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  1. Hello, i am searching in the market to buy a new wrist rest for my K70 RGB Rapidfire, but i cannot find the same wrist rest on the markets. So, I would like to ask if anyone knows if other wrist rests from k70 models will be suitable for the K70 RGB Rapidfire. Thank you in advance guys, hope you are all safe!
  2. hey everyone, It already happened in the past but somehow I never thought of asking in the corsair forum so ill try now. sometimes when I type, the keyboard just fills in random characters or does random stuff. for example : p = piortuy[eqw . = c,./BMNVXZ| 0(not numpad) = 0346879-125` when I type enter key it does random stuff... (NOTE : thats the actual thing the keyboard wrote it wasnt me trying to demonstrate) to write this post I had to use onscreen keyboard and you can imagine how frustrating it was.. software version - 1.16.42 firmware version - 2.05 bootloader version - 0.14 (the software says its the most recent) this is todays log : hope someone could help me here cuz i really like this keyboard but its super annoying when it does that.. already tried a clean driver install and it keeps coming back. thank you for your time :) hope ill manage to fix it.
  3. So I have the K70 Rapidfire (NON RGB), but as long as I can remember having this keyboard, I cannot update the firmware via iCUE. I get a popup on iCUE there is a new firmware available (3,08), but everytime when I press update, the update aborts before even starting, giving me a 'failed update' message and throwing the keyboard off the program in the process. I have to close down iCUE completely and restart in order to get the the K70 reconized again. And still I get the popup for 3,08 firmware update, since it failed previous attempts. Things I tried: - I made sure the K70 Rapidfire was supported by iCUE by looking at THIS topic - Restarting iCUE - Restarting PC - Replugging the keyboard - Updating iCUE to latest build - Set the bios switches on the keyboard from 1 to 2, 4, 8 and trying updating - I also tried updating via device manager - Tried out a few previous builds from iCUE to see if it's a compatibility issue with newest version - ... In previous attempts to find an anwser to this issue, IIRC, there were a few post from other members that had the same issue, but I can't seem to find them right now. I also recall having an admin or moderator anwsering said topic they will look into it. Hence the reason I left it as it was as i thought you guys were gonna fix the issue in iCUE builds to come. But meanwhile we are some time passed, loads of new iCUE updates, but non that fixes the bug I'm talking about. Note: The kyeboard works just fine in the firmware version it is in right now, I can customize as you normally would with a K70 Rapidfire. Note: I have a Corsair Scimitar mouse and a H110iGTX liqued cooler that works fine with iCUE, and updates do work on them. Can somebody give me an anwser to this issue? Kind regards Kevin BE
  4. hey everybody, I have what I think is an interesting issue - I've been using my K70 keyboard for over a year now without any issues to report. Recently I had to change my motherboard and reinstalled my PC. For the first few days, everything was good, then suddenly I started getting these hard resets/crashes - no memorydump/no blue screen nothing - just a hard reset. After a lot of troubleshooting, I eventually found the cause was my K70 keyboard and only while playing games (confirmed in MW and in Apex Legends) Here's what I did to troubleshoot - Reinstalled Windows 10 (3 times) - Ran full Memory Check - all clear - Ran CPU Stress test - all clear - Ran GPU stress test - all clear - Ran GPU and CPU stress test at the same time - all clear - Ran HDD diagnostics (samsung magician on my SSD's) all clear - Tried every different USB port, no change - Unplugged everything except the KB - still crashes - Upgraded firmware on keyboard - Upgraded all BIOS/Firmware/Drivers/Windows updates - Reinstalled windows and DIDN'T install any new drivers or windows updates I cannot get more than 30-45 seconds into gameplay before my PC will hard reset - I can only assume the game is trying to talk to the keyboard or something to that effect and it causes my system to die. In windows it seems to be OK for the most part. Has anybody encountered something like this? If so, how did you fix it? I love this keyboard but right now it's totally unusable for me. I can also repeat this error and crash my PC at will - I've recorded a video if you're super keen, but for me this is something I've never encountered before. Any help would be appreciated
  5. I recently attempted using my K70 (NON RGB / Red LED) and Scimitar together and realized for the scimitar's remappings to work you have to close the iCUE app. I also realized that for my k70's key remappings to work the iCUE app has to be Open. I hope this is not by design and that my 6 hours of troubleshooting just means I've have been looking in the wrong place. Can anyone suggest why I cannot get the K70's Key remappings to work, even after closing the iCUE application where I have correctly set the key remappings? Thank you!
