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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, This thread is meant to be kind of like a petition, were if there is a considerable amount of people that also want this feature, then maybe Corsair can develop it. Petition: Add an option in iCUE > Advanced Config > Make brightness key control all iCUE devices. Reason: When trying to lower brightness/turn off lights, there is no point in doing so only in the keyboard, as the mice and other accessories are not affected. Going into iCUE settings every time is inefficient and making a profile with everything off is not an option, since I am using Wallpaper Engine integration and that overwrites whatever profile you currently have. Enabling this option would make that clicking the keyboard's brightness key will control the brightness for ALL of your iCUE's detected devices, not just your keyboard. That's all. Thanks everyone. Miguel
  2. Buenas El dia de hoy de golpe mi teclado empezo a escribir solo, usaba la tecla poi y las repetia una y otra vez. No sabia que hacer asique apague el pc, cuando lo prendi de nuevo paro, pero dejaron de funcionar las teclas QWERTYUIOP y la tecla TAB el resto del teclado funciona. Alguna idea de que puede ser? el teclado nunca tuvo golpes y cuidado a la perfeccion Muchas gracias
  3. Hi. I have the K95 RGB Platinum that's about 15 months old. After I owned it about 6 months the J key cap simply popped off as I was typing. I stuck it back on but it's very easy to come off and does so now and then. A few months after that, the 4 key started doing it and then the L key. The other day, the 3 key seems to have the same loose fitting and comes off easily. Doing some Google searches and looking in this forum it seems other users have had the same issue with the key caps just working lose and popping off. But I've not found a solution. Does anyone know a way to get these keys to stay put??? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hey, i've just received my M65 pro RGB to replace my old G600. I would like to assign the CTRL key to the sniper button but it's not working i Play world of warcraft and i got a lot off button (CTRL+1 , CTRL+2 etc..) and i so i would like to bind the CTRL to sniper button But it seems only workin to assign CTRL+(somekey) to the Sniper button and not just CTRL (i'm on macOS catalina 10.15.2) anyone know how to do it with icue ? (sorry for my english i hope you get what i want to achieve) thanks
  5. Hola, estoy por comprar este teclado y queria saber si se pueden modificar cualquier tecla o solo las G. Ej: Se puede cambiar la tecla ALT x la tecla windows ? o deshabilitar ciertas teclas. Espero alguien lo lea XD
  6. Bonsoir On m'a offert un clavier Corsair K70 Mk2 Rgb pour Noël, et je dois dire que je l'aime beaucoup. Seulement, après 1 mois d'utilisation, un [et maintenant 2] des 4 angles en plastique sous une touche qui la maintienne en place sont partis comme le montre les photos ci-jointes. Cette touche est la touche "flèche avant" (^), et je dois dire que c'est très handicapant car je joue à un jeux de course où c'est la touche la plus utilisé, or elle ne tient plus en place. Je n'ai aucune idée de ce qui à causé ça ; mais j'ai remarqué que les 3 autres flèches commencent à se fissurer aussi, alors que les autres touches n'ont aucun problème. J'ai donc été sur le 'Customer Support' de Corsair, et j'ai maintenant plusieurs questions. Premièrement, le numéro marqué comme "Internationale toll free" est-il réellement gratuit ? (En France notemment ?) Ensuite, Lorseque j'ai voulu me connecter à mon compte Corsair pour accéder au chat en ligne (par exemple), le site m'a demandé tout un tas d'informations comme mon adresse assez précise ou mon numéro de téléphone... Est-ce que c'est vraiment nécessaire de donner autant d'information d'entrer de jeu ? Peut-on passer outre ? Je joins des photos de la touches, l'une à été prise il y a une semaine, l'autre à l'instant. Voilà, je vous remercie tous beaucoup de votre aide, j'en ai vraiment besoin car c'est très handicapant.
  7. So some of my keycaps got deformed (melted, bent, etc.) during drying after cleaning my k95 plat keyboard... I started a ticket (I'm all over the place with this cause I'm so frustrated) with a question if I could get some spare/replacement keycaps cause they aren't sold in my country. :[pouts: In case it won't be possible to get replacements will it void my warranty if I buy the Corsair Gaming PBT Double-shot keycap set from amazon (from Corsair) and replace the old ones???
  8. I wanted to make my "Esc" key to light all of my keyboard. But I want that only this key activiate the "animation" and not not other. How do I make this work???
  9. I have k70 mx blue and suddenly for no reason it went completely crazy.. This morning opened my computer and my keyboard leds flickering/turning on and off randomly and typing random keys. I didn't spill anything or hit the keyboard but i took the keyboard apart to make sure there's no water in it and i didn't find any water but i use hair drier and leave it open in the sun just in case. It worked great, no problem for an hour but then it started to act crazy again. What do you guys think what can be the problem here, any ideas? Here's the video of the current situation. I don't think there is any hope. :( [ame]https://youtu.be/mmm_X6CxovI[/ame] I just don't get it man, you spend this much money on a keyboard because it's mechanical and high construction quality and you expect it can last forever but it gets broken faster than cheap/junk keyboards
  10. Currently you can assign one action to one key. Example: press "ctrl" and this can trigger a keystroke combination such as "ctrl+a". You cannot assign one action to a key combination. I want to be able to press "ctrl+alt+a" and trigger one action. This would drastically increase the utility of the keyboard + software. Please comment if you think the same.
  11. Hi, I recently bought a K70 RGB and I've been playing with advanced effects on the keyboard. I managed to do a rainbow effect on my keyboard. And now, what I would like to do, is add an effect which reverse all the colors of the rainbow whenever a key is pressed. Right now, I have one effect for each color of the rainbow, but I would like to know if it is possible to merge all those effects into a single effect? I tried to do a triggering effect (starts when the key of a section is pressed, and stops when the key is released). But the thing is that the effect only triggers with one color at a time, it does reverse the color, but I would like have colors reversed on the whole keyboard! Please let me know if it isn't clear and if it's impossible to do this... Thank you for the help and support!
  12. I got a k70 lux a week or two ago with Cherry MX browns and red backlighting. At the time of its arrival I was building my new PC and I got it out to quickly test. I plugged the keyboard into my brother's laptop and all the keys worked and gave correct output. Today I finished the PC build and plugged in my keyboard. At first it seemed fine but I realized there were maybe five keys that weren't working right. When I press them they output seemingly random strings of numbers, letters, and symbols. Each key, I think it was P, 0, the enter key on the numpad and maybe one other, would always output the same string but each key had a different string. I have tried deleting and reinstalling drivers which had no effect. I also tried plugging the keyboard into my tablet and got the same result. At this point I'm not sure if the keyboard is broken or if there is something I am missing but any help would be greatly appreciated.
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