Einziger funktioniert ! :mad: Also frage ich mich nun warum, denn alles ist angesteckt und Konfiguriert! Die Stecker habe ich auch schon gewechselt und trotzdem tut sich nichts, Wenn jemand eine Idee hat schon einmal vielen Dank :biggrin:
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