  6. Pretty straight forward issue; I use my media buttons with Spotify a lot, and I like to listen to music in between rounds in a couple of games. I only really ever use the Pause and Skip Track keys, but I imagine this carries over to the other ones as well. However, about 50% of the time, pressing Pause in Rainbow Six Seige will throw a grenade (typically G key), and pressing Skip Track in League of Legends will open the shop window (typically P key). I've looked through the ingame binds, and its nothing there, so I'm pretty lost. Also, I found a similar issue on a forum on an unspecified keyboard: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/media-control-keys-also-trigger-normal-keyboard-key-inputs/263935 (if you're scared of the link, just google "Media control keys also trigger normal keyboard key inputs," and it's the first result). Any advice would be appreciated.
  7. Turned on my PC today, my usual LED design is reset(had no clue why), the scroll lock light was(still is) blinking, it took me 2 minutes to type in my login password because some keys were not working and some got stuck and kept spamming that one letter. Now the CUE is only displaying K95 RGB demo and CUE doesn't recognize or can't find my K70 Rapidfire anymore, it also says device not found, but I can still type and all the red LEDs are still working, except I can't change anything. What I've tried so far for over 2 hours straight: I uninstalled drivers, uninstalled CUE, I unplugged the keyboard, restarted my PC, plugged it back in, reinstalled everything and it hasn't fixed a thing. What do I do? I paid 120 euros for this, I've used it for 10 months, it hasn't had any liquid poured into it, hasn't been short circuited and I don't want to buy a new one because I don't have any money to spend since I still go to school. I also tried holding down pageup/pagedown while plugging the keyboard back in, it removed the K95 RGB demo from CUE, my K70 Rapidfire shows up there, it asked me to update and download something, I did that and nothing happened, it keeps displaying that device not connected, please connect a device.
  8. Hello, I have very strange problem... I installed latest iCUESetup_3.13.94_release.exe. I have fresh Win 7 x64 with updates, keyboard is in usb 2.0... Corsair program offer me that my keyboard have a update. I click update..... programming take forever, than i restart PC than on keyboard was flashing all 3 lights (bad firmware), i flash firmware again but this time keyboard works but only in BIOS, i could enter bios, adjust there some boot priority, save and exit and now win need to load like 1 minute instead of 15 sec. When windows load keyboard is dead and in device manager show USB Composite Device with yellow exclamation mark. BUT if i take keyboard and put in my laptop where that keyboard was never been before, keyboard instant works as should, lights and everything works. Put keyboard back in mu PC again DEAD. Uninstalled all... Still dead. Back switch on keyboard is set to 1 and always was been there. So that new Corsair utility changed something in windows and i can`t install K70 keyboard any more :( My USB Wifi even don`t work any more, there is no single wifi network available.. This new version of utility changed something in windows USB... Can someone help me how to undo this?:!: Can old firmware help to flash in back via that removable drive trick?:confused:
  9. Bonjour, Depuis la la dernière maj d'ICUE je ne peux plus(ou ne sais pas faire maintenant) paramétrer l'éclairage de mon clavier k70 rapidfire lorsque je suis dans le bios ou bien quand je démarre le pc... En faisant la manipulation page up et page down en branchant l'usb, le clavier s'éclaire à nouveau quand je démarre ou que je vais dans le bios mais en rouge avec zqsd en blanc... Y a t'il moyen de paramétrer ça comme avec l'ancien logiciel en mode avancé ? Dès que je modifie le profil ou en crée un autre le fait que le clavier s'éclaire en rouge s'efface et je dois refaire la manipulation... Désolé je ne sais pas si je suis très clair... Merci d'avance
  10. So ive tried everything, reset, keyboard, different bios profiles, nothing, keyboard button to adjust brightness doesnt work. I am able to adjust with ICue but that has knocked off my h100i settings with corsair link so i have to do a new fan profile now and it messes up my corsair ram pulse speeds. TBH really disappointed with corsair on this product, i have always looked after my hardware and was a big fan of corsair. Keyboard still works fine but lights not being able to be adjusted annoys me and warranty is out as of 3 months ago. Really expected more from a premium product.
