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Found 11 results

  1. Hello! I recently bought the RGB Expansion Kit and have spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to get iCue to recognize it. I am trying to set up the 4 RGB strips with to the existing RGB hardware that came preinstalled in my Spec-Omega RGB Case. In my iCue software I only see the following devices... Corsair Keyboard, Corsair Mouse, Corsair Mousepad, Hi115 Platinum, Vengeance RGB, Spec-Omega Case (Photo Attached Below) I'm able to control each device properly except for the NoPro that is in the Spec-Omega Case. In order to control or select the NoPro I have to select the Case and then select Lighting Setup on the left hand side. This allows me to adjust the lighting hardware (which I assume is the NoPro that was preinstalled in the case). At the bottom of the iCue window I have two different lighting channels. Channel 1 is LOCKED on "Spec-Omega RGB" and Channel 2 is able to be changed. When I change channel 2 (Currently connected to the RGB Fan Hub) I am able to select either the LED strips that I bought with the expansion - up to 6 strips. I'm able able to select the LL fans that I have - up to 6 fans. I'm NOT able to select both the strips and the fans. This makes sense to me since each channel on the NoPro can only cover 6 RGB channels. This is where my issue lies...I am not able to select anything for Channel 1 on the NoPro that was preinstalled into the case because it is locked to the "Spec-Omega RGB". (Grayed out example in image below). Ideally I would like to use Channel 1 on the NoPro to daisy chain all 4 expansion strips and the lighting strip that is installed in the front of the Spec-Omega case. Keeping channel 2 in use for my RGB Fan hub that is connected to my 4 system fans. Is there any way to unlock channel 1 so that it is selectable? Maybe through resetting the NoPro? Is this NoPro I have not actually a true NoPro because it was what came preinstalled in the case? What are my best options to have the RGB working for my 4 LL fans, 4 expansion LED Strips and my two Liquid Cooler Radiator Fans? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Simple story. My 4 LED strips randomly shut off for half a second and then turn on again. Anybody got a fix?
  3. Hello, Everything in my build is iCue compatible except for the GPU. I was contemplating pulling my EVGA RTX 2080 ti XC Ultra apart and disabling the EVGA LED's and installing a Corsair LED strip in the card. I'm curious if anyone has ever disabled EVGA's crappy RGB and installed a LED strip in the shroud to light it up. Maybe not disable them as I can just shut them off, but I'd like anyone's feedback on adding a strip to it so I can sync it with everything else. I'd find it hard to believe if no one has done this :laughing:. Any feedback would be appreciated. EVGA's RGB is super antiquated compared to iCue and it's bugging the crap out of me! Thanks!
  4. Hi, I just bought the Lighting Node Pro with the RGB strips and installed it in my PC. first I ran into the problem that they didn't work but ICue did see them. Turned out to be a bad cable.. Off to a good start... Now they are working properly and I set up the Node in ICue with 4 strips as I have all 4 strips in order from Left -> Bottom -> Right -> Top. Now when I put it to any static mode it obviously works fine. As well as for the Sequential and Visor, it just works fine. See examples here: https://imgur.com/a/1Xxe4qB But when I set it to Color Wave I see that it is off. The wave which should transfer nicely from one to the other does this fine on the ones that are connected to each other. But when it goes from the 4th to the 1st you see that it starts way too early. This also slightly happens on the Rainbow Wave, but not nearly as much as with the Color Wave. I hope there is a sollution for this as Color Wave is the main animation I use and this is kinda annoying. I just recently reinstalled ICue aswell so I don't think that will fix it... Hope to see your reactions! - IJuanTM
  5. Hello, I own 2 Corsair LL Case fans (1 of which is connected to a Fan Hub, which is connected to a LNP(Lighting Node Pro)). I also have 4 LED strips (bundled with the LNP) connected to a different channel. But whenever I play a videogame, or work in intensive software like Unity, only two LED strips light up and even then it starts flickering random colors. It's really annoying considering I spent 110 euros on this, just to see it not work. Before I put the case fans in, the LED strips worked fine, I am not sure but I think I switched the channels around too. I hope you can help.
  6. I have all Corsair products in my PC, I have a commander pro, I have a lighting node pro, I have 4 LED strips connected to port 2 on my commander pro, and my LL140 fans are hooked up to my Lighting Node Pro, which is then hooked up to the commander pro. For some reason, my light strips will freeze on the last profile I was on (e.g. when booting, my LL140 fans, RAM, and LED strips will be in the default rainbow profile), except only a couple in the first few LED nodes (like 3 or 4 of the modules will change, but the rest won't). I have updated the firmware of every item in my setup multiple times, and have upgraded from version 3.7.99 to 3.9.93 of iCue, in an attempt to solve any issues in 3.7.99. I have restarted the iCue client, my entire PC, and even when I update the firmware of the Corsair Commander Pro, the LEDs don't even turn off, while the LL140 fans do.
  7. I've had this problem for a while, where only the first LED on my four LED strips light up. The LED that lights up is the one closest to the Lighting node pro. By the first LED I don't just mean the first LED strip, buy only the very first LED light. I've tried using and reinstalling both Corsair Link and Utility engine, none of them work. I've also tried switching around the slots for the fans and strips in the lighting node pro, but this didn't help either. I've also tried switching around the order of the strips, but to no avail. My current rgb setup: 3x HD120 fans plugged into fan hub, fan hub plugged into lighting node pro slot 1, 4x LED strips connected to each other (came with the lighting node pro) plugged into slot 2 of the lighting node pro. How should I go about fixing this?
  8. farva38

