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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, my k65 always bugs when i use other effects than "static color". When i use like "rainbow wave" or "type lighting" my keys start acting like they are stuck or dont even react. I tried replugging, reinstalling the software, updating the firmware etc. Can anybody pls help me :(
  2. So i have a K95 Platinum and ive just updated to the newest icue firmware! I jumped into a game of valorant and found that im having keymapping issues! i ran a few test and found that for some reason when i press any remapped button and the another releasing any of them forces all keys to stop being pressed forcing me to repress them as someone whos movement is rebound to OKL; as WASD this means any time i try to do any sort of movement combinations or even pressing the sprint button causes all movement to cease until the key is released and pressed again. this is a huge problem and i cant at all figure out whats causing it. could anyone help me out?
  3. Hi, I just got my K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard delivered today. After using it for a while I noticed that the keyboard will randomly send ENTER key after pressing a key, most notably SPACE and BACKSPACE. It happens randomly, sometimes it won't send and sometimes it will send an endless stream of ENTER until another key is pressed. I have tried a few "fixes": 1. Doing a keyboard reset by unplug, hold ESC and plug again for 10-15 seconds, then unplug and plug in again 2. Download iCUE and force a firmware update (my current firmware version is 3.24) 3. Restart PC and unplug then plug keyboard Not sure if the keyboard is faulty or not compatible with my PC. Thanks!
  4. So I was just using my keyboard as usual, just got it for Christmas and it worked fine, but as of recently, my keyboard decides to type random letters, and sentences I have typed before. It activates by pressing F5. It types the sentences Like search history, occasionally messing it up with an incorrect number of letter. It sometimes opens up random software, and starts selecting stuff. I even had it spit out my address 2 times or so. I don’t even know if it’s the keyboard anymore. Does the keyboard store past searches? Please help me fix this!
  5. The keyboard is working perfectly fine but whenever i play DOTA 2. The "M" is blinking always. I don't want these macro recordings coz i cannot play the game. It suddenly pauses, buy items, cast skills. How to turn this off coz it's auto recording whenever i start DOTA 2. I'm getting very frustrated with this. I installed the latest iCUE but still, every time i check the iCUE there are recordings for the macro. Please help, i really like these keyboard but what is happening!!!! T_T i feel really sad. Is it because im just using a laptop and put a keyboard? PLEASE HELP!
  6. I've been having issues with my K55 RGB. The lights on it are half working. Whenever I plug the keyboard into a different USB port or restart my PC, the lights will turn back on for a while, but then they just shut off and refuse to work again. I don't know how this could have happened, but I suspect it might be because the keyboard was not used for about 5 months straight and there may be damage to it from when I wasn't using it. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone, Complete CUE beginner here so I'm assuming that's the issue, but my K70 LUX (just red, not RGB) keyboard won't light up on computer startup until I start the CUE software. After the software is started, it can be closed, and the lights stay on. If the computer is put to sleep and then woken up, the lights will come on. It is only an issue on complete restarts. I just got the keyboard earlier this week, and on my first use it worked fine (I believe it lit up before Windows had booted). This issue began when I installed the CUE. I've set my lighting profile (just a solid red) to the default, and saved it to the device memory. Any ideas?
