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Found 6 results

  1. Recently took receipt of a K70 RGB keyboard. The keyboard seems fully functional when plugged directly into my PC. It is recognized by the software and I successfully updated the firmware to the latest. However, when trying to connect the K70 RGB through an IOGear GCS932UB KVM (http://www.iogear.com/product/GCS932UB/) it doesn't work. I can get the lights to light up but the no keys are registered. The software also doesn't register the presence of a keyboard. This is a KVM that is known to be fully functional. I've used for a 2 years or so with quite a few other keyboards (other manufacturers) with no issues at all. Since the KVM does not provide an additional USB port (other than one for the keyboard and mouse each) I've plugged the additional "surprise" K70 RGB connector (the one not marked with a keyboard) into my primary PC directly. I have tried changing the BIOS setting to each of the available settings but with no luck at all. (A separate issues is that changing the BIOS setting results in the keyboard lights changing intensity for each keypress when plugged directly into my PC.) Anyone else successfully using a KVM with this keyboard? If so what KVM are you using? Or do I possibly have a faulty unit (especially considering the varying led intensity in the various BIOS modes)? Thoughts?
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a 2-machine DisplayPort KVM that works with the K70 RGB as well as high refresh rate screens with GSync (specifically Dell S2716DG)? I'm looking for a known working option. I see a few potential ones that support DP 1.2 but don't seem to support the USB 3 needed by the K70 RGB, or don't have 3 USB 2.0 ports. Really trying to find a solution without trying a bunch of relatively expensive hardware and playing trial and error. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. So, I ditched my ioGear MiniView Pro - since it "emulates" a keyboard it will not work with any gaming keyboard (blech). I'm now on to the Linkskey "LDV-DM7224USK" and this is turning out to be $500 of worthless garbage. (Long story short, it works with 1 machine and not another... and if it ever loses power you have to disconnect and reconnect all the cables (not a small task). So, here I am, about to return the Linkskey, and I am wondering if anyone out there has a recommendation. I would prefer a triple port DVI solution, but will settle for Dual (or even a single... I'm desparate!) - and it needs to switch 4 PC's I would like it to switch Audio as well, but just stereo is needed - I don't need anything fancy. Price isn't a big issue - I want quality and I want it to work. So please, someone with a working KVM let me know. I know that Corsair "doesn't recommend/test KVM's" but that doesn't mean they won't work. Thanks!
  4. Hi - just got a cool K70 RGB Lux Keyboard for Father’s Day. Took the keyboard to the office and it does not work with the ATEN Dual-VGA CS 1744 KVM Switch. Trying changing the BIOS freq - and none worked. Tried connecting a USB hub to the keyboard USB pin in the KVM switch and then connect the keyboard to it - but that didn’t work either. Tried plugging in the keyboard to the mouse slot - but that didn’t work either. There is no option in this KVM switch to disable mouse emulation (which works for some KVMs). I would be grateful if you can suggest a solution. Thanks
  5. In the video for the case, George stated that the front I/O panel has connectivity for both systems, going to both motherboards. Does this mean the front I/O panel will essentially work as a USB KVM (no monitor)? Is there a button to switch back and forth between the systems if both computers are on?
  6. Hey there, I'm trying to utilize a 2 machine, 1 monitor, 1 keyboard & mouse KVM setup: Machines Corsair One Pro Plus [CS-9000013-NA] Mac Pro 2013 Monitor Acer Predator XB271HU 27" (1440p / 165hz) which only has 1 DisplayPort. Keyboard / Video / Mouse Switcher (KVM) Tripp Lite 2-Port DisplayPort KVM Switch (B004-DP2UA2-K) Before the Corsair One, I had an older gaming PC (w/ a GTX970) and this KVM switch solution was working fine. It could do 165hz at 1440p. Now that I've connected the Corsair One (all drivers fully up-to-date)- the KVM signal fails. I get a 1 second flash of my PC desktop before it goes to black and displays "No Signal". If I switch it to the Mac and then back, same thing - 1 second flash of an image and then black. So the video signal is getting through the unit to a certain point and then something is shutting it down. Troubleshooting I've tried with no luck: I've tried bypassing the KVM with straight DisplayPort cable and it works fine. Straight HDMI cable also works fine. Unplugging the power of the Corsair One & the Monitor for 1 minute and plugging them back in. Mac Pro 2013 via DisplayPort through KVM (still) works fine. ____ So it seems the KVM unit is the problem but it worked fine before with my older PC - so I'm very perplexed. Any ideas of what else I can try?
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