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Found 8 results

  1. Description: Hardware lighting does not apply unless iCue is launched. This is despite saving the profile onto the first slot of the keyboard. Device: K70 RGB MK.2 Steps to replicate: Open iCue Setup Hardware lighting for keyboard Go to Device Settings Save the profile with hardware lighting onto the first slot of the keyboard. Set same profile to Default in iCue Shut down computer Boot up computer What should happen: Keyboard should light up as per onboard profile What actually happens: Keyboard has no lighting, as if it was listening to Lighting Effects (which is blank) instead of Hardware Lighting. I have to boot up iCue everytime to and go into Hardware Lighting to load up the effects I've saved onto the keyboard. Also, whilst in iCue, if I click onto any other Corsair device, my Hardware Lighting disappears and I have to go back into the keyboard and select Hardware Lighting again to recall the settings. Why this doesn't make sense: Whenever I click away from Hardware Lighting, iCue itself says "save the current profile in your device memory if you want Hardware Lighting to work when iCue is off". That does not work. What's the point of saving an onboard profile if you can't recall it after your turn off your computer or click anywhere else in iCue? Suggestion: This looks like a firmware or software issue, where saving an onboard profile seems to load Lighting Effects instead of Hardware Lighting. I've tested this by setting Lighting Effects and it does load that on start up. Hardware lighting needs a fix.
  2. Why is it not possible to select from the list of profiles and then just write that profile to one of the hardware slots? Having to modify the hardware slot profile seems like a LOT of extra work when a copy-into functionality should just be available. Moreover, when I deleted all my hardware profiles, I could not create/assign any new ones. This all seems very counter-intuitive to me.
  3. Hi. I recently had a problem with the blue LED of a key. First I thought that it had been burned or broken, but then I realized that it is unconfigured, since when selecting the key with blue color it only does not turn on, but several other keys do. The same does not happen with green and red colors. I wanted to know if you can reset the keyboard to its manufacturing version. Thank you very much. Some images that I took out of the key. http://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=33368&d=1528082446 http://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=33370&d=1528082508 http://forum.corsair.com/v3/attachment.php?attachmentid=33371&d=1528082524
  4. This is a joke right? 170€ keyboard and this happens after 4 months of use? In de middle of the wrist rest, the rubber paint comes off! It's not even a spot that gets used. And i saw another forum post where it happened on the same spot! I expected a little better quality from Corsair. http://i.imgur.com/mC8wPE2.jpg
  5. For some reason since 3/17/2017 when I have CUE enabled my K70 RGB seems to be randomly displaying random profile lighting and causing YouTube videos playing in the background to buffer, for some reason it only does this when I play games from Blizzard (Overwatch specifically). Video: https://vid.me/gwGw Skip until there's 1:14 minutes left in the video and watch from there. Keep in mind when this is happening I'm watching a YouTube video in the background and it causes it to buffer. I have it set to a standard rainbow wave pattern for reference. Things I've tried to fix this Uninstalled and reinstalled QUE Uninstalled my antivirus software and reinstalled it Updated keyboard firmware Upgraded to CUE 2 Downgraded to CUE 1 RMA'd my keyboard Disabled SDK So far the only thing that fixes this issue is using the Keyboard with CUE disabled.
  6. video: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2L5RmehIzI[/ame]Light Blue, Pink and Lime profile.cueprofile
  7. I'm trying to set a reactive ripple for just a single key, kind of like when you set type lighting ripple for multiple keys, but only when a specific key is pressed. I was trying to mess around with actions, as I saw you can specify a effect for a macro, etc, but I can't figure out how to preserve the default key binding in assignments (setting the option to keystroke in actions has far too much delay and I can't figure out how to get it to mimic the default keystroke setting.) I've also been unable to make this happen when creating a group (as any key press in the group creates the ripple, and the ripple isn't reactive to that specific key). Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Hello everyone. I have a K70 RGB Rapidfire I'm currently setting up profiles for. I have made a Profile for Team Fortress 2 (TF2) and I have assigned the F3 and F4 buttons to switch to BLU and RED teams specifically when pressed. I have also made custom modes, one for each team, under my TF2 profile along with custom lighting for each mode. However inside CUE I can't assign both a "direct switch to mode" and an "execute keypresses" action to the same key at the same time. What I want it to do when I press F3 is to automatically press the keystroke combination of - 3 (which opens the select team window and presses 3, the shortcut to BLU) and it should also switch my mode to my "BLU" mode in the TF2 profile and the other way around (- 4, and switch to "RED" mode) when F4 is pressed. I don't get this to work as a button assigned to mode switching in any form don't agree to do anything else, at least from what I have tried so far. Do any of you guys know if this is even possible within the software?
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