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Found 25 results

  1. I have a K55 RGP pro mouse, and whenever i move my mouse in game, my frames drop a lot, like from 100 to 20. But when i use another mouse or my touchpad i experience no lag. Pls i would really appreciate it if y'all can give me a fix/
  2. Bonjour, Je constate des latences lorsque je bouge ma souris, comme un petit freeze qui survient régulièrement. En jeu (warzone) c'est clairement infâme ... Depuis peu je vois ces lags sur mon bureau. J'ai procédé à un test d'input lag sur internet, je constate des pics de latence qui reviennent fréquemment (ci-joint la capture). Merci d'avance pour votre aide.
  3. The mouse seemed to enter a standby mode after 30 seconds of inactivity. After that, you'd have to move it a greater distance before the pointer would move also. This was driving me a little nuts! Luckily, a soft reset seems to have fixed the issue! There's no iCUE for my OS (Linux Mint), but I had Window 10 on a laptop a few months back (not any longer). I am pretty sure I set the mouse to power saving mode back then (for wireless ofc). Apparently, this also applies even while using it wired :rolleyes: (I haven't used this mouse for a few months, until now). Just thought I'd post this here anyway. Plus, it's really a bug / oversight, and they should fix that.
  4. Ever since upgrading my MacOS to Big Sur, the lighting effects on my K95 keyboard severely lag or freeze altogether. All inputs are still accepted and macro keys appear to be working, but the lighting just doesn't look good at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCue and have recreated my profiles from the ground up, but nothing seems to resolve the issue. Furthermore, I can't save any profiles to the onboard memory. I get an error every time saying that the keyboard has been disconnected even though it clearly hasn't. Can anyone help with this?
  5. Having lags issues with any type of mouse connected to my system I tried Logitech XM Vertical, XM Master and Dark Core RGB Pro SE all have the lagging issue noticed if I stop the ICUE everything works fine I purchased this Corsair i164 about a week all apps and drivers are updated to the latest any help will be appreciated
  6. Bonjour, mes leds RGB sont pas fluide, je m'explique : Quand les leds tournent il y a des sortes de lenteurs alors qu'avant c'était fluide... lorsque le pc s'allume les leds sont fluides mais lorsque le profil Icue se charge une fois sur deux les leds ralentissent... soit je dois redémarrer l'ordinateur, soit je dois débranché / rebranché le connecteur USB (qui est sur le wateblock) pour que ça remarche... je possède des rams corsair vengeance pro RGB qui elles, fonctionnent bien. j'ai fais une petite vidéo si vous pouvez regarder... [ame]https://youtu.be/h27T92Na_hc[/ame] Merci
  7. Hello there, I made a post about a month ago regarding Video lighting lag. I just booted up Borderlands 3 and unfortunately, only when ambient lighting is enabled, the game has massive stutters. It also seems to have compatibility issues with ModernWarfare, Spyro and other demanding games. This feature leaves a lot to be desired in its current form. Even when it does work there does not seem to be enough color to mirror the screen properly. I feel slightly burned considering the cost of this product, this feature was the main selling point for me, please help!
  8. Updated to the latest Windows and now my CH-9315211-NA mouse is lagging. I didn't change anything else. When I move the mouse it takes a good inch or two on the pad for it to start responding. I tried... Rebooting unplugging the mouse Reinstalling the driver Nothing works. Idea? PLEASE HELP! This is sooooo aggravating.
  9. I've been getting lag only with video lighting enabled on iCUE :nono: It's been mentioned before but I haven't come across any solutions! I bought this thing because I saw it could be played with games, please help me :confused: thank you
  10. Hello, I purchased the LS100 starter kit about a week ago for my new build. I got it primarily for Ambient lighting. For this entire week I've been trying to fix the MASSIVE lag/stutter that video lighting causes in games/windows UI. I have a ROG 100hz gsync panel and when I toggle between video lighting and audio lighting I can watch my frame rate cut in half making games basically unplayable. I've tried admin privileges, changing every possible setting in Icue, Process lasso to change affinity/priority, turning off XMP, turning off Gsync, etc... After a week with no success I've all but given up. THERE NEEDS TO BE A PROMPT SOLUTION, FROM WHAT I HAVE READ I'M NOT THE ONLY PERSON HAVING THIS EXPERIENCE. To say the least this has left a terrible taste in my mouth around Corsair. If I can't get a fix for this in 3 days, I will be returning anything Corsair I own back to amazon before my return window expires.
