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Found 8 results

  1. Hola a todos! Mi teclado Corsair K70 Vengeance MX Blue sin RGB dejo de funcionar de la noche a la mañana por completo. He intentado actualizar su firmware y da error. Incluso lo he probado en diferentes ordenadores, sistema operativo, usb 2.0 y 3.0, el botón de la bios de detrás... y nada. En el administrador de dispositivos de Windows al conectarlo sale el siguiente error: Dispositivo usb desconocido (error de solicitud de descriptor de dispositivo) codigo 43. El teclado tiene 3 años y medio y no creo que se haya roto por viejo, tampoco ha tenido un mal uso, siempre ha estado en la mesa y los cables siempre los he cuidado. También he de decir que en Octubre compre un HUB USB 3.0 de la marca UGreen que soportaba 5V 900mAh ya que lo necesitaba para cambiar los periféricos del ordenador de sobremesa al portatil y a veces el teclado se volvía un poco loco, con los leds encendidos hacia un pequeño zumbido eléctrico y empezaban a parpadear los leds y dejaba de responder por poco tiempo o a veces al conectar un mando bluetooth se iba quedando pillado al escribir. Pero esto también me lo hacia alguna vez sin usar el HUB, así que no se donde esta el problema. Ayer lo abrí y lo limpie un poco por dentro echando limpia contactos y revisando las conexiones internas y nada. Me gustaría saber si hay alguna solución o a las muy malas llevarlo al servicio técnico, por que el teclado me costo un dinero importante para que me dure tan poco tiempo. Gracias
  2. Hi, I have a K70 Lux (single colour) and iCue 3.26.95 I want to set this up so that when I press any key, that key alone lights up for a short time and then goes out. Is there a simple way of arranging this? I can see the hard way, defining a gradient lighting effect for every key.
  3. Hi everyone, Complete CUE beginner here so I'm assuming that's the issue, but my K70 LUX (just red, not RGB) keyboard won't light up on computer startup until I start the CUE software. After the software is started, it can be closed, and the lights stay on. If the computer is put to sleep and then woken up, the lights will come on. It is only an issue on complete restarts. I just got the keyboard earlier this week, and on my first use it worked fine (I believe it lit up before Windows had booted). This issue began when I installed the CUE. I've set my lighting profile (just a solid red) to the default, and saved it to the device memory. Any ideas?
  4. Just suddenly without any notice, my number keys on the top of the keyboard stopped working. At times I see 1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-`1234567890-` repeatedly being typed randomly on textboxes. But after a spree of them being typed, all the keys just freeze from ` to the - sign. This continues to happen even if I switch my USB port. I'm not sure how to approach this problem. I've unplugged the USB into another port and even updated the software for the Utility Engine. Due to this problem, I can't even type emails efficiently as I must search, copy and paste the @ sign. Please help if you have any suggestions. NUMLOCK is not the issue.
  5. Hi! I wanted to change my rapidfire rate. I heard this makes some games I play unplayable. I have the "Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE" not rgb if that makes a difference.
  6. Hello all, I have experienced random issues with some keys not functioning at start-up since purchase (2.5 years ago). This would be solved by unplugging etc. However upon start-up today, the board lights-up, however no key is responsive outwith the volume rocker functioning. I have attempted all the Windows based fixes, drivers, device manager. Amended USB port etc to no avail. I have also attempted on a separate vanilla PC and it doesn't function attached to this either. Has the keyboard succumbed to the death that was foretold by the randomly unresponsive keys from purchase? If so what are my options? I feel as though I have shot myself in the foot my persevering through the issues and not RMA when it was first evidenced. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have managed to resolve the problem by myself. Sorry for the unnecessary thread. I've reported it and hopefully it will be removed soon. -original message- Hello! Before starting off I should say that while I did read through the FAQ etc. I'm probably missing something really simple. Hopefully you can point me in the right direction. I just picked up a non-rgb K70 Rapidfire today. Since I already have a Sabre mouse I already had CUE installed and the keyboard pretty much worked immediately after plugging it in. The only issue I'm having is that I cannot get the backlights to function. The lights itself do work: When plugging it in they light up for maybe a second (this also happens when changing polling rate), however afterwards they turn off again. Pressing the brightness button or changing the brightness on CUE has no effect other than the backlight for the brightness button changing. The other keys do not light up. I also tried to force update firmware (despite the latest firmware already being present). While the update went well, it had no effect on the issue. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lemo
  8. Hi, I bought my keyboard just over 2 weeks ago. A couple of days ago, the '6' and 'Y' LEDs went out. After googling, I found A LOT of complaints about corsair keyboards and LED failure. As it's under 1 month, I was going to return it. I turned on my comp last night and they were working again :bigeyes: I'm running win10 and I haven't installed any software for the keyboard. I just plugged-n-played. Note, I have never installed any keyboard software, or any corsair software for that matter. Before my one month is up, I'd like to know if its likely a known issue or a faulty keyboard or what?
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