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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Everything in my system has been running fine. Recently i added some led strips to LED 1 on my Commander Pro. And I got this problem LED 2 is still working fine How can i solve this problem?
  2. Anyone else having this issue? I'm just past 1 month after the manufacturer's 2 year warranty. The RGB LED for "P" switch has deteriorated and is now noticeably less bright compared to all the other LED's. I remember having this issue for the same LED switch within a year of purchase but at that time, it only persisted for a few days/weeks. I mostly have the LED's set on a static primary colour and just cycle through different ones on a per week basis so the defect is very noticeable for my use case. It also looks like the LED's on these are directly soldered into the PCB motherboard = SMD (RGB) LED type - https://www.techpowerup.com/review/corsair-k95-platinum/4.html Any recommendations on the best type of RGB LED to replace it with?
  3. My friend recently got me a new keyboard (Strafe RGB) but we noticed that every time I plug something in (headphones, mice, etc.) to my pc, all the lights on the keyboard turn red and I have to force quit the CUE app. How do I fix this?
  4. Hello, I just purchased a New Corsair H100i Platinum yesterday. I have finished installing all the cables into the correct connections and everything seems to be working exactly as intended (including the fan LEDs), except for the pump unit LEDs. I have corsair iCUE. It detects the cooling unit, and the fan LEDs can be controlled. It reads the pump LEDs as also being set and matching with the fans, however, this is not the reality. There are no lights on the pump at all. Troubleshooting I have tried: Updating the firmware through iCUE Trying all "Instant Lighting" colours (no colours worked) Trying a different SATA connection from the PSU (no adaptors) Making the Pump SATA the only SATA connected on the PSU cord line. None of these have worked. I've heard that apparently it needs a 5 pin SATA connection in order to work. My PSU only has 6 x 4 pin SATA connections. Does that mean I'm completely out of luck?
  5. Hola, tengo una configuración/perfil de colores para el rgb del ratón, ventiladores, cascos, etc pero cuando hay un mensaje de error o advertencia del sistema el led de la rueda del ratón y el logo del ratón se ponen en rojo como avisando de que hay una notificación y me gustaría quitar esta funcionalidad ya que no vuelve a ponerse del color del perfil hasta que reinicio icue.
  6. Anybody having a problem with H100i RGB Platinum SE AIO Pump LED Flickering. I have the LED Light set to white however it's been flickering to a amber orangish color. I have Uninstalled ICUE and have Re Installed the software, Tried a different USB Header on my Motherboard and the issue still persists. Also this is like my third replacement of this AIO and this same kind of issue is still happening like on the others where the AIO LED is Flickering to a different color. Is this a software issue or a hardware issue? .
  7. Hi there, I've been using the K70 v2 with Red switches for the past 4 months and am absolutely loving the keyboard. The problem tho started last week. I was just busy with some school work when I noticed my shift key led was way dimmer that others. I tried looking on help forums and on corsairs site for help and the only things I found were, "reset your pc, it should be fixed" and "reinstall the ICue software". Both of these things I did but they didn't fix the problem. So thats why I came here, hopefully someone can help me. - Thanks, IJuanTM
  8. I have had these fans in my build for about 3 month but the last month or 2 they have not be working properly. I have 4 of them top one is fan #1 and the 3 in the front of my case is 2,3,4 as they go down to the bottom of the case. fan #1 works great! but fan #2 seens to have only one led lit on the insider leds and fans 3 and 4 just dont work at all. I have tried rearranging them order wise and when i take fan number 2 and put it on 3 it does the same one led lit thing on fan 3 but when i do fan number one on fan 3 it lights up fine and now fan number 1 is not lit? is it my fan rgb hub? i have the fan rgb hub and the commander pro, the fans run fine just the leds dont work right. I have updated the commander pro and have tried different colors of leds but nothing works for fans 2,3,4. One thing i should add is all of them will start up fine but once i am on my computer for a couple hours it will start messing up. but lately they have been messed up as soon as i start my computer.
  9. Hi all, This is my First post (ever), so if something is wrong or i forgot something, let me know. I have a problem with my fans in my case. when i start up my pc, all the rgb lights light up and all works fine. but when I try to control my rgb on my fans (by for example switching profile), some leds just keep a static light from what it was the first time it lights up. (see attached image). DEBUGGING: I have already tried debugging, and it doesn't seem to be a problem with the led itself (it works fine on startup). i have tried switching the plugs of the fans, but it the same leds don't change. when i try restarting with iCUE (in iCUE>settings>restart iCUE Service), it still stays the way it was. what I think it might be is the commander pro controller. but i am not sure. I don't think it is the fans as they do seem to be able to display the correct color (in the beginning) INFO: iCUE version: Software version 3.14.104 (using latest) Firmware for SPEC-OMEGA RGB: v. 0.7.122 (using latest) Fans: just the standard fans that came with the case (HD RGB Series Fans), nothing changed to the cabling, fans worked fine at first Hope i have provided you with enough information, just ask if more is needed Has anyone else ever come across this problem, or has an idea how to fix it? pls let me know. Sincerely, JokingChicken Attached image shows the fan with the fans rgb turned off in iCUE, but still shows two green leds from the profile displayed before it
  10. I think this is a problem with the software, rather than the mouse pad, but I'm not completely sure. For some reason, the LEDs in the mouse pad like to completely ignore the iCUE software. If I have it set to a rainbow wave, it'll just stay static red. And in the software it shows that it's a static red as well, even though the lighting effect is set to a rainbow wave. And usually when I first open the software it's completely fine, but after like an hour or so, the mouse pad will just turn red, and I have to restart the software for the LEDs on the mouse pad to start doing what the software is telling them to do. It's really weird, and it's only when the software is open. But I would just keep the software closed, but I use the macros on the K95 keyboard I have, and there's no memory on the actual keyboard for the macros, so I have to keep the software open for them to work. So, any suggestions?