  11. Hello, As a video is way better than stupid explanation, here's the link : [ame] [/ame] As you can see, there are lags of stutter in the lights. It happens every-time I'm loading something. A game, a window, a program,... Alt+tab to go to windows when in a game does it every time and even worse I have the h100i + 4 LL120 fans I got the RGBs cables linked to a 6 rgb slots corsair device ( can't remember the name, sorry ) which is linked to the LED slot of my commander Pro I got 2 fans cables ( 3 because it's the h100i ) linked to my motherboard ( because the slot 1 and slot 3 of my commander pro doesn't work... ) And the 3 left in the commander pro. Do you have any idea why is there some light lag ? Im starting to get desperate because it seems I'm the only one getting this problem... I don't know what to do. Here are my specs btw: CPU : I7-7700k PSU : RM1000x Corsair GPU : SLI 1080Ti x-trio msi RAM : 4x8 ddr3 Corsair Thank you,
  12. For the past two days ive been having the problem where my Scimitar will disconnect then reconnect with default settings, however iCue is still up and running and showing the mouse as being active. So what happens is i have only one DPI setting active and rebound dpi up and down to \ and / for gaming. However when the mouse disconnects and reconnects i can go into notepad and spam \\// as much as a i want. However the mouse default setting of DPI up and down are also working as i get cranked from 600 dpi to 6000 dpi. Ive seen this as to be a problem for OVER THREE YEARS!!!!!!!!! How is this still an issue? Ive done EVERYTHING that others have tried, Power management, updating USB controllers, making sure the Firmware is up to date, making sure CUE is up to date. Ive doen the manual mouse reset feature. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS FIXING THE ISSUE. And its sad to see others having the same issues and over the years ive not seen any Support from Corsair. Im an avid corsair customer, Ram, keyboard, mouse, cooler and ive never felt more let down in my life. Is there any kind of support that the DREADED SCIMITAR USERS can get to finally fix this issue? Or is switching to Logitech or Razer the only option?
  13. So I purchased my FIRST Dark core about 2 weeks ago. After getting it set up I immediately noticed in wireless mode my mouse will lag, randomly spike along my screen, and sometimes get completely displaced and get put to my secondary monitor, all the way to the top left corner. I took all the steps online to "ensure" a good connection, still had the problem so I contacted Corsair via twitter. They basically told me that I had a bad mouse and to return it for a new one... Now on my SECOND Dark core, and I immediately have the same problems. I noticed the problems happen when the ICUE app has :!: mark next to it. Even though my receiver is <1 foot away from my mouse, it's still having connection issues. Unless the firmware is still busted (I wouldn't be surprised) the only thing I can even think is causing a problem is my router (which runs at 2.4GHZ) that's ~6 feet away. So first off, is anyone else having this issue? I know it was a problem in the past, but I feel like I can't be alone. The posts on this forum are all duds that don't have any good info on them. Second, if you are having this issue, are you close to a router? I'm grasping at straws here at this point, and I don't even think I can return my second mouse.
  14. Hello! I bought my Corsair Harpoon Wireless 2 months ago and so far I had no problems. Today I suddenly noticed my cursor didn't move as smooth as I'm used to. It's not as bad to call it lag, but it is irritating, especially when you've noticed it once. I started randomly selecting empty space on my desktop and noticed that the selection area is sometimes laggy and doesn't hide immediately after I stop clicking. I should point out that the delay is no longer than a second (maybe a lot less, but it is noticeble). Any ideas what might be causing that unsmoothness and delay while selecting ? I tried updating the drivers and iCUE, but no effect. Polling rate is 1000hz/1s. It's always been set to that, and i've had no problems. My pc is pretty good. Thanks in advance !