  11. I want to hook up my ROG Gladius to my keyboard, but now i am asking meself if the port on the keyboard itself is a active one or not, because i don't want to lose any needed reaction speed in my shooters i play. It would be seriously helpful if somebody has tested it or just know it. Thanks, Sebastian :D:
  12. Moin, ich habe seit ein paar Tagen die Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire. Die Tastatur wird super erkannt. Die Tastatur funktioniert sehr gut. Die Tasten leuchten in schönem Rot, nur die WASD und Pfeiltasten leuchten Weiß. Zwar merke ich, wenn ich beim Schreiben ungewollt Tasten leicht berühre, diese direkt gedrückt werden, aber das ist auf Grund der Bauweise beabsichtigt. Eigentlich alles gut. Bis ich die Software iCUE 3.9.93 installiert habe. Die Tastatur wird von der Software erkannt und die RGB Beleuchtung startet sofort. Per Software kann ich auch alle möglichen Farbmuster und Kombinationen einstellen und es sieht toll aus... Aber die eigentliche Funktionsweise der Tastatur wird gestört. Sobald die Software aktiv ist, werden immer wieder Tastenanschläge nicht ausgeführt. Ob die Software dann die Anschläge nicht erkennt weiß ich nicht. Vor allem bei der Return Taste und Backspace Taste merkt man, dass von ca. 5-10 Anschlägen mindestens einmal der Anschlag nicht ausgeführt wird. Allerdings sind alle Tasten ziemlich gleich stark betroffen. Manchmal kommt es sogar vor, dass eine Taste einmal kurz gedrückt wird und das Resultat ist, dass die Taste dauerhaft ausgeführt wird. Beispiel: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Wenn die Software ausgeschaltet ist, dann wird jeder Anschlag jedes Mal erkannt und zufriedenstellend ausgeführt. So habe ich jetzt auch diesen Thread verfasst und keine Probleme erkannt. Mittlerweile habe ich die Software schon mehrfach neu installiert, allerdings besteht das Anschlag Problem weiterhin. Auch den Tastatur Windows Treiber habe ich neu installiert aber daran liegt es ja nicht, weil die Tastatur ohne Software einwandfrei läuft. Es liegt wohl definitiv an der Software. Ich habe mir die RGB Variante der K70 Rapidfire gekauft und möchte nicht auf die RGB Beleuchtung verzichten. Ich hoffe sehr ihr könnt mir helfen. Bin neu hier und weiß nicht ob ich etwas vergessen habe. Ich habe im Anhang eine Zusammenfassung meines Systems angehängt. Vielleicht hilft das am Meisten. Folgendes System benutze ich, falls es hilft. Windows 10 Home 64 Bit Intel Core i7 2600K 14 GB DDR 3 RAM Nvidia GTX 970 Vielen Dank und beste Grüße mrhahnfan Debug Protokoll.zip
  13. Hello! Sorry if this has been posted before, but i couldnt find any info on this issue: I have a new Corsair k70 rapidfire, and some keys just stop working after a while. When I reboot, they started working, and then stopped... again. The keys that dont work are the bottom keys: (Lshift) ZXCVBNM < > / <---Those Please help!
