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Found 10 results

  1. Just got my new K95 RGB Platinum. Updated the firmware to v. 3.29.32. Deleted all default profiles and loaded in the ones associated with my Scimitar. I can use Ctrl with X, C, and V for cut, copy, and paste but Ctrl + A is not working. This does not work with the Left Ctrl or the Right Ctrl +A. I have unplugged and replugged my keyboard. I've tried different USB ports on my computer. I've restarted my computer. Any thoughts or solutions?
  2. Hello guys I bought new corsair k95, and plugged it into my pc and laptop. No led lights goes on, no keyboard keys works and windows shows error of. Usb malfunction, the last usb you connect is not recognized by windows.:(:
  3. I have downloaded the ICUE program and attempted to make macros under hardware actions(attempted to bind SHIFT + Z) and save them but when I press the G1 key nothing is happening. I'm trying to use the keys to play World of Warcraft if that helps.
  4. Hi, I am looking at changing a few Cherry MX red switches that are misbehaving. I have had this keyboard a good few years so the warranty is long and gone! Anyone know what are the correct switches i need to get? The keyboars is the old K95 with 18 G keys on the left i understand that i have to unsolder they keys on this board.
  5. Hello, Initially, when I installed the first early-access release of the iCUE software, it would detect my keyboard hardware profiles and replace/import them into iCUE. Now, with the latest update (v3.1.133) I am unable to detect nor restore the default on-board hardware profiles for my K95 Platinum keyboard. All I want to do is restore the factory Rainbow Spiral effect so that it matches all of the rest of my Corsair peripherals during reboot and other activities where iCUE control is not being used. To be clear, the software profiles that I have custom created work as intended and under the new software I am able to have very powerful command over the LED lighting of ALL of my Corsair devices, which is simply fantastic, REALLY enjoying iCUE apart from this problem! I have tried: 1. Clearing onboard storage (through Settings tab in iCUE). This did not initiate the expected restoration of the factory hardware profiles. 2. Attempted creating a manual software profile, but can no longer find the option to write the profile to the onboard hardware storage on the keyboard like I was able to in the prior version. 3. Full re-installation of iCUE (after destruction of ALL registry and appdata traces of Corsair Utility Engine). Could anyone tell me the trick on how to wipe out and fully factory restore the hardware profiles on my keyboard? I'm at a loss here, and asking the community for advice before I raise a lengthy support case with the Corsair support team. My concern is that the onboard storage tables have been corrupted and are no longer usable without Corsair actually sending me a replacement keyboard to correct my issues. Thanks in advance, Bearmonkey
  6. Just like everyone else on the Forum, the functions & lights would freeze up after 5-30 minutes of use. I tried everything that people suggested here on the forum. I plugged into 2 USB 2.0 ports on my computer in different orders, I plugged into 1 USB 3.0 and then I plugged into 2 USB 3.0 ports. I tried every possible combination and nothing worked. I tried every port, etc.. I uninstalled the Corsair Software and totally removed my Corsair M65 RGB mouse and K95 RGB keyboard from my system. I then reinstalled everything and made sure that everything was up to date and correct. I started to think that it was a problem with my USB ports on my computer. I have an ASRock Z87 Extreme 3 motherboard with an Intel i74770K Processor. I decided to take the plunge and update the BIOS on my motherboard to the latest version. Same thing, after a few minutes of serious gaming, the keyboard froze again. I was pretty mad! $189 and it freezes!!!! Not happy. I settled on the fact that if I wanted to keep the keyboard and not return it to Best Buy, then I would just have to get used to flipping the Bios USB Polling rate switch on the back of the keyboard to reset it when this would happen. Since it was only a few days since I picked it up at Best Buy, I was really leaning toward just returning the keyboard and getting a Razr Chroma RGB keyboard. I would also return the Corsair M65 RGB mouse that I bought from Microcenter and get a RAZR Chroma Epic mouse so the keyboard and mouse match. This morning, I was reorganizing my cables and doing a little gaming system reorganization. I plugged both K95 RGB USB plugs into my powered USB Hub and the keyboard does NOT freeze anymore!!! It's been over 12 hours of extreme system use and there has been no keyboard freezing or any issues whatsoever. I have extensively used the