  15. Hi, I have a k95 platinum keyboard with the latest version of the program (3.18.77) and the latest keyboard firmware (3.21.7168) and it takes me more than 10 seconds to change profiles. Changing the configuration options also takes me the same. Is there any solution to the problem? I already tried deactivating the sdk and renaming the cpuidsdk libraries of 32 and 64bits. Thanks in advance
  16. Hey guys, It's the first time i'm making a thread on a forum because i'm not finding any solution.. I was wondering if there was already more news regarding the memory lag? I found a few problems about it on the forum but none with a decent solution. I have updated everything. Icue, Firmware.. I was thinking maybe it bugs/lags because I have also running MSI Mysticlight for my motherboard, graphic card and fans from my case. And the memory shows up there aswell but i put that one -OFF- in the lightning options. Instead of working with this app I want to use Icue for my memory. I just want to make my memory runs smooth:[pouts: not laggy with shuttering lighting. Feedback would be more then appreciated. Thanks.
  17. So I have the Void Pro RGB headset, and ever since I first got them, I get this really weird issue with Dota2. No issues in any other games (CS:GO, Fallout 4, Skyrim, PUBG, etc). Basically I'll start up my game, and whether i'm on the main screen, or in a match, or any other UI of the game, if I minimize the game for any reason, there's probably about a 30% chance that when I re-open the game window, I will drop from 100+ FPS to 3FPS, and my game will stutter, by about half a second. Everything from my mouse cursor, to the sound of the game volume, to the actual background of the game will lag. It's the strangest issue, but it only occurs during Dota2. I've tried re-installing drivers & iCue, and it doesn't seem to make a difference whether I'm in fullscreen mode, or windowed mode. I'm using the latest version of iCUE, v3.17.94 Anyone have this issue?
  18. Either plugging in or unplugging the charging cable causes terrible stuttering and halves my frame rate in all games, and even youtube videos and persists until I restart my system. Even in something as light on GPU/CPU/RAM etc as Rimworld, there is a constant stuttering so I have no idea where the problem might be coming from. Nothing that I have found fixes this except for a complete system restart, including completely disconnecting the headset from my computer, shutting down CUE, and updating CUE and audio drivers. My only solution at the moment is to just never unplug the charging cable, but that completely defeats the purpose of a wireless headset.
  19. Heyho there guys! Finally got my K70 LUX RGB today! I'm already an owner of an Harpoon RGB but never made some spectacular lightning settings for it because my hand is always on the mouse. But with the K70 I wanted to do some cool stuff. So I plugged in the Keyboard (only one USB Connector) and the Keyboard started shining red, except WASD and the Arrow keys, they shined white. Then I installed iCue and then hell opened: The standard "Rainbow Circle" was on my keyboard and I thought "Neat!" but then I saw that my mosue lagged/stuttered. I couldn't move the mouse properly and the LED was going on and off. Then I saw that the LEDs on the keyboard also started to lag a bit. I was pretty confused so I tried to close iCue and the Keyboard went back in its original layout. Mouse worked propley again. Then, uninstalled iCue, checked my Chipset-Drivers, USB-Drivers and so on. Reinstalled it, same issue. Googled and searched the forums and r/corsair and r/pcmr. Found nothing, just some tips like "update your drivers" or "check different USB Ports". I tried every possilbe USB Port combination for those two adapters (all 3.0 ports) and neither worked. I also tried to Plug in the second USB-Adapter from the K70 but it didn't work either. Then I found out what the switch on the back was for, tried every Polling Rate, 1, 2, 4, 8 and BIOS. When set to BIOS I can operate my mouse and Keyboard, when set to any other but BIOS, nothing works. I'm really desperate right now and seek assistance :(
  20. I've encountered an issue with my K95 RGB Platinum ever since I've upgraded to the latest version of iCUE (3.10.125) and the Keyboard Firmware (3.21.7168). Now whenever I type, I've noticed that occasionally the cursor will stop in place for about 1/4th of a second, before suddenly spitting out everything that was typed in that moment. The last key that was pressed before the cursor stops in place will be considered "held", until the time has passed and the cursor catches up. This is apparent in games, where I will continue moving in the direction last pressed if I let go of the key until the keyboard catches up. Has anyone else encountered this issue? This is driving me up the wall and is affecting gameplay.