  11. lostfyi

    LL LED Problem

    Hi guys, So i installed my 6 Corsair LL yesterday (4x120mm, 2x140mm). Got them hooked up to a RGB Hub and a Commander Pro, but for basic LED display, only the Hub and fans itself play a role i guess. And ended up having a few problems. Really strange situation. A few LEDs havent been working right, so i switched ports and fans on the RGB Hub to investigate further: Seems like all 120mm fans work on port 1-3, but not on port 4-6. The 140mm don't "work" in any port, but have few LEDs lighting up. (As you can see here, 140mm are top exhaust fans, fans plugged into 1-6 from left to right) So they have the same LEDs lighting up in every port, but theyre static (= they dont change on itself or from iCue) I really dont know whats wrong (if it is me, or the products) and could use some help! Thanks in advance
  12. Hello everyone and Corsair, I am having a really annoying issue. My Vengeance pro ram (32GB DDR4 24000) is detected in iCUE just fine, LEDs work fine, but AS SOON as MSI Gaming App is installed, it hijacks the LED setting, and removes the RAM from iCue. I have disabled "Enable SDK" in iCue and in the MSI gaming app I disabled "ControlBYMSI" in the LED tab, and STILL my RAM does not show up in iCUE, and will not reappear until the gaming app is uninstalled. I have uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE and the gaming app in different orders and makes no difference. I understand this is an issue with MSI, but simply not using MSI software is something I would not like to do. Is there any solution out there? Thanks for any help you can provide for me...
  13. How can I turn on the outer ring light only or only the inner light? Having both inner and outer ring led light is too bright for me. or maybe it is not possible? Is it also possible to adjust led brightness?
  14. Hi, I recently started to have some issues with 1 of the 6 ll 120 fans I bought a couple of months ago. I believe three leds are misbehaving on the ring. I had it configured as the 5th fan on the controller, which made my 6th fan misbehave as well. This had been going on for a while, but I thought it happened because of the ICUE bug which made ll fans flicker (other fans could also flicker at boot). But now with the ICUE fix released, I'm on v3.5.111, it's obvious there's another problem. I played around with the positioning of the fans, like suggested in other threads. As suspected, other fans are acting up when placing them in a slot behind the faulty one. Here's some video footage of the problem. In this clip, the faulty fan is in position 6. The other fans behave normal https://gfycat.com/PerfumedIlliterateBlacknorwegianelkhound Here the faulty fan is in position 1. There is a gradient effect running, but the 3 leds of the faulty + all the other fans are flickering like crazy. https://gfycat.com/OrderlyDimCardinal It's obvious that there is something wrong with the one fan, but what I find surprising is that the leds still work. They still change color, it's just always the wrong one :(: Is there any way to try to reset the led's on a ll 120 fan, or something alike? I don't think this is a software issue, since the repositioning on the controller made the big difference. Thanks in advance for your input.
  15. The thread http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=172247 said the 0 rpm fan problem was solved. I think I am getting that issue now, and it causes the fan LEDs to pause and "jump". At random times, the fans disappear from the Corsair Link 4 window. I have 12 Corsair LL140 fans LED connectors connected to 2 Corsair RGB Fan LED Hubs connected to the Corsair Commander Pro. 6 fans power connectors are connected to the Commander Pro. 4 fans power connector are connected to the MB RAD FAN. 2 fans power connectors are connected to Corsair Hydro Series H115i 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler. I have a Corsair Commander Mini connected to the Commander Pro for the LEDs on the Corsair Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan and the LINK DIC on the Corsair HX850i. Everything worked fine before removing the Corsair Lighting Node Pro and installing the Commander Pro. I have a internal USB 2.0 header 4+2 hub connected to the MB internal USB 2.0 header. I have combined a couple of devices that used a single side of the internal USB connector. The Corsair devices I have that I want to control the LEDs with CL4: 12 LL140 Fans Dominator Airflow Platinum RGB Fan Hydro Series H115i 280mm HX850i Note: I had the problem before installing the ASUS AURA software, and uninstalling it did not cure the problem. It started before I installed the MSI MYSTIC software. I have not yet tried removing the Commander Mini to see if that stops it.
  16. so i recently bought a k70 lux rgb keyboard right but it has a little led issue even tho is set to white or purple or black it shows that color but when looked form above you can see a little blue led reeflection in all keys and i dont get why i dont know if its an issue with the software or i should just get a replacement
  17. For the price I'm paying for this keyboard, I just wanted to make sure if it's gonna last me atleast a few years since I'm buying it in a few days. I've heard that some corsair keyboards tend to have failing LED. I've seen a few posts in where they show that some of their LED died within a few months. Does this still happen or have they fixed it already? (sorry if i sound paranoid lol) Thanks ^_^
  18. Hmm okay, so i RMA'd my Strafe because it had the same problem. I received a new Strafe a few days ago and after a day or two it has the same problem but on a different key. I would set my keyboard to white keys and the "S" key is blue.. I did a soft reset by Holding the ESC key while unplugging the USB but nothing happened. It's the same problem as my old one. Does anyone have any problems i'm having? http://i.imgur.com/iH7N3cE.jpg - the "S" key is blue even though the whole keyboard is set to white http://i.imgur.com/fHtJWmq.jpg - Whole keyboard set to white
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