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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! I recently bought a K83 Wireless keyboard to use instead of the MacBook Pro keyboard and trackpad. I bought it because it a) had both a trackpad and a keyboard b) could connect via BT. Everything else was a bonus. But... When connected just through BT, iCUE won't recognize my keyboard at all. The trackpad and the keyboard work, though. But the keyboard layout isn't quite recognized with the nordic layout with the [<] key to the right of the left [shift], and the ['] above the [tab] key. If I add the Corsair dongle to my MacBook Pro, iCUE recognizes my keyboard, and I can presumably change the settings, remap key assignments and so on. But no... The changes doesn't work! Also, the layout is still wrong. Now... If I connect my K83 Wireless(!) keyboard to my MacBook Pro using a USB cable, all the bells and whistles seem to work. Even the keyboard layout is as expected with [<] to the right of my left [shift] and the ['] above my [tab] key. So my big question is: How can I keep my keyboard layout and drop the USB cable?
  2. Bonjour, Je possède un K83 (à jour de firmware) et je n'arrive à passer en mode BIOS que quand il est connecté par un câble USB. Est-il possible d'utiliser le mode BIOS en mode sans fil ? Merci.
  3. Bonjour, je viens d'acheter le clavier Corsair M83, et j'aimerais le connecter avec mon MacBook Pro mi-2012, en bluetooth (je n'est pas l'USB de connexion). Mon problème est que le clavier est reconnus en bluetooth mais lorsque je veux l'apparayer/connecté cela ne fonctionne pas, clavier inutilisable, peut etre imcompatible OS Catalina? Quelqu'un a déja eu se problème? Merci d'avance ENGLISH Version: Hello, I just bought the Corsair M83 keyboard, and I would like to connect it with my MacBook Pro mid 2012, in bluetooth (I don't have the USB connection). My problem is that the keyboard is recognized by bluetooth but when I want to pair it / connected it does not work, keyboard unusable, can be incompatible OS Catalina? Has anyone ever had this problem? thank you in advance
  4. Hey guys! Problem solved! New 3.25v Firmware released! Please update this firmware on ICUE. Really Thanks to corsair Staffs. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— At first I really sorry about my English skill. please understand me... I'm using my Corsair k83 for my Ipad Air3 by Bluetooth. but recently Apple did updates IOS 13.4 and after I can't tap my K83's trackpad... Cursor is still moving but can't tapping on trackpad even 4 clicking button also doesn't work. I tried to solve this problem. but couldn't found any solution. (change Ipad's setting, K83's setting, even checking firmware upadte for k83.) what should I do?? Can Anybody help me please??
  5. Earlier this week, Corsair launched the K83 Wireless for living room PC setups. With a clean Brushed Aluminium chassis, a white backlight and Bluetooth operation, and a sizable touchpad, it has a lot going for it. However, I have a couple of reservations about its features - namely the placement of the joystick. When you're gaming, this being directly above the touchpad seems like an odd location, as I believe these two systems would frequently interfere with each other. Second, a new technology called "Slipstream" was announced at CES by the company, though there's no mention of support for the K83. Why not? Sensing Corsair may have missed golden opportunities, therefore, I am suggesting a more advanced version of the keyboard could be developed, called the K83 Platinum Wireless. This would aim to champion features already present in the K83, whilst remembering the trailblazing done by their earlier Lapdog and K95 Platinum products, both of which were designed for gaming/productivity... I am in the final weeks of taught studies for a Masters' degree at the moment, but I could make some early designs in SolidWorks now, and then continue this project in earnest in the Summer. I also welcome suggestions from others on what they would like in such a device.
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