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Found 5 results

  1. I recently switched cases from a thermaltake view 71 TG to a Cooler Master Cosmos C700P I did not change anything in between the swap but now my K95 Platinum XT, M55 Pro, and Virtuoso SE are all stuck in the color red. My case fans led strips and even motherboard are all having no issues reading that I want them purple but these 3 are. Also when I unplug any of them from USB and plug them back in, they pair then make the sound like I unplugged them. Please help!
  2. tenia un par de meses con el teclado, hasta el momento todo correcto, hace poco me di cuenta que dos teclas "d" y "f" no les funciona correctamente el RGB, o de por si el LED, si el teclado esta en color estatico blanco la letra "D" queda roja y la letra "F" en color violeta, y en el RGB los colores no coordinan, ni muestran el color verde o celeste, ¿hay alguna solucion o F para mi?
  3. Hello ! So i got a recurent problem recently. I don't know why but when I'm using a dynamic profile i get some key red but there not showing up in iCUE. There are always the same one. I already did try use an older version of iCUE / reinstall my keyboard firmware and nothing did fix it. Thanks for your help !
  4. There was a flickering issue with left CTRL, Windows,ALT button lately. This is how it started. Now 2 days later windows button doesn't even light up anymore. Number 6 in number row has flickering green and no any other colors. And 1 to 8 in number row [ ] \ left control, ALT ESC and space keys light up but not blue color on them and has flickering issue. Flickering happens with color changing profiles and not with solid color profiles. When set to solid color, most of malfunctioning keys shows wrong colors. If I set to single color on any malfunctioning single key, somewhere else dim lit up keys randomly pops up. Sometimes very randomly windows and 6 key shows red color with flickering. Tried clean install icue and force firmware update with no luck. Here is a log file zip https://www.dropbox.com/s/ytynaeoea91lztq/K95%20Platinum%20log.zip?dl=0 I got this keyboard by winning Corsair quiz and I don't know if I'm eligible for RMA if its hardware problem. Hope it ainta hardware, because I'm living outside USA and used mail forwarding to get it to me. Thanks.
  5. Need the help of the pro's I set all keys to white led lights at CUE software but some keys on my k95 plat blinking like insane and displaying incorrect color.I already re-flash the firmware, disconnected the keyboard to my pc then connect, and restart my pc. All keys are working great but the led lights acting weird. Anyone can teach how to hard reset the keyboard? or this needs to return at the local store where I bought this keyboard? Anyways I bought this keyboard May 13 2017 Thanks in advance
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