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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I have the K95 RGB Platinum that's about 15 months old. After I owned it about 6 months the J key cap simply popped off as I was typing. I stuck it back on but it's very easy to come off and does so now and then. A few months after that, the 4 key started doing it and then the L key. The other day, the 3 key seems to have the same loose fitting and comes off easily. Doing some Google searches and looking in this forum it seems other users have had the same issue with the key caps just working lose and popping off. But I've not found a solution. Does anyone know a way to get these keys to stay put??? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey guys, I bought the k95 rgb platinum on primeday on amazon. I got it delivered today and everything is working fine expect the key "d". The RGB is working fine even on this key but when i click it, its not working. Now my question is, do i have to do some software uptade or maybe the key is not even set ? If so where do i have to go to look it up ? Or maybe some other tips ? Because i feel like i have to send it back and get a new one. thanks in advance
  3. I own a k95 RGB Keyboard and a M65 mouse. The keyboard is lit up as its default color, and the sound scroll wheel isn't responding. I opened up ICUE and it isn't picking up either product. I decided just to uninstall iCUE and reinstall it after reading this sometimes fixes things. But when I go to uninstall, it takes forever then will run into an error saying "Cannot Uninstall at this time". I've tried this like 6 times. I've tried the following: -replugging/unplugging my products -restarting pc -running/uninstalling as admin -making sure ALL running programs to do with iCue and Corsair have been closed during installation. Any help would be super duper appriecated, I am very sick of the angry red keyboard and no mouse macros :c
  4. So I know the question has been asked a million times over, and I have looked at other forum posts in the past - Is it possible to get a whole key set replacement for the Classic K95 Rgb Keyboard with the 18 G-keys. I looked for key replacements on Corsair's products website and they have full replacements of the classic keys but only for the K70 and Strafe Keyboards, but also on an earlier Forum post a Corsair admin posted links to Corsair's product pages saying original k95 keycap sets could be purchased there. There isn't actually anything wrong with my current K95 keycaps, and this keyboard has been through a lot so I'm quite impressed. As a project to go with the rest of my extensive corsair lighting, I wanted to get 'pudding' keycaps for my keyboard, (sides of keys are translucent white plastic so the entire key glows except for the black tops) however I obviously couldn't find a whole kit for the Corsair k95 with 18 G keys. In an earlier forum post someone posted a video of a guy sanding the sides of his Corsair keys down, just with sandpaper and it actually worked just fine! It had a really good result, and this is my next idea of what I could do. I don't really want to mess up my only set of Corsair K95 keycaps, so I was going to ask if the Corsair K70 classic keys would fit onto my K95 keyboard, excluding the G-keys? This way I could buy the K70 classic key set replacement and try it with those so I don't mess up my original keys. If not, is there any possible way I could get my hands on a Classic K95 key set without buying another whole Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard?? Any help or direction would be appreciated.
  5. Hi everyone! Ever since I dropped my keyboard the lights flash/blink in an irritating manner whenever their color changes. When 16.8m color mode is on, all the keys flash, even if only one of them changes color. I've cleaned the board and keys with isopropyl alcohol but it didn't resolve the issue. Here are some photo's of the board:
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