  21. Hello, I recently bought the Corsair Void 7.1 USB version and everything was fine until I installed the CUE software. For starters, the windows wasn't detecting the headset, so I had to install and older version of the CUE, and then the windows detected the headset and everything was again working perfectly except for when I try to play any games using this headset, my fps goes to 20~30 and if I unplug and plug the headset again, my fps goes back to ~120. What should I do? P.S: I've tried the newer version of the software and the windows now detects the headset, but I can't record my audio using that software version.
  22. I installed LL RGB fans with the Corsair Link software system and noticed stuttering and high CPU usage while it runs in the background. To get around this, I've created a windows PowerShell script which sets the two process priorities to their lowest levels which runs every time my machine starts up. Maybe this will help someone else too. Script Pseudocode: Store a log file with full path in a variable Store both corsair processes in variables Set maximum number of try attempts try to get the first process while the process is not found, try again until max try attempts is reached, sleeping for 2 seconds after each try if the process is found, set its priority to "idle", otherwise log that the process was not found reset try and repeat same logic for second corsair process. Below is the script and how to install it: Open a blank notepad document and paste the code below. Save the file as myscript.ps1 in the a safe place that won't get deleted (a folder in your documents, perhaps). You may have to change the file type from .txt to "all files". $outFile = "C:\Users\[b][color="red"]<USER>[/color][/b]\Documents\[b][color="red"]<CUSTOM_FOLDER>[/color][/b]\customlog.txt" $now = (Get-Date).ToUniversalTime() "Starting corsair priority droop: $now" > $outFile $CorsairP1 = "CorsairLink4" $CorsairP2 = "CorsairLink4.Service" $maxtrys = 20 #try to get process number 1 $process = Get-Process -Name $CorsairP1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $trys = 0 while(!$process -And $trys -le $maxtrys) { "$CorsairP1 not found: $trys" >> $outFile $trys++ Start-Sleep -s 2 $process = Get-Process -Name $CorsairP1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue } if($process) { "$process found after try [$trys]" >> $outFile $process.PriorityClass = 'IDLE' "$process set to IDLE" >> $outFile } else { "$process did not start in time" >> $outFile } #try to get process number 2 $trys = 0 $process = Get-Process -Name $CorsairP2 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue while(!$process -And $trys -le $maxtrys) { "$CorsairP2 not found: $trys" >> $outFile $trys++ Start-Sleep -s 2 $process = Get-Process -Name $CorsairP2 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue } if($process) { "$process found after try [$trys]" >> $outFile $process.PriorityClass = 'IDLE' "$process set to IDLE" >> $outFile } else { "$process did not start in time" >> $outFile } Replace <USER> with your windows username Replace <CUSTOM_FOLDER> with a folder where you'd like the script log to be saved. Assign the script in the Local Group Policy Editor From the start menu search " Edit Group Policy" In the console tree, click Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) . The path is Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts (Startup/Shutdown) . In the right window pane, double-click Startup. Choose the PowerShell Scripts tab at the top, click Add. Click Browse and find for the myscript.ps1 script file you saved above. Click Ok, then Ok again to close the "Startup Properties" box. Close the Local Group Policy Editor, you're done. Restart and check the log file to make sure both processes were found and their priority levels were lowered. You can also verify the script worked by checking their priorities in the Task Manager (right click each corsair process, click "go to details", click "set priority", see that it is at its lowest value) Resources: Assign Computer Startup Scripts How to Write and Run PowerShell Scripts
  23. About a month ago, my mouse was working fine. I always stayed above 200 FPS on my favourite game, CS:GO. I downloaded CUE in hope of customising my mouse LEDs. I'm not sure if it was installing CUE or updating the mouse firmware that did it, but after that I started lagging in most games. I didn't lag at all until I moved the mouse the slightest bit. I tried other mouses and they work fine. This mouse has been working amazingly for 11 months up until this point. Everytime I inch my mouse the slightest in a game, the FPS drops to 1 and goes back up. I actually made a video showing the lag: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiafRypswHE&t[/ame] The lag since then has actually gotten worse. I'm confident that CUE did something to my mouse. My firmware version is 2.06 and my CUE is 2.21.67. I've never stumbled across anyone who has had the same issue as me and actually had the problem solved. If anyone could help me out, that'd be grand. I literally can't play with any other mouse as I'm too attached to my M65.
