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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I am using a K70 RGB Mk II and a Harpoon RGB Pro as my mouse. Everything was working really nicely, no issues at all, then last night while I was playing Cyberpunk, my keyboard froze. It wouldn't accept inputs. I restarted my system by pressing the button on the tower. When I then tried to switch profiles through the button on my keyboard (I don't have them synced to programs or anything), two profiles with coloured patterns (one has rainbow wave and the other has colour shift) will change. However, when I try to switch to my default one, which is just the solid colour white (I use this for doing uni work, etc) it does not switch. It just freezes the colour it was doing before. Additionally, the WinLock button does not change colour. This happens on both my colour shift and solid white profiles. It produces the input - the computer will obey the WinLock command, but it will not change colour at all. I have found that if I switch to my solid white profile, then change the brightness, it will flick back to the profile I want. But I have to fiddle with it every time to have it recognise it. So far, I have restarted my system, updated my iCue software to the latest available version and deleted and manually recreated my iCue profiles. None of these efforts have had any effect. Prior to now, I have not had any issues at all with iCue software. It has worked perfectly. That is why I am confuised about this. My mouse is changing profiles (I have it set to lighting link) correctly. There are no issues with it. It also did not freeze originally, while I was playing Cyberpunk. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  2. Hey there! I'd like to preface my post by saying that I'm not incredibly tech-savvy, due to a lack of exposure (particularly to computers) earlier in my life. With that out of the way: I purchased a K70 RGB MK 2 a few months ago, around August 2019 for a PC that I built that same month. It's been working great, however, a few days ago (January 16, 2019) I decided to download iCUE finally for my mouse and keyboard. Now, I'm not sure if I messed something up during install, or when I was trying to learn some basic stuff on my own, but I've hit a bit of a problem: Mainly, I can't actually use the profile switch key on my keyboard anymore. While this isn't a total loss, I am a bit anal about it and want to figure it out. On further inspection, I noticed two things: First, when I close out of the iCUE software tab, it automatically resets my keyboard setting back to the "Default" profile (which I presume was created when I started up the software). I also noticed that before the software actually turns on (the first few seconds after starting up, for instance), I can hit the profile switch button, however, some keys are differently colored than when I access the profiles directly through iCUE. I'm not terribly, terribly concerned about it, as my keyboard and mouse are working just fine, but I'm still a touch cautious, as I tend to mess up tech things when I'm not careful. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought K70 LUX RGB. It is my first Corsair device, so I am quite a newbie using ICUE. I could set a profile with static colors on some keys, and I wanted to set a "standby state" using a timer and the switching profile action but I do not know how to use it. I have two profile: one with static colors I want to have when I am using the keyboard and another one with light effects when I am not using it. So, I would like to do something like that: if there is no key pressed in 5 min, the profile will change for the "standby profile" and if I press a key, the profile will change for the "awake profile". I do not find that much thing on the internet, or it was with the old version of ICUE. It seems to be possible, but is it really? And if it is possible, can somebody help me, and explain to me how to do it :)? Thank you for your help
  4. Hola. hace poco me llego mi teclado k70 rgb y mi "problema" consiste en que cuando descargo un perfil de iluminacion de otra persona (ya que no se como crear mis perfiles) hace que mi mouse aumente su dpi ignorando la configuracion de mi mouse en si (mi mouse no es corsair). Queria saber si me pueden ayudar.
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