  8. Hallo, seit gestern geht meine kleine k Taste nicht. Die K Taste kann ich nur benutzen/bzw sie geht nur wenn ich dabei Shift drücke. Um ein kleines K zu schreiben muss ich folgendes tun: Caps Lock + Shift + K Ansonsten kann ich nur ein großes K schreiben (Shift+K)
  9. Hello and good afternoon! I buyed a K95 keyboard on march 13 and when it arrived, I just plugged it on USB and open the CUE 2.24.35 on a Windows 10 x64 pt-BR. CUE showed a message informing about a firmware update. So, after the update, all things seemed to work very well, until I powered off my desktop for the second ou third time in the same day. In this occasion, the keyboard just froze the light effects instead of turning off. I turned on my desktop PC and realized that the keyboard was still frozen, with the light effects locked on the last state it was (spiral rainbow) but without any movement, just static light on. And no response from keyboard when pressing any key! I used the virtual keyboard to log in on Windows and opened the CUE again and the keyboard wasn't recognized by the app, but still was on the "Device Manager". Then, I just disconnected the USB and reconnected in the same USB port on the back of the motherboard. Nothing happened, then I tryed another USB port on the rear panel of the motherboard and also in the front panel of my case. I tried all the USB ports, being USB 2.0, 3.1 Gen 1 and 3.1 Gen 2! And guess what? Nothing happened! Like it isn't plugged on the USB port. I even tryed it on my Dell notebook without success. Same behavior! After a lot of tries (almost 30, A LOT!), restarting the PC, reinstalling the CUE and other no sense things, I managed to get the keyboard recognized by the system and then I used it normally for some hours until it froze again when turned my PC off again. After some tests, I figure out that the weird behavior is occurring too when disconnecting and reconnecting the keyboard USB cable, and this occurs on any machine I tried, even on PCs that never had CUE installed before, even on a clean installation of the SO. So, I requested a guarantee exchange and a few days ago I received my new keyboard, just to find out that the new one has the same problem! I tried to force the re-update of the firmware, tried to clean all profile slots, tried the hard firmware reset and the problem with this weird and bizarre behavior still happens! So I tried to make an account on Corsair support to submit a ticket, but the support account creation system doesn't work! I always get the info (in Brazilian Portuguese): [center]"OCORREU UM ERRO. ENTRE EM CONTATO COM O ATENDIMENTO AO CLIENTE E FORNEÇA OS SEGUINTES CÓDIGOS DE ERRO: 002 F7AE68DF-1E29-4FC9-888B-267B43C419A5"[/center] Without knowing what to do, I am resorting to my last resources: get a new keyboard in the warranty and report the problem finding solutions here in the forum. Also, I have a Corsair GLAIVE RGB Black (CH-9302011-NA), a mousepad MM800 RGB Polaris (CH-9440020-NA), a Premium Headset Stand ST100 RGB (CA-9011167-NA) and a Void Surround Headset (CA-9011146-NA). All work very well, without any problems or weird behavior. My keyboard is a K95 RGB Platinum with pt-BR layout, with "Ç" and ABNT2 standard with its product code CH-9127014-BR. Probably this problem only occurs with brazilian products, because all my other products code ends with a NA, which stands for North American, and only my keyboard ends with a BR product code, for Brazilian... If anyone has any idea of how to get rid of this freezing behavior, please, I'm all ears! Also, if anyone needs some log or system configs, let me know. Thank you in advance! Att, KnightArch.
  10. yo my keyboard is not workning but the lights is just rainbow for like one minute and then blue fx and when i try to find a firmware it will ont show up in ICUE? can anyone help me ' i have a Receipt but it have all my information on it so if a Admin want i can send it like a DM or like a private message Thx for Reading my Tread. Best regards Itzduch ;)
  11. bonjour , il m'arrive que mon clavier se desactive quand je l'utilise , et sur le iCUE quand il se desactive il y a un point d'exclamation jaune qui apparait avec écrit défaillance/état je ne sais pas quoi faire merci de m'aider
  12. When I turn on my pc that corsair engine didn't start I can press windows button but when Corsair engine started I can't press windows button anymore and I'm sure that I did't turn on windows lock key
  13. Hi I have an Asrock H61M/U3S3 motherboard, and I cannot get into its UEFI or even select the boot menu with my Corsair K55 keyboard. I read that the K70 and K95 models had a similar issue but that was a few years ago that those threads were written/posted into, is there anything I can do to allow the motherboard to detect it in the UEFI/BIOS? Is this still an issue? How can a keyboard not be usable for getting into the UEFI/BIOS? I have Legacy USB enabled in the UEFI, and I know that USB keyboards can be detected because I have already tried and can successfully access the UEFI with an extra USB keyboard I have here at home. I have already tried plugging into every single USB2.0 port.
