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  1. Hi Guys I recently purchased a K95 Platinum keyboard on the recommendation of my son, however, I have an issue with it that has been driving me nuts. Whenever I am not actually in a windows account, my keyboard does not light up. This is happens when I first turn on the pc or when I switch between my work account or my personal account. As my pc is in a dark corner of the room, a light up keyboard is essential so I can actually type in my account password to login to the account. I have even been though every profile and made sure they all have a lighting profile (even the ones for my wireless ironclaw mouse) but it has made no difference at all. We tried uninstalling the iCue software and resetting the keyboard and mouse, but I still have no lighting in between accounts, Any advise would be grateful.
  2. Hello, I just came across this really weird and irritating problem. I have the K95 RGB keyboard, harpoon RGB mouse and the void pro RGB wireless headset. They've been functioning nicely for months and I haven't had any problems with them. While I was working I noticed that the sound wasn't in dolby mode, so I went to the CUE to enable it and I saw that it didn't detect my headset which was weird. I tried to unplug the usb wireless and plug it in again and it made the CUE stop responding, and then my keyboard and mouse stopped lighting up and working. I tried to restart and then I couldn't log in to my computer because the keyboard and mouse would light up a couple of times and then shut down after the log in screen. I tried accessing the BIOS mode and my keyboard and mouse work perfectly! So I think it's whenever windows loads up, my keyboard and mouse stop working. Please help me fix this! thank you in advance. Edit: I should add that I used other USB keyboard and mouse and they still wouldn't work.
  3. So I just bought the K95 and I got all my lights set up how I want. Starts with a Solid color then I have two (2) Color Waves crossing each other from left to right and right to left. Now when iCUE first starts up after a fresh boot, the lighting effects start properly, but then the Color Wave effects stop and can't be turned back on unless I restart iCUE. Just wondering if there is a work around for this. Thanks!
  4. For me ICue 3 was a hell instead of Icue 4 that works well but I don't have any way to save my profile on keyboard memory. I don't have hardware lightnings and hardware key Assignment nor a sawing option under device setting. Moreover Icue 4 not has a retro compatibility export mode nor a way to export actions or lightning effects so the only way to save a profile on keyboard is to write manually ALL, uninstall Icue4, install Icue3, writing ALL Manually, save on keyboard, uninstall Icue 3 and reinstall Icue4, is more than a pain! Can someone know if this is a bug or K95 RGB is no more supported? There is a third party app to do something or a portable ICue 4? I use my keyb for work and rgb keys are really important for my eyes so I can set a lot of code macro under different colors to improve my speed at home and use them in office where is forbidden to install something Thanks
  5. Hello, Does anyone know what the light on the right of the num lock and caps lock do (the one with an arrow pointing down at the line)? It blinks continuously and I can't find any info on that in the included quick starter guide. Also my keyboard is not detected by CUE, however detected in Devices&Printers. I would like to reinitialize the keyboard ? How ? Thank you ! Romain.
  6. Hi every one, I would like to make it when I lock the windows so the lights of the keyboard will be off and maybe leave few keys light... and don't really know how to do it on iCUE could any one assist with a guide or explanation on how to do so?
  7. Boa noite pessoal. Recentemente adquiri este teclado usado e tenho 3 teclas que ficam apenas na cor vermelha. Provavelmente as cores verde e azul queimaram. Gostaria de saber se alguém daqui sabe qual o modelo certinho do led que este teclado utiliza para eu poder comprar e trocar. Desde já agradeço! Kleber Santos.
  8. So I recently (and after a long time) managed to afford to upgrade my whole system from an old (and constantly overheating) AMD FX9850 system to a shiny new AMD Ryzen 7 3700X system. Just about everything in the system is new, but my keyboard, a Corsair K95 RGB (not platinum) remained the same because why replace what's still excellent? Now, I've never updated the firmware on this thing since I got it about 3-4 years ago, just to get that out of the way. Since this is an all new system with a fresh Windows install I've had to install the latest drivers and controller apps, including the iCUE app (formerly just CUE when I was using it). It helpfully informed me that my keyboard needs its firmware updated because I can't control the lighting properly on it, so I presumed the new software needs the new firmware to operate properly. So I did a firmware update. Or tried to. It fails. Every time. So I don't know what to do at this point. Any ideas from anyone here? iCUE software version 3.35.152 K95 RGB Firmware version 2.05 Just to be clear, I have Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM in the system and the software controls that just fine. So I figure this has to be the keyboard having a BIOS that's just too old for the new software to be able to successfully update.
