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Found 7 results

  1. When I started my computer this morning the keyboard stayed dark. I reconnected the USB cables and the keyboard lit up but the computer went dark. I reset the computer and the keyboard stayed lit up but was not recognized by the PC or iCUE. Tried resetting the USB cables again but no luck. Nothing I try has worked to get the computer to recognize the keyboard, Is it truly fried or can anyone suggest anything else I can try. iCUE sees the HS60 headphones and the H11i cooler.
  2. My Corsair Strafe RGB MK 2 CHERRY SILENT freezes. The light stop moving (it is still on though) and no matter what button I press nothing happens. Then I have to plug the keyboard out and wait for a couple of days to use it and then after a couple of hours, it turns off again. If I try to plug it in right after it has frozen no lights will appear and it will not work. Help, please!
  3. My K70 RGB MK.2 completely shut off and responds to nothing. Lights do not appear, the keyboard doesn't work, and ICUE (of which the latest version is installed) does not detect the device. I have tried using all three ports on my laptop, and I've uninstalled drivers for my usb ports and the virtual corsair keyboard. I've tried the soft reset where you unplug the keyboard, hold the ESC key, and plug it back in. None of these tricks have worked. It coincidentally stopped working after I downloaded the latest Windows 10 update 1909, but I can't revert to a former version. Does anyone know of any other potential fixes before I take it back to Best Buy for my warranty?
  4. I've had the k95 for about 2 years now and have had no problems with it. Today, I spilled a small amount of water on it, causing it to glitch and send random inputs to the computer. After taking some time to dry it out and get rid of the water, it returned back to normal. Things were well and fine until it suddenly crashed (don't know if this is what actually happened but it looked like it). All of the LEDs stopped working (turned off) and no inputs were registered. Oddly enough, a hard reset fixes it for about 5-10 minutes, before it crashes again. This can be done repeatedly with the same result. Since it works after a hard reset, the mechanics mighy still be working at the very least. I tried forcing the hardware to update through ICUE and updating ICUE itself. I tried switching it to BIOS mode and back, which doesn't do anything. Hard resets give me a short amount of time. Sorry for misspellings or incorrect grammar, I'm on my phone.
  5. yo my keyboard is not workning but the lights is just rainbow for like one minute and then blue fx and when i try to find a firmware it will ont show up in ICUE? can anyone help me ' i have a Receipt but it have all my information on it so if a Admin want i can send it like a DM or like a private message Thx for Reading my Tread. Best regards Itzduch ;)
  6. Hi, I was happy k70 MX red with blue LEDs owner till yesterday. I gave it to my daughter and got myself Strafe MX red. It worked flawlessly, and today all of a sudden stopped working. Not a single light is coming on, it looks like device is not even connected. Tried every single USB port (2.0) on my machine, same results. Can't make it work at all. I am on Windows 10 Pro, and currently typing this on some cheapo membrane keyboard. Just to make it little clearer... I started CUE software (latest version, and my Strafe has latest firmware installed 1.30). I was looking at some light effects, duplicated one of the presets (Visor effect) and saved it to keyboard's memory. After that, I turned CUE off (completely shut down application). Before, when I did that, keyboard would simply go back to "normal" lighting modes where I could chose intensity of light using that key on the top of the keyboard. This time, when I exited CUE, all lights died and I realized I wasn't even able to type on my keyboard anymore... nothing, dead device. Can someone help please, or is this device supposed to go back to Amazon? Thanks in advance, your help is greatly appreciated. Desperate Strafe user :(
  7. Warning: if you can't handle other people's stupidity, you should NOT read this. So now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you the story of a very stupid girl. Yesterday, I found a USB OTG cable. I decided to try it out by plugging in the keyboard to my phone. It didn't work, just flashed the top row of keys very dimly with a brown-ish white tint. I realized my phone probably couldn't provide enough energy to power the board. That's when I remembered the keyboard comes with 2 cables, 1 of which just provides additional power. Here comes the mistake: I decided to use an iPad charger and plug the keyboard into it, since I thought that would provide it enough energy. It still didn't work. Instead, what it did was cycle through the default RGB profiles and nothing else. I plug it back into my computer, open Chrome, and type in "reddit.com". Nothing. I try another USB port, still nothing. I tried every single USB port on my computer and none of them worked, instead Windows gave me an error saying it couldn't recognize the USB device and that it malfunctioned last time it was plugged in. "I f*cked up", I thought to myself. I flip over the keyboard and read: "5V 1A Max". I check the iPad charger. 5.1V 2.1A. Do I need to say more? If there is a fix for this, I would GREATLY appreciate it since I typed this whole thing on a crappy rubber dome keyboard (not even RGB, darn) and my secondary (school) keyboard won't come until next week (Anne Pro).
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