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Found 7 results

  1. I am trying to use iCUE with my new K55 keyboard to play Pillars of Eternity, and I'm encountering the following unexpected behavior: In Pillars of Eternity, pressing F5 initiates a Quicksave (by default), but pressing Shift + F5 does not. However, when I bind a Macro (G) key to do the keystroke Shift + F5, it seems to be detected by Pillars of Eternity as if F5 was pressed individually. That is, it initiates a Quicksave when the Macro key is pressed, and when I press the Macro key in the control binding settings of Pillars of Eternity, it is detected only as F5, not as Shift + F5. However, if I bind an action in Pillars of Eternity to Shift + F5 manually, then pressing the Macro key triggers that action when simply pressing F5 doesn't. I had the same issue when I tried to create the same effect with a Macro instead of a Keystroke. Is this a bug? How would I get a Macro key to act like a I'm pressing Shift + F5, but only Shift + F5? Thanks for any help!
  2. Hello, I have come here to get help for a serious issue. So on September 11 (yes quite the awful day), I turned on my PC and I saw a notification about a new firmware update for iCUE. So I updated iCUE and it told me to restart my computer, so I did. After restarting, all of my Corsair products stopped working! I thought, okay, maybe I should fix the firmware, but the thing is, my keyboard and mouse won’t work and I can’t get past my lock screen! I tried plugging in a spare keyboard and mouse, but that doesn’t work either! I tried unplugging and replugging my devices back in too, no success. The closest I’ve gotten was using my Xbox One controller and pressed the Xbox button, which at least brought me to the Enter PIN screen, but of course, I need my keyboard to actually type it. I really need to use my computer, as this is my only way to comfortably do any work. I have a K55 RGB keyboard, HARPOON RGB mouse, and a HS60 headset. P.S. I don’t know which version iCUE updated to exactly, that’s why I included the date. P.P.S. I contacted Corsair support 4 days ago and FINALLY got reached out, and it was great help, but it required me to get passed the lock screen, and of course, I can’t do that.
  3. I use ICUE for my mouse, but I don't want it for my keyboard. Is there any way to remove/disable my keyboard in ICUE?
  4. I am going to pick up a k55 for myself, but first I want to know if it compatible with the ICUE software. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I have been encountering this issue with my K55 keyboard and do not know how to fix it, as I don't know what causes it. For some reason,certain keys on my keyboard stop working and do not register input, but I bought the keyboard brand new. The macro button, and window lock button do not work, as well as my control, tilde, numbers 5 and 6, insert, home, page up, delete, and Certain f keys do not work. I have already tried uninstalling and resetting the drivers as well as updating the firmware via iCue. At this point, i have no idea what to do as I'm at a loss. That being said, i had this problem before but it resolved on its own, when I accidentally touched one of the macro keys. Anyone have any clue as to what's going on? Thanks, RawrItsRobert
  6. Hey guys, after struggling with this for almost two hours I'm asking here. I have a K55 RGB keyboard and I really love it except for one thing. Whenever I touch it or come near it by accident it the lightning turns on even if the system is off. I don't want that to happen since my hobby room is also my bedroom and my working room and I don't want my keyboard to flash when I try to work. I've seen the possible workaround with saving a profile with black lights to the device memory but the K55 doesn't have a device memory. I've tried making said profile, assign a macro-key for switching profiles and switch to the black profile before I turn my system off. But it still turns on. It also always activates the rainbow wave even if I have other colours selected, which is twice as annoying, since I would be ok with a single colour glow in the back of my room but the wave is just too distracting. Any ideas or experiences with this? :(: It's kinda driving me crazy that there's not an easy "set it and forget it" option for this. Sorry, if anything is worded weird, not native english. If you have any further questions just ask.
  7. Hey, Just bought a K55 and noticed that Shift+CapsLock+2 changes brightness and stops button2 from registering. Huge problem for me as I use capslock as my main Push-to-talk button and shift+ as main modifier. Any way to change this?
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