  14. Hi I came back home to my PC last night I think I left it on and I noticed that my Strafe RGB has a strange bug on it that's never happened before. The keys: Shift, Back Slash, Z, X, C and Alt GR, FN are all flickering their colours... I'm a little worried about this as I've already rebooted my PC and forced updated the firmware and the keyboard is still like it. Any help is appreciated Thanks - Sam
  15. I'm not used to posting on forums, so I'll try to keep this professional. My K95 RGB Keyboard has worked flawlessly since I bought it a couple of years ago. The customization has been working fine up to now. I bought an "infamous" game called Homfront; The Revolution on Steam, whenever I load into this game, my keyboards red colour lighting shuts off. Then flicks back to a very hard on the eyes, white, red, and blue mess of keys in no particular order. (The ripple effect is also nonresponsive) I cannot turn down the brightness to zero and ignore it, I've tried making a copy of my default red profile and hotlinking it to turn itself on when the application (Homefront) starts up. But nothing works. There doesn't seem to be any other game on any of my gaming libraries (Steam, Battlenet, Origin) that have this problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Or is there something wrong with the game that's altering my keyboard? Thanks, Kasket007
  16. I have had my K70 for two days. On the first day, there were no problems. The key displayed the correct colour. This has only today started happening. My 'X' key will only display the colour red. It seems as if the green and blue don't work. In CUE it is showing that it should be a different colour, but because only the red is working, it just displays red instead of something like yellow. I've seen that this is quite a common issue, but even with all of the trawling through forums I have done, I still haven't found a solution that works for me. I have tried - Using other profiles - Reboot - Unplugging/Replugging - Different USB Ports - Uninstalling and reinstalling CUE Thanks for any help, and sorry for posting about a problem so common, but the other solutions haven't worked. I heard some people mention something about a "hard reset", but I'm not sure how to do that.
  17. Anyone else having issues with keys that have been pressed repeating? The key is not stuck as it still freely moves up and down just when I press keys they get stuck repeating no matter what I do it requires a hard shut down of my PC. Its not any key in particular it seems to randomly happen on any key and has gotten progressively worse to the point I went back to an old board. I have updated firmware tried it both with and without CUE software installed. The issue has persisted through a completely new OS install when I added in an SSD. The problem does not exist now that I have gone back to my RAZER that is roughly 6 years old. I opened a ticket with corsair a week ago but have heard nothing back from them which seems to be common. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Also Ive only had this keyboard for about 3-4 months so it has had very light use.
  18. Hello, A new issue with my K30 appeared since a few days: Each time I reboot my PC, the K30 lose its special functionalities: Programmable keys are not working anymore When launching the config utility, the luminosity and pulse led options have no effect What I have to do each time is to reinstall the K30 software, and then it works again. The issue seems new because K30 was working ok before the last Windows 10 update. Any idea what I should do to fix this? Thanks.
  19. So I have recently (1 week ago) received my K70 RGB, and I love it. It looks super sleek, and the Cherry MX Red keys feel great to type and game on (typing on it right now), and the lighting blows my mind, but I have a small problem. So I often use the Rainbow Wave effect for the keyboard, and I realized that whenever I open BattleNet to play Overwatch, and even sometimes randomly, the lights stop changing color, and just stay on the same color. I can fix this temporarily by unplugging the USB and plugging it back in, but that is tedious and not very cool to do if you wanted to impress someone. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem, and if so, how I could fix it. I still have a 1 year warranty covering my keyboard, so I could just send it back if I can't fix it, but that would be pretty annoying. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please tell me, I would really appreciate it. it just froze as I was typing this, please help. Thanks.
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