  24. Hallo, ich habe seit Anfang an (ca. Mai 2017) das Problem, dass die Tastatur (K70 LUX RGB) abstürzt, laggt, hackt, "virtuell" klemmt, sowie ich die Software CUE nutze. Das kommt vor, wenn ich sie auf 500Hz oder 1000Hz stelle. Ein Mitarbeiter half mir auf der Gamesession Hannover, in dem er mir riet, die Tastatur zu resetten und nur 250Hz zu nutzen. Sinn und Zweck ist das natürlich nicht. Bisher dachte ich, dass meine Windows Installation nicht mehr optimal ist und es sich da verhaken könnte. Seit gestern habe ich eine frische Windows 10 Installation und die CUE Version 2.19.65 installiert. Das Problem ist weiterhin vorhanden. Wenn ich CUE nicht laufen lasse, dann treten keinerlei Verzögerung, etc. auf. Gern kann ich das Log mal exportieren (das Zip-File) und jemanden zukommen lassen. Eigentlich finde ich, vom optischen Faktor her, Corsair Effects Engine (CEE) ganz schön. Allein der Rainbow-Effect nach dem Tastendruck, der bei CUE nur in dem "normalen Modus" funktioniert. Und vorallem die Audio-Effekte sind sehr gut. Leider stürzt CEE nach kurzer Zeit auch ab. Gibt es noch andere Alternativen, die ich nutzen kann? Liegt an der Tastatur ein Hardware defekt vor? Im Forum konnte ich leider keine Hinweise finden.
  25. Hey guys, first time poster! I've got a problem. I'm running my Corsair Scimitar mouse, macroed in the Utility Engine to the number keys in a setup that essentially copies the function of a Razer Naga. I'm also running an AHK script that counts holding down the number keys as pressing the buttons 10 times a second, primarily for Carpel tunnel prevention while gaming in World of Warcraft, with the added benefit of min-maxing DPS through minimising casting downtime between globals. The problem is, that the Utility Engine seems to struggle to handle this. I've been doing this for several months now, and have experienced multiple different screwups, including but not limited to: * Windows Mouse and Keyboard Centre crashing * Scimitar buttons suddenly spamming themselves even when not depressed * Increasingly slow response from the Mouse when moving between depressed keys * Utility Engine straight-up crashing * Mouse keys become vastly less responsive than keyboard keys (shown on in-game latency bars also, which is strange - like the Engine macros are a harder strain on processing power). When I press the keyboard keys instead of the mouse macros, there is no delay. In the majority of these situations, restarting the Utility Engine helps, but it doesn't always solve it - the issues stop when it's disabled, but often return when restarted - and of course, the mouse is near-useless when Utility Engine isn't running. To be clear: I am holding down the buttons on the Corsair Mouse, macroed to keyboard number keys, which when depressed are then being considered spammed via Autohotkey. Any ideas on how to fix the problems I am having with Utility Engine? -- I used to use a Naga (bought the Corsair to move away from it) with the AHK script, and never had a single issue. The AHK script works perfectly, and is not the problem. I'm using a i7-4790 processor, my PC is decent, I'm not running this stuff on a potato.
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