  9. Hi, Have been playing around with the programming on my new K95 RGB all day. I can set up waves and ripples but only if all keys on the keyboard are assigned to the lighting setting. 1) What I'm trying to do is have the wave function assigned to just one key but when that key is pressed the wave lights across the whole keyboard. All that seems to be happening is I assign the key to the group and set up the wave but all happens is that one key flashes. Is there a way of doing what I'm trying to do? (I guess the same applies to ripples, also.) 2) Also, can you set up reverse ripples? ie when the target key is pressed the ripple instead of going from the key outward, it comes from the sides of the keyboards in. 3) And finally, once actions and lighting setting are in their respective libraries, how can you source them to be assigned to a new profile, without assigning to all profiles?
  10. heyho everbody, i've checked the forum but i did not found anything. i'm looking for the Corsair K95 RGB with 18 g-keys. i cant find any retailer who sells it atm? do they don't get produced anymore? i had a logitech with 18 buttons but i wanted to buy a mechanical keyboard and i saw this one ( Corsair K95 RGB ) on a stream. i would realy like to buy one with 18 g-buttons cause for mmorpgs you cant have enought ^^ best regards
  11. Hi, cant figure this out. Is there any way to program a key to "count" 1 through 10? ie, press initially, the key is 1, next time 2, then 3 etc? Then resets to 1 after 30 seconds. Tried this with macro keys, but no luck. Then again, thats me.
  12. I love my K95 RGB. It is a few years old now and I am looking for a replacement. I was very disappointed to find that the K95 RGB has been discontinued and replaced by a "Platinum" version that is missing features from the original version. The bank of 18 macro keys on the K95 are amazing. The ability to have so many macros and to record macros directly from the keyboard (MR switch) is important to advanced users. I would be curious to understand why this was trimmed down in the Plat version, and the MR button removed. It makes sense that the aesthetic features (lighting and such) of the keyboard are popular across a broad spectrum of users, but the advanced features such as macros make this an elite keyboard. The loss of the MR key means initiating macro recording from the software which involves awkwardly navigating between applications during a record session an manually removing extra commands. It is unfortunate that you would replace the K95 RGB with an inferior product and call it "Platinum". Makes it very hard to search for information about the original. Thanks for listening to my feedback! Marcus
  13. Like here https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=136995 What happens to me is when i turn the lights on, on low there's no problem, medium lights on starts to press random keys here and there, and when i press the third time and make it strong, the keyboard starts going crazy pressing a lot of keys like print screen enter and much more. Also when i use icue to turn light effects on when their on the keyboard will spam random keys making it impossible to use, when i turn of all effects through icue the random key pressing will stop. what can i do? i have not spilled water on it \ downloaded or changed anything at all, btw i have no warrnty
  14. Hi, I have an issue that has appeared with the new iCUE version 3.33.246. I use the actions remapping to map my G5 key to use as a push-to-talk key in programs like Discord. In past versions of iCUE, if I held the G5 key, I was able to press other keys while the G5 key was still considered "held down." Ever since the latest update to iCUE, if I try to hold my G5 push-to-talk key down, it will "release" the G5 key if I press any other key, even though I am still physically holding the G5 key down. I've tested this by using any key as the remapped key, so it's not a specific key issue. I rolled back to an older version of iCUE and the issue is not present. So I just wanted to flag this issue for the next version, as I am sure many people use the G-keys in the same way I do. Please let me know if this explanation is not clear.
