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Found 7 results

  1. Just got my new K95 RGB Platinum. Updated the firmware to v. 3.29.32. Deleted all default profiles and loaded in the ones associated with my Scimitar. I can use Ctrl with X, C, and V for cut, copy, and paste but Ctrl + A is not working. This does not work with the Left Ctrl or the Right Ctrl +A. I have unplugged and replugged my keyboard. I've tried different USB ports on my computer. I've restarted my computer. Any thoughts or solutions?
  2. The red LED in one of my keys isn't working. When setting all lights to red, it will show OFF and changing to green for example, it will display yellow, or blue will display purple. The color is always off. Any one encounter this problem before and know of a fix? Also - experiencing double strokes on another key - I've tried SwitchHitter but it doesn't detect anything. Would increasing the polling rate help?
  3. Hi, my K95 is having a problem with some keys were there not emitting any green and its all red and I don't know what is wrong all the rest are working ok and it's only these that are not showing the green in the colours it's like if the Green the RGB is not working. keys: (F12, Print Screen, Screen Lock, Pause Break, Insert, Home, Page up)
  4. Hallo, Ich habe mir die: Corsair k95 Corsair Glaive Corsair Void Pro Gekauft. Die Corsair glaive habe ich schon 3Mal zurückgegeben und der Schalter der Maus ist schon wieder defekt und weißt einen Doppelklick auf. Die Corsair k95 hab ich auch schon 1 mal zurückgegeben und schon wieder habe ich probleme mit den LEDS Das Corsair Void Pro rauscht bei einer Lautstärke über 50% Auf umtauschen habe ich keine lust mehr, deshalb wollte ich fragen ob es eine möglichkeit gibt sein Geld zurück zu bekommen. [Alle Produkte sind über die Internetseite von Corsair bestellt]
  5. I have only had problems with Corsair products and wanted to ask if there is way to get my money back Yes I have ordered the products via corsair website [Corsair k95 dead led's] [Corsair Glaive Double Click issue] [Corsair Void Pro Static noice] I refunded 3 Times and still have problems, i want my money back.
  6. So, i've had this keyboard for 3-4 months. and there was no problem. however, recently the rgb lighting and profiles started to get laggy when i'm not using my computer. the rgb effect stutters, especially the rainbow effect. it gets back to normal when i move my mouse or press a key on the keyboard. And the second problem that i have, is some of the rgb lights either turns off by it's own, or changes to another colour. this happens to 1/2 keys when i left my computer on for 15-30 minutes. i had to change profiles to get the rgb lights working again. Is there a way to fix this?
  7. Bonjour, heureux possesseur d'un clavier K95 Vengeance (oui l'ancien modèle avec éclairage blanc) je viens de casser une touche de mon clavier. Pour être plus précis, la croix en plastique s'insérant dans le support de la touche s'est brisée et je ne peux plus remettre la touche en place. Mais ... je possède également un ancien K90 abîmé mais que j'ai conservé pour ce genre de cas. J'ai également plusieurs touches du K95 dont les LEDs sont mortes ... ce serait l'occasion de les changer. Je sais bien que ce n'est pas vraiment dans l'intérêt de Corsair mais est-ce possible d'utiliser les touches du K90 pour réparer mon K95 ? l'opération est-elle complexe (j'ai des bases d'électronique et dessouder/ressouder un composant ne me pose pas de problème). Merci
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