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Found 5 results

  1. I just bought a new K95 RGB platinum keyboard today, and it is a nice keyboard. However I'm having trouble doing a basic keyboard reassignment that I've done previously on Logitech, Razer and Cougar keyboards with extra keys (G keys). I need to (for example) assign G1 to be Ctrl-Shift-A, or G2 to be Shift-F12 etc. I can't use macros to do this as for a start it breaks the WoW ToS. When I attempt to do so - it doesn't let me put Shift-F12 into the keypress box in the event I'm creating. Can someone help me - I've spent a lot of money on this keyboard, and the basic function I bought it to do doesn't seem to be supported.
  2. So, Im fairly savy with the icue system and just rebuilt a new system entirely based around corsair minus the naga pro. So I have a 850x psu with 16 LL 120's inside a 5000d case, double Lian Li strimers, 4x rgb ram, h150 cappelix and even an argb gpu support bracket for show and go. I just 86'd by black widow ultimate from 2014 and went with this beautiful and quiet k95 platinum xt. lighting and performance isn't the issue. I have 2 monitors and I like to have icue in the foreground in dashboard mode to see all my temps, voltages and fan speeds - does the same thing core temp and hw monitor do basically but less cumbersome and it looks cool. Problem is macros or even changing keystrokes on this keyboard, they work flawlessly if and only if the k95 is open on icue in the foreground and it has to be in the actions setting. If any other selection is selected or device, or in if I'm in dashboard mode or if I have icue minimized to the tray the macros/keystrokes are delayed by a couple seconds. This is driving me nuts. I play wow and diablo 3. I'm trying to get that g1 button to be a simple auto run toggle. I've even cleared the keystroke change I made and assigned that function in game to the G1 key and the same thing, only works if icue is open in actions on k95. Ill attach a ss. Hopefully its something stupid. My in game keybind for autorun is ] as you can tell in the ss. I thank anyone in advance for their time. So far I'm loving this keyboard just need to figure this nonsense out. I also just realized I had the blackwidow ultimate still set and active in synapse 2.0 on my system so I deleted that as well to no avail. i7 10700k @ 4.8ghz Asus z490 Prime-a corsair 5000d case 32 gb pc 3600 corsair rgb vengeance pro 2x light enhancement modules 16 LL 120's h150i elite cappelix gtx 970 gpu Windows 10 Wd sn750 nvme 1 tb Evo 970 plus nvme 1tb
  3. TLDR - title. I have recently gotten the IronClaw RGB wireless gaming mouse, and im enjoying it so far, but I have one issue. when trying to bind the side upper key to action play/pause, it shows that it's done it but in reality it doesnt work in Windows media player, spotify, chrome, anywhere. I'd be really happy if you can help me understand what I'm doing wrong, if pictures/further explanation will be needed I'd be much than happy to supply it Thanks
  4. Hi1 After updating iCue to the latest version the esc key also acts as the volume mute on/off. I've tried going to apps and feature > icue > modify > repair and re installing the strafe rgb's firmware. As a temporary fix I added to my profiles a remap key esc to volume up and to retain the original key output, so the volume mutes and unmutes immediately and esc still works as usual. Any idea how to permanently fix this? Note: this only occurs with icue open.
  5. Hello. so my corsair Sabre scroll wheel is broken (i can click down but not scroll) making it difficult to play some games and browsing the internet since i have to use the bars on the side. Now what im trying to figure out if there was a way to bind a key on my Corsair K70 as the scroll wheel (say Numpad 9/6) that way it scrolls in and out when i push 9 or 6. i know its possible to bind keys to other keys (for example my x key is num pad 0 because water got in my keyboard and x key no longer works) Thank you for you're information ~Pookey2773
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