  14. Hello, unfortunately my k70's cable has broken at the end near the keyboard and I was wondering if there is anywhere I could get a replacement for it? I contacted support and they told me that they don't have the cable as a replacement part. It seems like such an easy thing to replace as well.
  15. Plugged my keyboard into my PC and no backlighting is working and no keys are responding when pushed but caps lock, scroll lock and num lock lights all lit up. Have tried unplugging my keyboard holding escape and plugging it back in multiple times with no change in anything.
  16. I was in a game of CS, then my power cut off. I restarted it obviously and for about 1 hour the keyboard was perfectly fine. Then it froze and shut off completely. I rebooted my pc multiple times, changed the notch on the back multiple times, and even soft reset it. When I soft reset it the first time, my RGB lighting went back to my setting, and the keyboard works for roughly 5 minutes. Then the lighting froze, and the entire keyboard went black. I soft reset it again, worked for roughly 5 minutes again, then did the same thing. Now it won't type at all, and now I have a constant Red lighting, with white lights on the A, W, S, D, and arrows keys. I tried changing USB ports, and even computers. When I plug it up now, I get USB device not recognized. Then when I got to devices, it gives me an Unknown USB Device( Device Descriptor Request Failed). Note: I bought this brand New from eBay, still in the box wrapping ECT. But I don't think Corsair will replace this item since it was from eBay. So that's why I haven't made a ticket. Can somebody please help, I've only had this product for like 3 weeks. Also, ICUE doesn't show the keyboard connected obviously, but in the device manager, It shows HID Keyboard.
  17. I just purchased the K70 Rapidfire after spilling soda on my Vengeance and ending its 4 year life, but for the life of me can't figure out how to turn on the lights! I can view and test all of the different effects in iCUE but I can't keep them on once the program is sent to the tray. There was nothing in the manual about how to actually turn on the light aside from "plug it in." Any help would be appreciated. The keyboard feels great but I'd like to get the backlights working.
  18. Hello I've had a keyboard and a mouse Corsair for some time but since that are my new PC there are some problems The Buttons on the side of my mouse no longer works the same for the DPI button For my keyboard is secondary button like for example the color attenuator for the keyboard or back to the office My Keyboard: K70 LUX RGB My Mouse: Corsair Saber RGB If you have a solution to that I gladly take, of course the drivers are up to date I try to reinstall CUE but nothing to do. I also specify that this is not instantaneous it happens from a while 2 / 3h wholesale and when I redemare the pc this works and rebug from the time again 2 / 3h
  19. Hi all is there any way to switch manually between two profiles with keyboard key or keys command without using the mouse. Keyboard is K70 Rapidfire with CUE support. Any help would be greatly appreciated:):
  20. Guten Abend! Meine Tastatur schreibt von alleine Kommas oder 0, wenn Num (Nummernblock) an ist. Wenn ich auf 0 (beim Nummernblock) drücke schreibt die Tastatur wie folgt: 0,,,,,0,,,,,,,,,,,0,0,,, usw. Wenn ich Num deaktiviere funktioniert sie normal. Was kann ich dagegen machen? Vielen Dank schon mal für die Antworten
  21. So last night I stepped away from a game for about 1 minute where everything was fine. When I came back, the keyboard lights were off and it seemed to be unresponsive. Then it started flashing all the key leds, and seemingly spamming the windows key and possibly the alt key. I tried my old keyboard on the same pc before restarting, it seemed to work but I could not type anything out into text or numbers, but my game was still responding with movement keys and such, weird. So I restarted with the old keyboard in and everything seemed fine. I plugged back in the K70 and the lights were still flashing and it was spamming random keys into my password box. I put back the old keyboard and go to bed. I get wake up today and try to inspect the keyboard and I did notice a little glob of what was probably vape juice on one of the alt keys that had spread a little over to the neighboring windows key and had solidified. If that was the damage it would make sense since those keys were being spammed if i remember correctly. So I took off the key caps and cleaned them with isopropyl and replaced them (it didn't look like any fluid had gotten to the switches themselves). Now, before plugging it back into my desktop pc, I decided to check with the laptop to see if it had anything to do with the pc. I plug it into the laptop (never used the keyboard with this laptop before) and all lights are on and all keys were functional. So, thinking I fixed it with the clean up job, I plug it into my desktop again and it seems to work. Although all the red led's turned off after a couple seconds except the top right corner buttons. I am very confused as to what is actually wrong and why its only on this pc that it happens (I've tried different usb ports). All keys are working at this moment but still no lights. I've also checked the CUE and updated firmware, when I force updated the firmware, the lights came back on for a moment then went off. Now when I restart the pc with the K70 plugged in, the lights are all on at the start, but once I enter my password and the desktop screen is all loaded, the lights turn back off again.