    Commander pro

    I recently completed my first build and everything seems to be working except my SP 120 fan lighting and my corsair light strips. I have the fans plugged in to the lighting node pro that came with my 570x case, and then I have that plugged in to the LED port of a commander pro. I also have the fans plugged in to the fan ports on the commander pro. I have the light strips plugged in to the commander pro LED port as well. The fans are spinning, but none of them are lighting up or letting me control their speed. I'm using the most recent version of iCUE. Any troubleshooting ideas would be much appreciated.
  9. Hi everyone! I bought an 460X RGB to replace my old CM Storm Tropper. I also got more 3 SP120 RGB fans. I've mounted my ssd in the PSU shroud, but it barely stands out... So, i want to put a single led strip in the bottom of the case, to bring some light to that area. First i thought to simply buy the Corsair Link RGB LED Lighting Kit, that brings 2 strips, and daisy-chain them to 2 fans in the included SP controller of the case. But for what i've read, that's a no-no. I know i can buy the CORSAIR Lighting Node PRO, and control everything from the link app. But i don't really want to pay all that much, and i want to use the 3 buttons to control everything. So, anyone knows an option? i don't want to address different LED's in the strip. I simply want one strip with the same color of the fans, and controlled the same way. Any hints how the SP120 LED's are controlled is also helpful. I'm not afraid of soldering or arduinos :D: Very appreciated! ;):
  10. Hey there, I wanted to know if there is a way to cut the "Corsair RGB Pro strips" for the "Corsair Commander Pro". I know the waranty ends with this but there is no way to get it into the the place in hhe case. So far i know all LED strips are cuttable ( and still usable after this ) OR Is it possible to use other RGB strips ? Technical yes, i think, but what volatage do i need and there are only 3 pins on the connector. I found a thread here: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=131660 But those are the "old" strips with 4 pins. Thanks for help!
  11. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/corsair-rgb-led-lighting-pro-expansion-kit Compatible with Commander PRO and Lighting Node PRO (Not compatible with Commander Mini/Lighting Node) Includes 4x Individually Addressable RGB LED strips (10 LEDs per strip) Strips feature integrated magnets as well as an adhesive backing Includes 4x Extension cables
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