Corsair Utility engine software to create profiles and modes. I have installed all kinds of Profiles from the forums and had some good NON-freezing fun with the K95 RGB keyboard. At first I had both USB plugs from the K95 RGB plugged into my powered USB hub, then I unplugged 1 and left only the USB Plug with the keyboard icon plugged in. The keyboard is solid. No Freezing. My USB hub is a Roccat Apuri Powered Active USB-Hub with mouse bungee. The power adapter that plugs into the hub is a 5.0 V - 2A power adapter. The box states that this hub has 4 x high-speed USB 2.0 ports (480Mbps each). The output power is 4 x 5V and max 500ma per port. The Roccat Apuri is plugged into 1 USB 3.0 port on the back of my computer and the power adapter is plugged into my APC Surge Supressor powerstrip. I am using 3 of the 4 ports right now. I plugged in my Corsair M65 RGB mouse, 1 USB keyboard plug from the K95 RGB keyboard and a Logitech C310 webcam into the Roccat Apuri hub. 1 open port on the USB hub. No Issues, No freezing, everything works great. My theory is that the Corsair K95 RGB keyboard is very power hungry and not very compatible with many of the USB hardware/drivers out in the wild. Plugging into the generic Roccat Apuri powered USB hub and providing a fresh and clean 500ma power flow to the keyboard has turned this thing into a very nice NON-FREEZING keyboard. I theorize the passthrough USB plug from the previous K95 RGB keyboard was probably deleted on the new version due to possible power drain from whatever was plugged into that port. I'm sure that the onboard Panasonic lighting controller and all the LEDS must use more power than standard USB devices. The inability of most standard USB connections to provide strong power to this device must be causing the lockups and freezing that everyone is experiencing. Hopefully Corsair can fix this problem. If not, a powered USB hub powered by least a 5V 2A power supply is sufficient to keep the K95 RGB operating perfectly without freezing. Get the Roccat Apuri. It's really cool looking. George Cee :D:
  7. Hello I had a water spill accident and some got to my keyboard. I tried to get all the water out the best I could but the LEDs started to change colors ect. At this point I disconnected the keyboard and decided to take it apart (warranty already expired) and dry it out better. After googling where all the screws are I managed to get the keyboard open. At this point this white hard plastic part fell from somewhere inside the keyboard. I tried my best to find a spot for it but didn't have any luck. Can someone identify this part or even better give me an idea where I'm supposed to put it. Thank you
  8. Hi, I recently purchased a K95 RGB Platinum and i bought it in German by mistake is there anywhere I can buy specific key caps in English so i can substitute the keys I need
  9. Hello, I hesitated to do this because I was sure to be able to fix that problem by myself but I guess not I bought this k95 platinum RGB keyboard 7 months ago and he worked very well for 1 months Now it's been 6 months that he isn't recognized by CUE and so I cannot edit the lighting I tried to uninstall and re-install cue in many version but It doesn't worked I also can't update the firmware... So my keyboard is stuck with the basic lighting animation I also have to tell that the little light at the right of the light that turn on when I press MAJ, flashes (even when my computer is off) I don't know if this have a kind of meaning or something I'd really like if someone could help me thanks in advance (sorry if my english is bad I'm french)
  10. every day :mad: i get on the computer i count the time to the next " cue is not responding " error. so i can force shut down this program and restart it. this will happen anywhere from 4 to 10 times before i give up and leave cue off and use the keyboard with cue not running. it just repeatedly crashes cue. this is getting as you can imagine frustrating as all get out. need suggestions before i send this keyboard back for a refund. love the build quality but have the repeated crashes of cue side note: this has happened while just checking email or surfing the web, and or just playing Diablo3. also i had an issue of the default profiles disappearing and it would reload or install them every time i turned on the computer. also i did the hold escape key for 15-20 seconds after reinserting the power cables as instructed by cust support, which dare i say fix the loss of the 3 defaults every time i powered up my computer. could use some help. before i return this and get another keyboard from a diff maker that this replaced stats: Windows 10 home build 16299.125 version 1709 cue ver 2.21.67 and the previous 2 build releases and the version that shipped with it.
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