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Found 7 results

  1. I made a new set up less then 2 weeks ago and decided that this ram was the look i was going for. The ram still works but the aesthetics is gone. This is a big let down for being 2 week old ram. I checked if its the motherboard slots but there good, its just that one stick.
  2. Bought this mouse a week ago. Just found out that in wired mode, the three side LEDs should display the battery level (e.g. lowest LED blinking red). However, it always just shows the DPI level. I can't find anything in the iCUE software about this. Anyone know what's causing this?
  3. Hi guys, I have a problem with my Strafe RGB keyboard, everytime I turn on the PC after a sleep the keyboard leds just turns red and there is no way to make it run with the profile that I was running before the sleep, the only way to fix it is to close iCue and open it again. I have opened a ticket few months ago and Corsair told me that it was a Windows issue and they cannot help me, but I only have problems with my keyboard my others Corsair devices run with the correct profile. Also I have seen that my iCue recognize the keyboard but in the light configuration all keys are red. Can somebody help me? :) Best regards
  4. Hi there, I've been checking all the posts related to this topic but actually couldn't find anything that could help me solving this issue... I recently built my PC, and everything works well, except the front LED logo and the power button. The pins are connected to the Power LED pins of the motherboard in the right position (I triple checked it) and none of the LEDs work. Just to see if it was a problem with the motherboard pins and not the LEDs/cable, I plugged them into the HDD LED pins, so it would blink instead of being static... But with no result either... I also tried to change the order of the cables just in case the polarity was switched, but with no success :( Is there anything I am missing? I checked that the joint of the cable is properly attached too. Everything looks correct and I tried everything I could think of. Hope somebody can throw some light! (literally lol) Thank you!
  5. Hello everyone, I just accidently spilled juice over my keyboard and it apparently got into the actual board. The keypresses still work and are recognized correctly, but after trying my best to dry it without unscrewing it and drying it from inside, as soon as I plug it in the default LED layout appears (everything red except wasd and arrow keys) on every key, so LEDs themselves seem to work fine. Yet after about 1-2 seconds, when the utility engine profile would load, the lights stay turned off. Has anyone had this specific problem before or does anyone have any neat tips or tricks to try and dry it as good as possible without opening the case of the keyboard? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello, im new here. I recently bought VENGEANCE RGB memories 2x8 3000mhz, in the software "Link" I can see the square with the information of the memory, but I can not see the square with the colors (to be able to change them) I would like to know the reason. My mother is a H270 Gamming 3 (currently I can change the color of memories from the gigabyte RGB tool, but not rainbow style, only static and pulse). Im ussing windows 8.1 atm and i will not install windows 10 (thats why i boutht 6th gen proccesor and not 7th)
  7. So I received my M65 rgb earlier today and it's splendid, been messing around with the cue software and have finally got a hang of it, there is one issue though. Whenever I try and change the color I have around the scroll wheel it tends to go to this aquamarine color or blue, I'm not sure why. I have no problem changing the other two lights whenever but for some reason the scroll wheel's led is giving me trouble. Side question: Are there supposed to be two leds at the scroll wheel? At one point the right side of the scroll wheel was white and the left was blue but now the left side is brighter, I'm actually worried that if there is one on the right side suddenly burned out :confused: Sidenote: Sometimes it does change correctly, very very rarely though, and sometimes it just reverts to that blue a short time later. Update*: The scroll-wheel led seems to only want to turn blue or green now no matter what color I pick. I pick red, it turns green. I pick another color it goes blue. New Update: Sometimes upon switching to some colours (not sure if its particular colours) the led will start to flicker once about every 10 seconds. I have made sure to have the option for the lighting to end at a certain interval for example 10 seconds unchecked. The intervals at which it flickers changes if I change the time at which it would end if it the box were checked. For example, if I have the box not checked and change the point at which it would end from 10 to 15 seconds instead the flicker will occur at 15 seconds instead of 10.
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