  15. I have configured that all my G keys, will write a text, but strangely also my F1+F2+F3+F4 do the same. how I cancel the F's? Thank you
  16. Hey guys, since yesterday my keyboard keeps disconnecting every like 10-60 seconds which makes playing games impossible and is really enoying even when I don't use it so much since you hear the windows usb disconnected/connected sound all the time. I reinstalled CUE but that didn't fix it for me, since I'm not very good at fixing hardware problems I thought I'd ask you for some advice on how the issue could be fixed. Thanks in advance :)
  17. So, I have the older K95 RGB with 18 Macros, and I'm trying to figure out how to get all the M-buttons to light up at once. While using M1, I'd like M2 and M3 to be light up as well. Is that possible? I can't seem to figure out if it is or how to do it. I'm using the iCUE software to program the lights. Maybe that's the problem? Is doing such a thing not possible with the iCUE? Is it only possible with the older Corsair Utility Engine, since I have an older keyboard? So right no the problem is that while M1 is activated, M2 and M3 lights are off, and I'd like them to be on. Any help will be appreciated, thank you!
  18. Ive set up my keyboard to text macro in the G's keys, but when i press F1,2,3,4 it also presses like the G's.
  19. I will say bluntly that I have taken off my keyboard's spacebar before so there is a chance that this may have been caused by when I took it off. The problem with my spacebar is that it loses its stability and starts to lean over onto one side when I hit it on the edge of the spacebar. The video attached below shows this in action: https://gfycat.com/FineCooperativeDuckbillplatypus Here are pictures of the stabilizers as an example: https://imgur.com/dWvkMIh, https://imgur.com/rrmRtY9, https://imgur.com/e1d5vVQ I just want to know if there is anything I can do on my end or if I should just get my keyboard RMAd if possible.
  20. Please don't say at http://www.corsair.com/downloads. There isn't one there, only a quick start guide and that comes with the keyboard. It tells me how to hook it to the computer and to download the CUE software. Surely out there somewhere there is an explanation as to what the functions are for some of the additional keys on the keyboard. Right now the box the keyboard came in gives more information about the keyboard then the entire Corsair web site. Maybe I bought a keyboard I was already supposed to know what all the buttons were for? If that's the case, I guess I need to return it, 'cause the basics I know, but there are a few I have no clue about.
  21. The red LED in one of my keys isn't working. When setting all lights to red, it will show OFF and changing to green for example, it will display yellow, or blue will display purple. The color is always off. Any one encounter this problem before and know of a fix? Also - experiencing double strokes on another key - I've tried SwitchHitter but it doesn't detect anything. Would increasing the polling rate help?
  22. Hi, i'm using a K95 RGB and some time ago it shows some letters the wrong colour that i made on iCue, and on occasion it double type when i press only 1 time, i would like a help, thanks, have a good day.
  23. Hi I have a problem with keyboard corsair gaming k95 RGB, it always unplug and re-plug automatically. video showing the problem https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zrqsKmAb17VZwntRkD9qoZEHFYs9MQW6/view?usp=drivesdk Please advice me. Thanks.
  24. Ok so i have this issue wwhen <----- here is example i am just typing away normaly as i do and it sometimes doubbble <----- here it is again... double pushes the keystrokes. i only am hitting the buttons once and it will sometimes put multiple letters forr <---- again here.. for the single button push.. is there a fix for this ? do i have a faulty keyboard? like this is what its doing. i am a very great typer i am hitting the buttons only once and it will sometimes put up to 3 letters for the one button push. <---- i had to delete alot of extra letters in this sentence because of this issue. does anyone else have this problem ?
  25. Hello! I'm using CUE (1.16.42) with my K95 RGB with the G1-G18 Keys. I have made a macro that I use, but I need to alter it back and forth a lot and thought it would be easier to just copy it to another G-Key and just edit it there keeping the original as it were. But whenever I edit the copied Macro the "Original Macro" gets edited as well. So every time I want to "copy" my macro and edit it I have to make a new macro from scratch. Is there a way to "copy" or "clone" a macro from a G-key to another without them being linked together when editing them? Or is there a way to seperate them after they been copied? Thanks in advance! :)
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