  22. Hi guys, this is my first post here. I'm going to buy a K70 rapidfire RGB, and other Corsair devices, but for now let's focus on the Keyboard. I installed CUE 2 to see a bit how it works, and I'd like know about more experienced users if I can or cannot Sync the Keyboard to the game (Heroes of the Storm), in order to: - Shut down keys if relative ability is on cooldown (with cooldown automatically detected from the game, i hope); - Set global effects on my keyboard which trigger by pressing Q,W or similar, only if the ability triggers in the game (so not if I press Q while chatting, or i get stunned before casting the ability); - Other similar stuff may come in mind. I saw in a video that it's possible for other games like Diablo 3, would know if it's possible with HotS too, or it's a dream. Thanks!
  23. Hi first posting here I own Corsair 16gb 3200 RAM, Corsair 750d airflow now the k70 rapidfire keyboard. I bought k70 rapidfire 2 weeks ago and i am feeling its too sensitive for me. little background: I am not typer, nvr learned fast typing, most typing i do is by looking at keyboard and some from memory or w/e anyway I am done with college so no longer need to type papers. I am a software developer/programmer and a gamer. I am not a competitive player, most games i use a ps4 controller, keyboard/mouse on rts games like warcraft3 or some fps like cs1.6 surfing. I got k70 rapidfire on sale and feel like its just too ****ing sensitive lol, accidentally turning on capslock, in chat 'kkkkkkkkkk' or 'aaaaa' or accident turning abilities on warcraft3a <--- **** pressed 'a' again. so will I get the hang of it with time? or is mx reds or mx browns a better choice for me?? i dont care about the key feedback, just the sensitivity part? any advice will be helpful?
  24. Hello guys, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. About a month ago I bought the K70 rapidfire and today it stopped working. The keyboard is no longer detected on three different computers, the red lights cannot be turned on. Only the three white leds next to the mute button are lit actually. They turn on as soon as I plug the keyboard usb cable. I tried a soft reset, a hard reset, nothing changed. Only noticeable thing was when i was looking for a similar issue I was checking the keyboard exact model and after some time I had flipped the keyboard to access the part num and so and after some time the keyboard started to respond to the commands I was typping, after I unplugged the keyboard the situation reverted to the issue I'm currently facing. Best regards
  25. Hey all. For a while now I've had a K70 Rapidfire and while I'm very pleased with it there is one issue I would love a solution for. One of the great features this keyboard has is a USB throughput that basically relays one USB slot from my computer case to the back of the keyboard for easy access. In most cases this works brilliantly. I can charge my phone, or hook up a mouse. What I can't seem to do is to get devices with internal storage - such as a smartphone or camera to actually connect their storages to my PC through this port. The phone (a samsung S3) only charges, while the camera (Sony DSC-HX60) attempts to connect and then tells me to check my PC for issues. This happens both when I use MTP or the legacy "Mass storage" option on either device. Using the same cable I'm able to operate these devices without problems when connecting directly to the PC, leading me to blame the keyboard. Obviously the problem can easily be worked around but since it really limits the use of what I really considered a USP for the K70 I would like a solution nonetheless. I hope to hear from you. Kind regards
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